Event 8: Santee Cooper Presented by US Tree Climbers/ Hey Man Handy Man

Santee Cooper. Aka, Jurassic Park. Event 8 results. Congrats. The drops have begun. 1 more regular season event to go!!!!

Congrats Matt Hawj for smacking the QC record today. Matt Hawj takes home $1150 for first place with 82.75 inches!!

Nick Huddleston continues to silence the haters with another solid finish. 2nd place with 75.75 for $730.

Tracy Stanford got himself a fat check today in 3rd place with 73 inches, worth $580!

Tim always cashin stays hot and lands in 4th with 72inches and adds another $450 to his earnings.

Larry Wood defends his water well, landing in 5th with 71.75 worth $320.

Ronnie comes back mad after MIL and lands in 6th with 70.25 and wins $215.

New to the game, Frankie Wolfe takes 7th, after a costly mistake but still wins $185. He had 70.25 (really 77.75)

TonNy ThAo in drums up an 8th place finish and wins $150 with 69 inches.

William Queen was running hot and takes home $100 in 9th with 67.75.

Chris Goodwin sneaks into 10th and wins a free entry in the Cornerstone Comfort lake James event.

Dustin Hugg goes back to back Yak Bass’n small bass win with a 6.5in worth $210!!

Jim MoreSea snatches two huge bass today and wins the Emerald School of Excellence Big bass award with a giant 23.5incher worth $355!!!

Congrats to all of the winners!!!

Its time to focus on the charity events as we pause from trail events in August. It will be a great event on the 22nd. Something new. You can only fish with what’s provided. Keep an eye on the page and jump in.

Event 7: HighRock Lake Presented by Rock Outdoors

Today is a big day if you are a QCKBF member. Today marks Event 7 of the 2020 season. Your 7th opportunity to earn points in the The Angler Magazine Charlotte NC AOY and TOC race. The standings will really get shaken up when event 8 and 9 add drops into the mix!!

Today we visited High Rock Lake for the first time as a club. Our sponsor for this event was Rock Outdoors, and wow, they did an amazing job hosting us. It was a pleasure to work with Jordan Stogner Lanham and Shane Dublin, and I hope we get this opportunity again in 2021.

We had 69 anglers come out and fish today, bringing our monthly average to 93 anglers!! WOW! The lake was tough today, but some big bass and big bags were posted up for sure. We had 19 limits today, and 20 skunks, with 30 people catching 1,2, or 3 bass.

We launched at 5:30am and broke a sweat by the time we were able to cast at 6am. It was a hot day, with the wind picking up around 10am. The water was between 82-88 degrees, with stain throughout the lake. With 5 ramps open, we had anglers spread out from the river to the dam, battling boats and jet skis. When last submission hit at 3pm, the results were in.

Landing in first was Tim Always Cashin Sabella with a huge limit of 75.75 inches. Congrats on your $1100 Tim! Tim said he lost a fish that would have topped the 80 inch mark!! Man o Man.

Grinding and catching fish all day was Chase Helms in 2nd place. Chase has a solid bag at 70.75, anchored by his Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass at 22inches. He took home a total of $865!! Congrats kid!

Taking home his first QC cash today in third was the Baby Gangsta himself, Brian BG Brakefield. Brian had 69 inches and won $465!

Matt Hawj made another top 5 appearance and lands in 4th with 68.75, earning $360. Rounding out the top 5, Aaron Trexler drops 68.50 on the board and wins $250.

MikeandNiki Hicks shakes the dust off and snatches his first QC cash in 6th place with 64.25 earning $165 today. Larry Wood rounds out the cash spots in 7th with 63.75 earning $100. Bubble boy Tyler Smith lands in 8th with 63.50 and the tiebreak for a free entry into the next event on Santee.

Dustin Hugg takes some hardware back to the mountains today. He wins the Yak Bass’n small bass award with a 7.75 incher worth $150!

Congrats to all of the winners today. Ryan Hulsey will get the standings updated and posted.

Our next event is another new lake for QC. Home of giant bass, Santee Cooper Sc on July 25th. I will make the event ASAP, I need some time to find all of the ramps for this one.

Thank you all for being a part of QCKBF. If you need anything, let me know.

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Event 6: Lake Hartwell Presented by AirOne Heating and Cooling

1st $1120- Lowell Brannan 73 inches
2nd $660- Chris Goodwin 69.75 inches
3rd $515- Joey Randall 65.00 inches
4th $390- Ronnie Murphy 64.50 inches
5th $260- Larry Crider 62.75 inches
6th $165- Ben Her 62.50 inches
7th $130- Patrick Lowendick 62.00 inches (21 Inch large bass tiebreak)
8th $100- Jay Park – 62.00 inches
9th Free Entry- Tim Sabella 61.00 inches

Big Bass $265 Patrick Lowendick 21 inches
Small Bass $180 Gary Stewart 8.75 inches

Posted by Vinny Ferreri on Saturday, May 30, 2020

Event 5: First annual Carolina Clash

Event 5 was today. We called it the First annual Carolina Clash. This event was originally going to be on MIL, but with the growth of the club, we made a decision to open all three home lakes. The sponsor Installing The Holidays was extremely excited for this opportunity, and looking back at it, it was awesome. We had 102 anglers come take their best shot with QCKBF today on Lake Norman, Lake Wylie and MIL. We had about 500 fish submitted to TourneyX.com today. Fishing was on fire for most. We had 56 limits turned in today, and only 11 skunks. The weather was amazing, finally, but….. That brought out the pleasure boaters. Boat traffic, jet ski traffic, and even planes landing on the water made things annoying for the anglers.

At the end of the day we had the new style weigh in lol. Live on FB. We were able to pay out 12 anglers today. A lot of valuable The Angler Magazine Charlotte NC AOY points were earned today as well. Hard to believe we are over half way done with 2020.

I want to give a huge congratulations to our winners today. Taking home a check against 102 anglers is impressive. The level of competition is very high here in QC.

First place went home with hot streak Melvin Yang. He had 73.75in worth $1220.

In a tie with 73.75, Jeremy Heath takes 2nd worth $770. Rounding out the top 3, Corey Racer goes home with $650 for his 69.5in.

Mike Constable shows up and takes home a solid $490 with 69 inches!

The comeback is official now. Buster Swisher takes home 5th and the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass with a 21incher. He took home $700 today! Swisssshhhhhhhaaaaaa

In 6th, John Ladd found his way back to the podium with 68in worth $270.

Chris G, no Facebook having behind, takes 7th with 67.25 worth $245.

Another, the third, Mountain Boy, Matthew Boone takes 8th with 67, worth $200.

Greg Donlin gets back to his hammer self and snatches 9th with 66.75 for $165.

Hambone Graham Reay finishes the top 10 with 66.5 for $130.

Tyler Smith is rollin in 2020. 11th place with 65.75 for $100.

Our bubble boy Chase Helms gets 12th and a free entry into the May 30th event on Lake Hartwell presented by AirOne Heating and Air.

Jay Park takes down the Yak Bass’n small bass pot with a 7.5 inch monster worth $245.

Thank you to our amazing QCKBF sponsors for making everything we do possible.

We have the Bracket event live. This could be a lot of fun. Get signed up. Ask questions if you have them.

Hartwell on the 30th. The event is live on TourneyX.com.


Event 4: Lake Hickory

The full recap starts at 7min mark.
We had 100 anglers on Lake Hickory today for the 4th trail event of season 6. The bite was tough. We only had 20 limits, and 44 skunks out of 100 anglers. We only weighed in 136 fish today.

Nick Huddleston takes it home with 71.5 worth $1250
Chris Goodwin 2nd with 71in worth $765
Ronnie Murphy 3rd with 69.5in worth $645
Matt Hawj 4th with 68.5in worth $485
Saturday Mel 5th with 66.25in worth $355
Greg Donlin 6th with 64.25in worth $265
Tim Sabella 7th with 64.25in worth $220
PC Hawj 8th with 64in worth$190
Ryan Breneman 9th with 63.75in worth $140
Tyler Smith 10th with 63in worth $100
Jason Haggins 11th with 62.75 worth Event 5 Free Entry.

Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass award goes home with Ab Vang with a 20.25 inch monster, and a tiebreak worth $355

The Yak Bass’n Small Bass goes home with Joe Parkulo with a 6.75in worth $235.

Congrats to all of the winners!!!

Event 5 is scheduled for Mountain Island Lake on May 2nd. We will plan on fishing and keep an eye on the situation with Corona.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, and thank you to you all for making QCKBF what it is. I miss you all!