Event 7 Carolina Clash presented by Alloy Wheel Repair of Charlotte

Event 7 was a fun one!! 9 lakes across the Catawba Chain and cash was won from 6 of them!!! The Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Charlotte event ended up having 104 anglers on a hot June day in the Carolina’s. Thank you all for coming out today, and tuning into the live Zoom weigh-in. We ended up with 81 anglers submitting fish, 47 limits, 301 fish total, and 24 skunks. We had some really good bags get weighed in today, and 3 anglers went home with right at $1000 or more!! That’s insane! The season is 70% over and points are at a premium right now as we battle for the The Angler Magazine Charlotte NC AOY title, the COLDPRUF 2nd and 3rd AOY payouts and the Buddy’s Marine/ Dry Otter Waterproofing Inc. TOC event! Chris Goodwin and Joey Randall took home the NeoGenix Team Division win today with 73.25inches. Congrats boys on your $100.Gustavo Benitez takes home not only the Yak Bass’n small bass award, but the yearly leader as well with a 2.5inch bass!! I really was a 1.5 inch, but we had to add an inch for penalty. He went home with $265 today!! We had 4 bags break the 70inch mark today! That’s impressive for this time of year! Scott Simmers takes home first place and $1,330 today with 74 inches of Lake Wateree Bass!!

Congrats on a huge first QCKBF Win! Leng Vang was right behind him with 73 inches of Lake Hickory Bass, and a stud 21 incher to claim the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass title!!
Leng is going home with $1105!!
Teng Vue landed in 3rd place with 71.5 inches, which was also enough to lock up the Elite Side pot! Teng is taking home $988!
Ronnie Murphy lands in 4th place with 71.25 inches and wins $490!
Rounding out the top 5, Chris Goodwin with 69.25 inches worth $360.
6th- Chris Grant 66in- $270
7th- Yee Hang 65.75- $245
8th- Jeremy Heath 65.75- $200
9th- Nick Huddleston 65.75- $165
10th- Tony Grissom 65in- $130
11th- Mike Constable 64.75- $100
12th- Graham Reay 64.5- Free Yadkin YoloThank you for the continued support Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Charlotte!!

Our next event is July 24th, on the Yadkin Chain!! Rock Outdoors is excited to have us!! More details will be posted in the event soon!!

First Annual Co-Ed Event

Today was awesome. It was our first Team Co-Ed event. We had 16 teams come out and take on the Carolina Clash waters of Norman, Wylie and MIL. Not to mention, fish with their significant other for 8 hours 😉 We had 5 different prizes. claimed all by different people/teams, just the way the commish likes its!!

Ryan Breneman and Tori M Breneman took home the big check today with 61 inches!! They took home $630

Chris Goodwin and Melissa Switek landed in 2nd place with 57.5inches and took home $270.

Rounding out the top 3, Greg Donlin and Jessica Donlin with 57 inches worth $60.

All three top finishing teams earned a custom plaque as well!!

We had a sponsored Big Bass prized from Academy Sports + Outdoors today. Female big bass was 16 inches and went home with Chloe Cox!! James Wilson takes home the Mens big bass with an 18.25 incher. Both anglers won a Lews Crush Spinning combo!!

The event was great, but…. What makes this club special is the fact that after getting up at 3am, fishing in 90 degree sun for 8+ hours, we still filled the private room at Sakura Japanese Restaurant with 20 QCKBF anglers!! Not only did we eat, we laughed, prayed, told stories, made fun of each other and chilled for 3 straight hours!!

I had a blast hanging with you all!! 2022 Co-Ed planning started at the table, HA. Lets see!! Thank you all!

Event 6 Lake Hartwell Presented by AirOne Heating and Air

What a ridiculous weekend for Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing. 158 anglers, from 15 different states participated in the Event 6 Lake Hartwell presented by AirOne Heating and Air. We are blessed to be affiliated with Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series and bring a co hosted annual event to the Carolinas. We landed in the amazing community of Anderson SC this season, on the beautiful, huge, and great fishery of Hartwell. We had 45 QC members double dip in the Hobie Event, and 6 of them took home BIG MONEY. QC anglers claimed 2nd-7th and Big Bass in the Hobie side today. On our side, we paid out some big Money!! We saw big fish and we weighed in over 550 fish yesterday. Mary Ferreri and Brad Cox did amazing handling the increased volume. This may be the first event we had PERFECT weather for a QC 2021 event haha. We had 73 limits and 21 skunks.

When it was all said and done, Leng Vang got the huge win taking home $1760 with 75.25.Not far behind him, the Hobie champ, Ewing Minor with 74.50 for $910. Brian Nelli takes home 3rd place and $790 with 71.50. Ryan Harder landed in 4th place with 69.5 and took home $598. Rounding out the top 5, Mark Glende with his first trail cash. 69.25 for $505. 6th, NeoGenix team win, and Elite win. Nick Huddleston takes home almost $1100!!! Jay Parkcongrats on the team win.
7th and 2nd in Hobie Chris Grant dominated today earning $375 on the QC side.
8th- Anthony Wilkleman- $355
9th Vinny Ferreri $250
10th Kristine Fischer $220
11th Chris Goodwin $205
12th Ronnie Murphy $185
13th Adam Thomas $170
14th Jake Harshman $150
15th Kurt Smits $130
16th Riley Mac $100
17th Ryan Breneman Free event 7.

Our Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass award goes to Riley Mcdonald with a monster, and 3 way season tie, 23.25 incher. The Yak Bass’n small bass award goes home with comeback kid Joel Thomas Blair. A 6.75 incher worth $395.

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors who make QC what it is! Onto the first Catawba Clash. 9 lakes!! Lets get it.

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Event 5 Lake Wylie presented by Rusty Hooks Bait and Tackle

Lake Wylie comes through for the club when we needed it!! Our smallest event with 81 anglers, mother nature scared a bunch off. We judged the most fish for 2021 today with 310 submitted by the smallest field. We had 50 limits, and only 7 skunks. Thank you Rusty Hooks Bait and Tackle for supporting the club and sponsoring the event!

Many anglers reported catches of 40+ fish and plenty of good size fish came through. The weather was perfect for the first 3 hours, and then the rain kicked in and never let up with extreme downpour from 12-1. No lighting and no wind kept the fishing good!!

When a bunch of soggy anglers left the water at 2pm, Tim Thao takes home the first place win with 72 inches. Timmy goes home with $1250!
Only 1 inch behind Tim, Tj Worrell takes home 2nd place with 71 inches worth $700.
The Commish figures out fishing for a day and lands in third place with 67.5 inches and takes home the Elite Side Pot for a total of $1168.
Ronnie Murphy lands in 4th with 67.25 worth $440.
Matt Hawj seems to always find them! He landed in 5th today with 67inches and goes home with $300.
Ryan Breneman had a rough day today but figured it out on the water with 66.25 and wins $200.
Frankie Wolfe continues to prove he is a hammer. He lands in 7th today with 65.75 earning $160
John Ladd seems to be back and ready to take names. Another solid finish with 65.25 in 8th place for $100.
Adam Fillmore is back and continuing to do well!! He lands in 9th with 65.25 and earns a Free Entry into the Lake Hartwell Event on May 15th.

William Queen lands a giant 21 incher and takes home the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass award. He goes home with $300.

Lowell Brannan lands a giant himself, 6.75inches. He takes home $190 for the Yak Bass’n small bass award!

Team Nivens, aka, didnt fish at nivens, wins the NeoGenix Team Division with 67.75inches and wins $100!

We ran a big bass competition for the last 4 events in an effort to give away a Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series entry fee!! Skip Lohmeyer earns $340 for his 21incher from Santee!! Congrats!!

Our next event is Lake Hartwell and the Hobie event! Lets max it out!!!

Thank you all sponsors for supporting Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing!!

Event 4 Foothill Clash presented by NorCar

Today Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing took its club full of hammers to the Mud Bowl, or the Foothills Clash, or the Foothills Frolic….. Ok, we went to Hickory, Rhodhiss and Lookout shoals. We were once again challenged by Mother Nature. She dropped about 3 inches of rain on the Foothills Thursday, completely blowing out the system. Most water was zero visibility, with a few creeks having some clean spots. The day ended with an intense thunderstorm that dropped hail on the weigh in building. 2021 has been tough on fisherman for sure. Nonetheless, we had 115 anglers come fish the first Multi Lake Event of 2021. The club is averaging 119 anglers per event at this point as we swing into some better fishing hopefully. Valuable points are on the line at every event, and I love seeing anglers show up for those points. We had a weigh in today, we ate, drank, laughed and cut up. What a good time!! When we decided to start getting serious and paying out some money, this is how it went down!! Home Lake advantage really came into play this month. Austin Vang aka Hammer Time took home the win today!!! He had a solid bag of 69.25 and won $1400!!! Not bad for $58! Right behind him with 67.75 inches, growing up on the lake, the man himself, Matt Hawj Matt took home $810! Landing in 3rd, and continuing an absolutely insane start to the season, and also taking The Angler Magazine Charlotte NC AOY lead, Mr. Jeremy Heath. Jeremy had 67.5 inches and won $690! Chris Grant started the day on fire, holding the lead for most of the day. He finished in 4th place with 66.75 inches worth $530! Rounding out the top 5, another home Lake PC Hawj with 66.75 worth $400! Congrats top 5! In 6th place, and probably still shaking, Dan Haines. Dan landed his PB today, a 22inch 7lber. Dan takes home a total of $740 for 6th and the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass Award! Back to Back cashes for self proclaimed Big Meat, aka, John Ladd. John had 64.75 and earned $280. Melvin Yang takes home 8th place with 60.75 and wins $240.The club pastor Mike MikeandNiki Hicks pulls it together today and lands in 9th with 60.50in earning $190! Rounding out the top 10, previous Hickory Champ Mark Wilkins with 60 inches and earning $165. Landing in 11th, and earning the NeoGenix Team Win today with Joey Randall , Chris Goodwin. Chris had 58.75 and earns a total of $180. Jim Jay snags 12th and gets the last cashing spot with 58.25 for $100. Tony Grissom finds himself in 13th and earns a free Wylie Entry with 56.5in.The Yak Bass’n small bass award goes home with Chad Walden today with his 9.5incher worth $241, the 1 of course being signed by the Commish. Nick Huddleston joins the Elite Ranks with his 14th place finish, but enough to take home $473 Elite Dollars. We had a total of 115 anglers, 127 fish submitted, 14 limits, 62 skunks, and 53 anglers catching fish. It was a tough day for most. Our next event is on the home waters of Lake Wylie. Rusty Hooks Bait and Tackle is the proud sponsor of this event. We fish on April 24th, come join us! Thank you Brad Cox, Mary Ferreri, Ryan Hulsey for making everything go smooth.Thank you Larry Crider, the Legend, for sponsoring this event! Thank you anglers for fishing with QCKBF.Thank you sponsors for making sure almost every person as weigh in got a prize today! Fun day!!