MT. ISLAND Sunday Shootout

Mountain Island Lake woke up from its dream and sucked again hahaha.
They pulled the lake down over night and most people struggled today. We did have 13 come out today which was awesome for a Sunday on memorial day weekend with little notice.

We ended up trying out MLF “style”, in other words we did a 10 fish limit with a 12 inch min.
Being a Sunday we dont weigh everyone in, only people close or in the money so I only know who finished top 4. 
Tim Sabella had the only 10 fish bag for 156 inches, with a Big Bass tie of 18inches. He took home a total of $210.
Adam Fillmore aka Hunt Fish Paddle took home 2nd with 94 inches and won $80 .
Commish landed in 3rd and Josh Rose in 4th. Josh also split big bass with Tim.

Congrats guys!

Had fun. More Sunday’s coming soon.
Wasnt a huge fan on MLF. Maybe simply because we are used to looking for big bites. I dont know. Not sure I’ll wanna do that style again.

QCKBF Event 4 Presented by Joe’s Bait, Tackle & Guns

Well well well. Event 4 of 9 took place on Badin Lake today. The lake had been on fire for a few weeks now and it didn’t disappoint today. Before we get into the recap I need to give a tremendous shout out to Joe’s Bait, Tackle & Guns LLC! We took the shop over for 3 hours last night, an hour at 4am today and a few hours this afternoon. Rodney, the owner of the shop could not have been a better host. He made us feel like home and we at QCKBF are greatly appreciative.

The event! We had another great turnout. 60 anglers came to play and take a run at that #qc1000 $1000. We launched at 6am with some scary skies and 300% humidity. Bad forecast for the day kept some anglers home, but the ones who braved the water were greeted with hungry fish today. It seemed to be a numbers day, with most anglers reporting catches of 15+fish. We all know someone will find the biggins on tourney day, and this season has proven that these lakes we fish hold some giants. 6 ramps were open today on beautiful badin lake. Anglers were spread out all over. Weigh in was back at Joe’s at 3pm. Cars rolling in, everyone in a good mood, excited they had limits. It was a great feeling.

Matt Hawj put a beatdown on us today and took home the $1000 with 75.75 inches. Congrats man!!!
The winning limits this season are tremendous.

2nd place goes home with John Ladd with 71.5 inches worth $528. John has been fishing hot this season and is going to be tough to catch in the AOY race.
3rd place was a new face to the cashing table. Lance Berry with 68.5 worth $352. Good job young Nu.
4th place, fishing in a pink swifty, David Cheek with 68.25 worth $200.
5th place and Emerald School of Excellence big bass goes to the loud mouth 12 year old, Riley Mcdonald!!!! He stuck a 22.5inch MONSTER. He takes the Big Iron Taxidermy free mount lead for the season and took home $430!!!! And some hardware 
6th place, and his first trail cash Shaun Applegate with 67.75 worth $100.
7th place and also his first trail cash, Mike Constable with 66.25 worth $70.
8th place and winning his buy in back Euv Gnet. . 66.25 worth $50.
PC Hawj plays bubble boy again with 66.25 and wins a free entry.
Congrats to all of the cash winners. Please post your cashing fish asap.

John Ladd and Joey Randall win the Pro Image Sports team division this month, and Ryan Dills and Shaun claim 2nd. Good job guys!

We were able to donate another $175 to HOW today. Jake P wins the Yak Bass’n small bass with a 6.75 in worth $175.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors. We are able to give away some many prizes at every event.
Thank you to anyone who plays a helping hand in QCKBF. I was short handed today and my boys stepped up and it went perfect. Still keeping weigh in at an hour or lower. That’s a big deal.

Our next event is an interesting one. Its Mystery Tackle Box Mystery Lake Month. We will draw June 14th, in the evening. We fish June 16th. The lake is off limits on June 15th. No prefishing allowed. The lakes in the hat are Fishing Creek sc, Rhodhiss Lake, High Rock, and Tuckertown. I love the mystery format. Let’s do it!

We had a lot of new faces who said they had a blast. I hope you all continue to join us. We also had a woman fish with us as well! That’s awesome. I love watching this sport and this group grow. You guys are amazing.

Files will be uploaded as I finish them.
Questions or comments just holla!
#qc1000 #checkthosestats

Kiddie Rod Event

Wow!!! What a day! QCKBF had its 1st annual Kiddie Rod Event today! We we’re raising money for Emerald School of Excellence and Kayak Fishing With Christ. I gotta say……it could not have went any better!!!! What blast it was seeing everyone show up at 5am with 3 ft poles and push button reels. All the guys were in s good mood, laughing, talking, sh*t talking as always. The weather couldn’t have been better either, cool, clouds, light breeze. Set up under the lights we had 15 people show up to fish. We raised over $500 in the name of charity today.
Launch comes at 610am and everyone takes off as usual, kiddie rods in hands.

At the end of the day Jason Lowe kicked our…..well, you know. He brought in 73.75 inch bag on the Dock Demon!!!! His bag was anchored by a 20.75 big bass winner pig!!! He broke his personal best not once, but twice today!!! On the kiddie rod!!! Amazing. Congrats man, super happy for you . Jason wins a Ncpierman Taramelli red fish trip, a custom PersonaForm Designskiddie Jersey, a sweet photo shoot with Mike Constable and a ton of other prizes!!! He also wins a Blackjack Rod Co. For big bass!!! And he won $50 cash from the side pot!
2nd place went home with the commish today. 62.75 inches. Anchoring his prize pack was a trip with Neal Drakage to catch come huge smallmouth bass, and will look good doing it because he also won the Lakeside Barberscut and shave!
Rounding out the top 3, Tammy-Josh Neal with 60.5. He fishes for free next event at Badin Lake, and took home a ton of amazing lures and prize packs. David Golding was the highest hobie finisher in 4th place, and claimed the #regifted hobie buff. David and Tracy won the team side pot today. Our top 3 anglers today were all in Native Watercraft slayer propels Yak Bass’nSmall bass was a tie today between Tracy Stanford and Zach Clark, both with a 9 inch stud! Usually a tie results in a split, being we always fish for money….wellllllll….Manley Fishing rod was up for grabs, and tha would be tough to split. We settled it like an old school argument and flipped a coin! Haha. Zach takes the rod and Tracey the Hat!

I cant thank the companies who donated prizes enough. It’s the prizes that make this event fun!

So many bass were caught today it was insane. MIL showed out, and so did the amazing QC crew. Thank you all for being who you are. Let’s keep this QC train rollin. This event will now be a staple in the QC schedule going forward.

Post up some funny pics and vids from today !

QCKBF Event 3 Presented by Hunt Fish Paddle

Event 3, Lake Wylie presented by Hunt Fish Paddle is in the books. We called it #homecoming. Wylie showed out today. What a fun day on the water. The weather literally could not have been better today. On top of that, we had shallow bass and almost NO BOAT TRAFFIC. Personally, I didn’t see a bass boat all day. We ran a few pre registration nights at the shop this week. I think we all had fun hanging out all night Haha. In the end we had 68 guys sign up! We paid out based on 67, Zach Clark fished for free this month. We had over 40 limits today!!!!!! That’s insane! A lot went down and in the end this is how it looks.
Buster Swisher aka co commish straight smoked them today. He brought in 74.25inches, with a Emerald School of Excellence BIG BASS KICKER OF 22inches!!!!! He walks away with $1480, a free haircut to Lakeside Barbersand some awesome hardware. Buster also takes the Big Bass lead for the replica mount from Big Iron Taxidermy, and free rod from Carolina Custom Rods. What a day Co Commish! Congrats. He also auto qualifies for the TOC. Rest of the cashing spots listed below:
2nd place, 3 years in a row, Timmy Thao, 72.75, $573.
3rd place Tim Sabella, 71.75, $382.
4th Michael Hearn, 71.5, $260
5th John Ladd, 70.75, $170
6th, Luke Britz, 69.75, $125
7th Austin Vang, 67.75 $100
8th Josh Swaney, 67.25, $75
9th Saturday Mel, 67, $50
10th Matt Hawj, 66, Free entry into Badin.

Luke Breakfield took home $180 for his 8.5 inch Yak Bass’n small bass. We also donated $180 to Heros on the Water today.

In conjunction with QC we had our Kayak Bass Series club qualifier today as well. Tim Sabella won that event and gets another $396, John Ladd got 2nd for another $170. Austin Vang takes 3rd and wins a Manley Fishing rod. Vinny Ferreri 4th and wins a Manley Rod as well.

If you cashed please post your pics to the page ASAP.

The team event was won by Vinny and Buster today, earning $50 each to Pro Image SportsJoey Randall and John Ladd took 2nd today, winning $20 each to ProImage.

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors. So many anglers get a chance to go home with a prize every month.
We will be at Joe’s Bait Tackle Guns on Badin Lake next month. May 19th. I will post the event Monday with times and ramps. I will also hold a pre regi for the local crowd here in the area, and hold a Friday night one atJoe’s.

Questions or comments hit me up. You guys are awesome. Sorry for the rant today 

All files are posted. Aoy, team spy, and today’s standings.

QCKBF Event 2 Presented by Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

Boom!!!! Season 4 aka #qc1000, event 2 in the books! Let’s start off with a huge thank you to Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Charlotte and Luke Britzfor sponsoring the event and making the payouts the best around.

Lake Hickory…..where do we start. She’s a crazy lady. She was cold, muddy, colder, warmer, cold, clear, muddy, high, then normal, then on game day…..She goes stain, clear, mud, and……ultra low. They pulled the plug last night and dropped the lake about 2ft, OVERNIGHT!! It made it interesting and evened the playing field for sure.

We had 62 anglers join us at 5:45 this morning. The weather was perfect all day. Sunny, breezy, and 70+ degrees. Not sure you could ask for any better. We had a lot of fish weighed in, and we had a lot of FAT fish weighed in. Hickory showed out today, giving up not one, but two 21.5 inchers, and a few more over 20 as well! Only 13 limits came in, and we had 16 skunks. Lots a 2 and 3 fish guys. Crank baits seemed to be the ticket today for most. With 62 people we paid out the top 10. The winners are listed below. If you cashed, please post up your limit ASAP.

We gave away so many prizes during our raffles. Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors that help make QCKBF great.

The Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass Pot was split again this month. Michael Hearn and Jacob Earnhardt each had 21.5in, taking home $155 each! The Yak Bass’n small bass pot was also split, two 8 inch bass between Tyler Smith and Jake Penegar, each taking home $92, and we donated $95 to Heros on the Water. Tracy Stanford takes home the Scivation smallest limit award with 53.5in.

1st place Saturday Mel with 76.5. $1000
2nd place Joey Randall with 73. $501
3rd place Jeremy Heath with 69.25. $334
4th place David Golding with 69. $250.
5th place PC Hawj with 68.5. $170.
6th place Buster Swisher with 64.5. $125
7th place Matt Hawj with 62. $100
8th place Shaun Applegate with 61.75. $75
9th place Cameron Tetterton with 59.75. $50
10th place Zach Clark with 57.25. Free entry.

Joey and John Ladd win today’s team division. $50 each to Pro Image Sports.
Buster and Vinny take 2nd, again, $20 each to Pro image.

Next up is the Native Watercraft demo day on Lake Wylie, copperhead access, on April 7th.

The next event is on Lake Wylie, presented by Hunt Fish Paddle, April 21st! That bite is lining up to be amazing.