TIM SABELLA is our 2017 AOY!!

Rob Sinker is our 2017 Champion.








Our two day winner was Mr. Tim Sabella.

_______________________________________________________________________________We raised over $1000 this month in our RIP Mike Cancer Charity event. The winner was Luke Britz.

_______________________________________________________________________________Our Team event winners are Buster and Vinny.

_______________________________________________________________________________Our 2017 champion is Robert Sinker!!


Season 3 regular season is over!!!! Crazy day on Stumpy Pond today. Tough bite to say the least, but as always, someone will win. We had multiple anglers fighting for a chance at the top 15 championship event today. It was exciting to be around. Water was low and muddy when we launched at 615am. 26 guys showed up for the final event. Many of these anglers had never been on the lake.
Of the 26 guys, only 4 caught a limit. 12 people skunked and 5 others only caught 1 fish. Not an easy day.
Tim Sabella, our 2017 AOY put the icing on the cake today and brought in a monster bag with 70.25 inches and the big bass kicker at 19.25. This dude had a hell of a season, bringing home another $545 today. Luke Britz ended his 2017 campaign on a high, taking 2nd with 64 inches worth $252.The commish took the 3rd spot with 53.75, and small bass with a 9.5incher, winning the Hero’s on the water side pot, totaling $238. Rounding out the cash was Josh Rose, fighting for his life, with 53.5inches, taking home $60. Bubble boy PersonaForm Designs winner Easton Brannan takes home a hat.

The championship is Sept 30th, and our top 15 anglers are set! The lake will be drawn randomly tommorow night live on FB.

Thank you so much to all of our amazing sponsors. Every angler who stayed for weigh in left with a prize today, most leaving with two.

It has been an amazing season. I’ve had a blast getting to know you all. Thank you everyone for your support. Greg Donlin holds on since February and wins an amazing RS Nets USA. Lowell Brannan held onto his 2017 QCKBF biggest bass of the season with a 20.75 and wins a free replica mount! congrats guys!!!! Joey Randall has caused a rule change by winning ANOTHER Bending Branches PADDLE by finishing as the highest paddle yak angler.

We have a Dunamis Rods Sunday Shootout at lake wylie, buster Boyd bridge on Sunday. 6am-11am. We then have an OPEN event for any angler not in the championship, on Sept 9th at Allison creek lake wylie.


Well…..event 6 was interesting to say the least. We got pooped out of fishing creek. We ended up at Lake Wylie. Numbers were down a bit with the chaos and with it being 100 degree July heat. Regardless, we had a solid 28 anglers show up to Hunt Fish Paddle this morning at 5am. The lake has been tough lately, and priced tough again today. Not many big bags, and not a lot of limits.

John Ladd takes home another first place victory with 70 inches! He also tied for big bass with a 19.25. John won $526 today and also won $37 to use at Hunt Fish Paddle. John also claims another hair cut from Keith Faulkenberry at Lakeside Barbers. 2nd place and our new Native Watercraft AOY leader, Tim Sabella with 64.75 inches, and also a 19.25 big bass. Tim takes home $338!
3rd place goes to the young gunna Zach Clark with 64.25inches worth $182! Rounding out the cash spots, Joey Randall in 4th with 60.25 worth $60 and ANOTHER Bending Branches paddle! The PersonaForm Designs bubble boy prize goes to Lee Stikeleather, winning a Personaform hat. 6th and 7th, Kevin Wilkinson and Tyler Smith take home Bass Crazy 365 hats! Michael Hearn takes home small bass awards today with a solid 8 inches. He wins $100 and a hat, with the added Yak Bass’n money. We also donated $75 to hero’s on the water today. Graham Reay takes home the funny side pot, any species but bass, with a 13.5inch catfish, worth $45.
Huge thanks to Adam Fillmore for having us at the shop on short notice. Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors.

Event 7 is August 19th. It’s a multi lake event. Lake wylie, Norman, and mountain island will be open. Ramps, paying, and all other details will be announced in a few days.
Thank you for fishing, I hope you all had a great time.



___________________________________________________________________________________Event 5 took us south to lake wateree. She has given up some big bags over the last two years……today, not so much. Weather played a major factor for this event. Fish were eating great early in the week, but bad thunder storms added some mud to the water, moved some fish and made the bite hard. It was an absolute grind today just to catch a limit. No matter how hard, someone will always win! We had 35 guys show up and crowd the lot at Taylor Creek. New faces, old faces, great to see everyone as always.
A usual casher AKA Co commish Buster Swisher figured them out today and brought in a 64.75inch bag for first place. He takes home $514, $25 to use at Hunt Fish Paddle, and a free hair cut at Lakeside Barbers. Second place goes to a guy who’s sh*t talking skills are just as good as his fishing skills. Joey Randall brings in 61.25inches, with a 20.25 kicker earning him big bass. He took home a total of $473 and claims another Bending Branches paddle for being the highest paddle yak finisher. 3rd place, and his first QCKBF cash, Larry Anderson with 60.75 inches worth $205!! 4th place goes to the young gunna Timmy Thao with 60.5 worth $100. Rounding out the cash spots, another new face this season, Zach Clark with 57.5, and the tiebreaker, for $60. PersonaForm Designs and Josh Swaney made a guest appearance today and gave out hats to the two places outside the cash. Michael Hearn and Neal take home some new head gear!
Jackie Hughes was able to raise $95 for HOW today, and paid out $95 to Greg Donlin for his 9 inch small bass. Greg also takes home a bonus $25 from Yak Bass’n and a sweet Yak Bass’n hat!!
We gave away some amazing prizes from a great group of sponsors. Thank you Yak Attack, TrueSouth Custom Lures, Manley Fishing, Donald Corbett @412baits, Caraway Creek Custom Baits, PersonaForm, lake side barbers, native, and huntfishpaddle!

We are back at it July 15th on fishing creek sc. This is a River Bassin Tournament Trail qualifier!! We will have two open ramps. Fishing creek access and HWY 9 access. If you want to earn Riverbassin points, you must fish from HWY 9 and travel up river. This will be our 6th event which means you can drop an event next month which will completely change the way the AOY standings look!! Keep fighting for the top 15 championship event and try and earn a chance to claim the 2017 champion title.

You guys are awesome. I wouldn’t ask for a better group if people and anglers to be around.
If you earned cash today please post pics of your 4 fish.

___________________________________________________________________________________Good evening all!!! Event four, the mystery draw double point event is over!! I gotta say, I enjoyed the hype it was getting up until Thursday when it was picked. Lots of fun. We ended up at Lake Hickory. Due to a boat event at the main ramp, we changed weigh in location and added a ramp and I have to say it went flawlessly. Far from home we still had 42 anglers come out!! Weather was consistent and warm all week. It was almost 70 degrees at launch this morning at 6am. Calm waters and warm had the shad spawn in full effect. Anglers reported catching fish on spinner baits and top water early.
Most anglers said that the bite stopped dead in its tracks about 11am. We had some really good limits, and then many anglers struggled to find a limit today. I heard reports of fish eating almost every lure you can imagine. It really just seemed to be a time and location bite today. The lake is absolutely gorgeous, minus the insane boat traffic today. I still have sea legs.
This was a double point event and was huge for the AOY standings. John Ladd was able to catch a big bag, 72.5 inches today. He takes home $618!!!, $25 from Hunt Fish Paddle and a free hair cut from Lakeside Barbers. Tim Sabella wasn’t far behind in 2nd with 68inches, and he snagged $370. The Commish rounds out the top 3 with 67.5inches and wins $247.
4th- Melvin Yang- 66.25-$120
5th- Robert Sinker- 65.75-$80
6th- Lowell Brannan– 64.25- $40. Lowell also took the lead for the 2017 big bass replica mount with a 20.75 STUUUDDDDDD, earning him another $205!!!!, and $25 from Adam Fillmore and Hunt fish paddle.
Thanks Tom Lyons
7th- Tommy Xiong takes home a QCKBF hat from PersonaForm Designs!!
Our highest paddle Yak finisher was once again Austin Vang and he walks away with a sweet Bending Branches paddle!!!

Small bass goes to Mr. Well Rounded free entry Jacob Miles. He stuck a monster 4.25 incher, lmaooooo.. earning him $165. Thank you Yak Bass’n for the bonus cash!!! We also raised $140 for the hero’s on the water!!! Great job Jackie Hughes for getting QCKBF involved with that.
Everyone had a blast and most got to walk away with some prizes thanks to our amazing sponsors. Thank you guys for the continued support!!!
Our next event is June 17th on Lake Wateree SC. We will also have our next Sunday Series Shootout on June 11th at little creek access on Lake Norman.

If you cashed please post up your 4 fish.



___________________________________________________________________________________ Event 3 of 2017 is done, and we once again had our best turnout ever. We had 53 come out for the Lake Wylie event. The weekend started great with over 35 guys coming out to Hunt Fish Paddle for some hot dogs, pre registration, and good times. Almost everyone who was in the shop was complaining about how hard the lake has been. Cold front moved the bass, off beds, on beds, deep, shallow, who knows. I personally got my butt kicked all week on it.
5am rolls around and guys start walking into the shop for signups. We end up with 53 and head out. With 7 ramps open, anglers were spread out all over the lake. It seems as if the shad spawn happened over night and most fish were caught fast and early around rocks.
I would like to say a huge thank you to all the clubs sponsors, supporters, fisherman, anyone who is involved. We have such a great thing going and I’m so proud of this city. Anytime something is needed this club steps up. When Eric Moore and Chillybeat Fishing and Outdoor Apparel are in need, Adam Fillmore and I slap a raffle together and with the help of Jackie Hughes and Matthew Frazier we raised close to $1500 in 4 days!!!!!! Wow.

First place goes to Mr. Tim Sabella. This guy is a beast on the water. He had a solid Wylie bag with 70.75 inches worth $696.
2nd place goes to the young gunna Timmy Thao with 69.75inches worth $417. He also was the highest paddle yak finisher earning him the new Bending Branches paddle. Third place goes to the commish with 69inches worth $278. 4th goes to Tina Sonatore-Sinker with 67.5in, taking home $160. 5th was Andy Alaina Myers(Andy) with 66.75 worth $120.
6th- Joey Randall 66.5 worth $100
7th Matt Hawj 66.25 worth $60 and small bass with 6.75 inches worth another $200!!!!
Rounding out the cash spot in 8th was Zach Clark with 65.75 worth $40. Missing the cash but earning a PersonaForm Designs hat Austin Vang with 65.25in.
Congrats to all the people who got a check!!

We also had a 3 way big bass tie. Buster Swisher, Timmy Thao, and Richard May all had 19.25inch bass, earning them each $86.

Our next event is May 20th and is the Mystery Lake double point event. We will draw on May 18th at 8pm (ish) live on Facebook. No prefishing allowed. Ramps will be posted this week per lake. 1 ramp per lake.

 ___________________________________________________________________________________Event two of the 2017 season is done! We had 45 anglers come out and fish hard today. A few of the usual suspects were out of town today. We had a lot of new faces join the club.
I rolled up at 615am, and no matter what I’m never first. Someone is always so pumped they beat me to the ramp. Today I was greeted by Dewayne Houser and Buster Swisher.
What a perfect morning for check in, zero wind really makes things easier. We had 6 more anglers jump in the AOY race so we will now qualify the top 15 for the championship.
Weather was looking good, and reports were the lake was on fire!!! Anglers were pumped to launch and smack some bass.
Weather changed a few times, sunny, cloudy, windy, calm, and by the end of the day, we had a ton of fish to measure.
First place went to a well deserved Kevin Wilkinson with 65.75. He had two solid fish. Kevin takes home $672, and 300 points. 2nd place goes to Andy Myers, with 62.50 worth $403. He also takes home the big bass award with a 20.5in stud worth another $220!! Third place goes to Tim Sabella with 61.75 inches worth $268. 4th goes to the commish with 61 inches and he takes home $120, and $50 worth of smack talking side pot money!!! 5th place goes to David Golding with 60.75 worth $80. Joey Randall takes 6th with 60.25, winning $40 and as the highest paddle finisher he wins the Bending Branches paddle!! In the PersonaForm Designs spot, Richard May weighs in 60.25 and wins a QCKBF hat! Small bass was 7.75 inches and won Zach $180!! We donated $155 to hero’s on the water. Thank you Jackie Hughes. Jason Lowe also donates $25 bonus money to the small bass pot!!

Huge thank you goes out to our sponsors for all the raffle prizes and the gift certificates. Kevin with the win takes home $25 from Hunt Fish Paddle and a free hair cut with Keith Faulkenberry and Lakeside Barbers. We also had 10 giveaways from YakAttack! We also gave away lures and gift certificates from TrueSouth Custom Lures, Caraway Creek Custom Baits, and @412 Baits, @briansbaits. Terry L. Manley gave away a Manley rod won by John Ladd.
Thank you everyone for your support. Please upload your pictures into Google drive by Tuesday evening.

With no pc at my current house, I will do AOY update Monday.

Our next event is April 15th on the great Lake Wylie!!!
Can’t wait!!!



Event 1 season 3 is in the books and I have to say it was a great one!!! Not only did we have the clubs largest turnout yet, 50! We also had the clubs largest limit caught today! Got to the ramp really early and got to spend an our with Joel Thomas Blair shooting some video of the new Titan from Native Watercraft. Looks like an amazing kayak!
Got out of the water at 7:45 and was blown away at the line of people signing in, and how smooth it was all going thanks to the amazing help I have in Mary Ferreri and Buster Swisher.
Weather was looking good minus some typical lake Norman wind. 70 degrees today! Fishing was rough. Not many limits and 16 total skunks. Someone’s gotta win!!!
Greg Donlin figured them out and smashed them. Bringing in an amazing, and qckbf leading 76.25 inch limit. He also won big bass with a 20.5incher. He took home a total of $947 cash and $50 in gift cards from Adam Fillmore at Hunt Fish Paddle!!!! 2nd place made everyone smile I think. Goes to a great young man Easton Brannan with 68.25inches, and also splits the small bass HOW side pot with a 9.75incher. He takes home a total of $501!!
3rd place goes to a first time casher in Austin Vang with 67.5inches. He was the highest paddle yak finisher which earned him a Bending Branches paddle as well. He took home $280 in cash. 4th goes to Mr. Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Charlotte himself Luke Britz with 65.5inches worth $140. 5th goes to the Co commish Buster with 64.25inches worth $100. 6th goes to the reigning AOY Saturday Mel with 62.25inches worth $80. Rounding out the cash spots in 7th with 60.5, Eric Carroll, winning $40.
8th place, Cory Burstein takes home the PersonaForm Designs hat hand delivered from 3 hours away by the one and only Josh Swaney. Joe Parkulo also caught a 9.75incher and won $80 small bass pot, which he donated back to HOW.
I want to thank everyone involved for the support. The fisherman, sponsors, wives, EVERYONE!.
Next month March 25th we take on Mountain Island Lake. I look forward to fishing with you all again!!


manley rodspersonaformTS luresYak AttackC3YakAttack Event 1small basscashingBanner event 1Group event 1Board7thBanner n pay6th5th3rd n bb4th place2nd place412


We had our biggest off season turnout today, with 31 anglers coming out to battle the rain. The event was supposed to be 2 days, but with thunder in the area, it was decided that 1 day would be the way to go. 7 ramps were open, and all were foggy. Rain was supposed to start at noon, so people knew they had 3 hours to limit before it got hectic. Water Temps were about 51-53 degrees. Low winds, clear water. Fishing reports were mixed. Some people struggled for a bite, and some caught 20+ bass. Location and tactic played a big part today.
1st place went to Vinny Ferreri aka commish with 66.75 inches, and worth $540.
2nd place went to Graham Reay with 65.5 and he took home $324.
Buster Swisher aka Co commish took home 3rd with 63.75inches worth $216
Sam Nhia took 4th with 62 and won $100.
Barry Davis rounded out the cash spots in 5th with 61.5in, and took home $60.
Brent Rankin took home big bass awards with 19inches and won $155. Congrats on a Cash in your first qc event.
Chris Gravely took home small bass honors with an 8.25 worth $140.

Congrats to all the winners. Thank you Adam Fillmore for letting us use #huntfishpaddle.

BB warmup3rd wu5th wu2nd warm upsb warm up1st4th wuwarm up commish 4warm up boardwarm up commish 2warm up commish 3warm commish 1





So apparently the QCKBF crew is toooooo competitive to come fish a low key cheap event hahaha. With football, hunting, working and whatever else, we had 16 people come out and fish lake Wylie today. I wanna give a huge shout out to Caleb Perry who caught his first limit, his personal best, and got his first cash (kind of) small bass pot with an 8incher worth $55….
3rd place went to Joe Parkulo with 55.25inches worth $80. Second went to David Golding with 56.25inches worth $120. Commish was able to squeeze out a win with 64inches worth $200. For a lake that has been fishing tough, plenty of bass were caught today. Shaun Applegate took home big bass honors with 18.75inch and he won a Terry L. Manley rod!!!
Luke Britz did an amazing job with the food!! Everyone ate well and the food was awesome. Thank you so much for the continued support.
Next event is Nov 5th at Badin lake!! Let’s get it!!



Well, the 2016 season is officially over. I’d like to give a huge shout out to Mr.John Ladd. He is the back to back champion of QCKBF! He weighed in a sack today, 69.25 inches and won big bass with 20.5inches. He took home $720 cash, a trip with Ncpierman Taramelli, a manley rod from Terry L. Manley, $50 to hunt fish paddle from Adam Fillmore, and a custom 1 of 1 jersey from Josh Swaney and personaform.
2nd place went to Mr.Tim Sabella with 69in. He took home $360 and the True South Custom Lures jig kit!! And the Brians crank bait!
Rounding out the cash spots, Buster Swisher with 68inches worth $120, plus $30 from Donald Corbett for 412Baits, and a yak attack cell block from Luther Cifers!
4th was Matthew Boone and 5th the commish.
Chris G was our highest finished paddle yak today and takes home the sexy neon green Bending Branches Pro Angler paddle.
Hell of a season!! Couldn’t have done it without you guys, my amazing wife Mary Ferreri and our great sponsors!!!! Thank you everyone.




Event 7 Lake James 32 Anglers.

Well season two regular season is in the books!!! 7 events down!!! One angler of the year! Mr . Saturday Mel is QCKBF 2016 ANGLER OF THE YEAR. We had a solid showing today , 32 angers came out to the mountain lake of Lake James today. A lake that is know to be tough, proved to kick the field’s ass today. We had 15 skunks!!!
First place goes to the commish, Vinny Ferreri with 68 inches worth $478. I also was able to win the $100 cash from Nick Rubio and Fatsack, and won the dual battery mount from Martyn Gittens and BerleyPro. I will be coming into lake side barbers to claim my free haircut from Keith Faulkenberry and coming into HFP and claiming my $25 gift certificate ; ).
2nd went to Matthew Sandefur with 52.25in worth $286.
3rd goes to Lowell Brannan with 50.5in, worth $191.
4th goes to Buster Swisher, who turned his free entry into 45.5in, and a $100 day!!
5th goes to the home lake mountain boy Matthew Boone with 44.5in worth $60. Boone also won the HOW rod from Ncpierman Taramelli!!
6th place goes to Luke Britz with 42in, and he wins a $25 chillybeat gift card from Eric Moore.
Our big bass was tight but Tommy Xiong takes home the win with a 19.25inch beast smallie and claims $160. Tim Sabella couldn’t stand not cashing so he decided he would win small bass pot put on by Jackie Hughes for Matthew Frazier HOW chapter with a 7in bass worth $100!
Huge shout out to our sponsors who continue to support the trail!!! Thank you for an incredible season two!!!



Event 6 Fishing Creek SC 26 Anglers.

Mystery draw event 6 landed at Fishing Creek South Carolina today. The entire field going in blind! Cool concept in my opinion. We we showed up at the ramp, people were pumped, almost ‪#‎aspumpedasmatt‬, but people were also asking, where’s Matthew Sandefur?!
Ramp was empty. Not one boat in sight. Sky was clear, no wind, not soooo hot yet. Looked like we were going to have a perfect day.
26 anglers showed up today. Small turnout for the 40 avg, but we had a bunch of new guys show up, and they made money, so that was awesome. Work, vacation, travel, etc etc kept some regulars home today.
Launch was 6am, and everyone was looking for the top water morning bite. Safe to say, that bite was important today. Day was slow, with only 4 limits coming in. John Ladd led the field with 67.25 inches earning him $420 and 36 points, $25 for hunt fish paddle, and a free haircut from Keith Faulkenberry at lake side barbers. Second went to Tim Sabella with 61.5 inches worth $250 and 25 points. 3rd goes Mason Howle with a limit of 53.75inches, worth $170. Rounding out the money spots, Zachary Clark with 52.25inches for $60. Jason Lowe was the bubble boy and won a $25 Chillybeat gift card. Luke Britz stuck big bass with 19.75 inches and won $125. Lowell Brannan fished for free and wad able to win small bass worth $95. As always, thank you to our great sponsors for making this trail as awesome as it is! John didn’t post to Fatsack, so we have $75 up for grabs next month on Lake James Aug 20th.

bio spawn1sttspaddlebcbrod2ndyak attack4th3rdSMall BassCHillybeat BubbleBig bass



Event 5 M.I.L. 40anglers.

Event number 5 in the books for QCKBF. We had 40 anglers come out and fish Mountain Island Lake today. Usually a lake that only produces small bass, she gave up a few 20in+ fish today. All around the fishing was good. Lotta fish caught. Lot of small bass included in that. Wind was rough, and boats didn’t help that at all. Congrats to Lowell Brannan with first place and big bass with a 22.25inch stud. He took home a total of $817 today!!! He also wins $50 to Hunt Fish Paddle and a free hair cut from Keith Faulkenberry at Lake Side Barbers. He left $25 on the table by not posting on fatsack, so $50 up for grabs next month. Mr. Saturday Mel tied for first today but lost a tie break and lands in 2nd, earning him a solid $373. The commish had to grind, only getting 5 bites, but good enough to give him 3rd and small bass (8.75in)pot worth a total of $323. The 2015 champ John Ladd landed in 4th and won $100. Derrick Hood made his return to the water in amazing fashion and claims 5th place and $60. Shoua Lor finished 6th which earned him a $25 chillybeat gift card from Eric Moore.
We were able to raise another $75 for Hero’s on the water today. Thx Jackie Hughes for running the small bass pot today. As always we had amazing raffle prizes thanks to the great companies who support the trail. Thx guys!!

(Pics coming soon)


Event 4 Lake Norman 42 AnglersMay board

Another successful day for QCKBF today. We had 42 anglers come out for Event 4 at Lake Norman. With weather all over the place, it actually turned out to be a nice day!
A ton of people caught fish today, with only 6 people taking home the skunk award. Tons of typical lake Norman spots measuring in the 12-14 inch range. Finding bigger bites wad key today.
Congrats to Tim Sabella with another QC victory, measuring in 70 inches and winning big bass with a 19.5. He took home a total of $846. He also won a BerleyPro Spanner wrench in a raffle. Thank you Martyn Gittens, $50 to hunt fish paddle from Adam Fillmore and a free hair cut from Lake Side Barbers from Keith Faulkenberry. He also won the $25 FatSack award.

 May HFP

may bp

may fatsack
2nd place goes to the commish with a 65.5 inch bag, taking home $381.may 2nd

3rd went to Saturday Mel with a solid 63.5 inch bag earning him $254.may 3rd

4th went to Luke Britz with 63.25 worth $120.may 4th

5th goes to Sam Chang with 62inches for $80. may 5th

Finishing out the money spots, Cody Myers with 61.5 inches getting his $40 back. may 6th

7th was Matthew Boone and he wins a $25 gift card to chillybeat from Eric Moore.may 7th
Huge shout out to all of the trails sponsors. We can’t thank you enough for the support!! may yaYakAttack

may bpBerleyPro

may manleyManley Rods


may tsTrueSouth Custom Lures


may 412412 Baits

may bbBending Branches

 May HFPHunt Fish Paddle

may briansBrians Crank Baits
Event 5 is June 18th at Mountain island lake. Let’s make it happen!!




Kayaks and Greenbacks 3

Great turnout today at Hunt Fish Paddle for the 3rd annual Kayaks and Greenbacks. We had 29 of the best anglers come out and pay the $100 entry in search of 5 Wylie studs.

1st place went to Adam Fillmore with a solid 88.25in limit earning him $1175.
2nd went to Tim Sabella with 85.75in, worth $705. 3rd went to the young buck Timmy Thao, with 85.5, worth $470. 4th with 85.25in, Tony Fatback Herring worth $350. Rounding out the cash spots with 84 inches Chris Gravely earning $200.
Big bass was 20.25, Cory Burstein winning the $100 HFP sponsored cash.
I’d like to give a shout out to Scotty mounts for the raffle prizes!
David Golding, Chris G, Tim Sabella, Tony, and Timmy all qualify for the KBF National Championship in March 2017!! Thank you Chad Hoover!


Fishing For Boobs Charity Event, 2nd Edition. 48 Anglers

Check out Pics and Video from the amazing event.

Well, I’m not sure I words can describe what went on today. 48 crazy fisherman decided to get together at 5am, pay money into a donation for a lady they have never met, and fish all day on a lake in the blazing sun with boats flying around knowing they had no chance at winning a dollar. I’d like to say these are the guys who represent the sport we love. People like this. People who donated thousands of dollars they a person in need. Companies who donated thousands in prizes with me only asking one time. What a day ……

I rolled up to hunt fish paddle at 430am, pumped for the day, but nervous, not knowing exactly how many would show up for the Fishing with Boobs $40 2nd edition. To my surprise at least 5 cars beat me to the shop. After a smooth check in we hit the water of Wylie and we had 48 anglers fishing for my boss, Janet Moss. The lake acted very differently since last weekend. Many anglers caught less fish, and many didn’t limit out. We “paid” out 6 spots today.
1st place with 71inches – AlainaAndandy Myers. He won a guided big bass trip on lake ochoachobe in Florida by Kris Thibodeau, a $600 value. This young man is getting married soon and this trip made him so excited! Made my day to see someone so happy. He also takes home a one of a kind custom Personaform Boobs Jersey designed my Josh Swaney.
2nd place with 69.75, Sam Chang. He took home a manley rod!
3rd with 67.75, Robert Sinker. He took home the BerleyPro Orb.
4th and big bass, Derrick Hood with 66inches. He took home a free replica mount of his big bass from Tom Lyons and Artistic Fish Creations. He also walks away with a spinning reel donated by David Golding, and a $50 Supernova Gift card!
5th place, Tim Sabella, with 66inches takes home the Boondox Prize package of a Pink T bone bed extender and a Pink kayak wall rack/cradles, both custom made for this event.
6th, John Ladd, with 65inches takes home two Brians Crankbaits!
Small bass winner Jacob Miles, with a 6.5inch monster lol. He takes home a smallmouth guided trip in Ashville Nc from Joel Thomas Blair and Average Bo’s Outdoors. NCKFA also donated $100 in his name for winning small bass. Thx Mark Patterson.
The big winner of the day is Janet. We were able to raise just about $2500 for her! She also was awarded a custom jersey from Personaform which “made everyone’s eyes sweat”.
Eric Moore and Chillybeat outfitted a solid amount of people in pink today!!

I can’t say thank you enough to everyone involved. The identifers were a hit! Thx Bob Mollergren. Check him out at pinkfishing.com

Anglers were pumped to get action shots from Mike Scicchitano and G.T. Fishing riding around the lake.

How about food!!! Luke Britz made some amazing BBQ, beans, slaw, and dessert for everyone!!!

Adam Fillmore for always having an open door for us!

boobs 3rdboobs 2ndboobs 1tboob romeroboobs 4thboobs 5thboobs 6thboobs cbboobs bizzboobs astralboobs 412boobs docboobs groupboobs personaboobs red fishboobs ray bansboobs reelboobs swoleboobs small bassboobs toweslFIshing for boobsboobs winnerspink QCKBFboobs TSjoellogo



Event 3 Lake Wylie NC/SC 49 Anglers.

49 ppl april

Big day for the club today. Once again set a new attendance record, and….we topped 40 people in the AOY RACE which means we will qualify the top 15 for the championship event.

full standings april

Huge thank you to all of our amazing sponsors! Big shout out to Adam Fillmore for opening up the shop at 5am, and letting 50 guys take over all morning and all afternoon. Hunt fish paddle rocks!

TS aprilTrueSouth Custom Lures

YA AprilYakAttack

Brians aprilBrian’s Crank Baits

FS aprilFatSack

412 april412 Baits

BB aprilBending Branches

Manley aprilManley Rods

BP aprilBerleyPro

Congrats to Saturday Mel with a 73 inch limit worth $684 and $25 of Fatsack added cash. He also won $25 to HFP and a free haircut with Keith Faulkenberry at lake side barbers.

1st aprilFS april

2nd went to Timmy Thao, with 70.75 worth $410.

2nd april

3rd in the throwback jersey Kevin Wilkinson with 70.25 worth $273.

3rd april

4th went to the commish with 69in worth $140.

4th april

5th goes to Matthew Sandefur with 68.75 worth $100.

5th april

6th to Lowell Brannan, with 68.5 and he takes home $80.

6th april

7th and rounding out the cash spots goes to Stewart Venable with 68.5 worth $40! He also won small bass earning him another $80!!

HOW april7th april

Congrats to all the money makers!

Patrick  Hall wins big bass with a 21.5inch Wylie stud winning him $240, and he takes the lead for the QCKBF replica mount from Tom Lyons. big bass april



Event 2 : Lake Wateree 47anglers

Group March47 Anglers!


Personaform got us looking good!!! jerzey march

Well, I must say, I had an amazing weekend. Got to camp out with 10 crazy fisherman on Friday night in prep for the Lake Wateree event. Wow, a crazy group of guys, we got to pre-fish, eat, laugh, hang out and just relax. I loved it.
Then 5am rolled in, with rain and humidity and it was tourney time. Got set up, and was kind of surprised at the amount of people rolling in. We hit 47 anglers today, a new club high, and we had our first “youngin” fish, 13 yrs old I believe. He fished his behind off and finished just out of the money earning him a $25 Chillybeat gift card. Congrats Easton and Cody.

chillybeat marchchillybeat 2 march
First place with a solid limit as always went to Tim Sabella earning him $648.1st march 2nd went to Derrick Hood, earning him $388. 2nd march

3rd went to Ed Ritchie, earning him $259. Ed also won the Bending Branches Paddle Raffle!!!  3rd marchbbmarch

4th Saturday Mel took home $140. 4thmarch

5th, Robert Sinker, took home $100, and donated all of it to Janet Moss, for the fishing with boobs event.6th march

6th John Ladd took home $805th march and rounding out the cash spots was

Greg Donlin, getting his $40 back. 7th march
Fun day, with many different styles of fishing producing fish. Beds, points, docks, rocks , grass, top water. It was a great day to be out. Big thank you to all of our sponsors.
QCKBF is growing and I love it. Let’s break 50 next month, April 16th at lake wylie.

HOW winner marchOur small bass and Hero’s on the Water winner, Jesse!


ts marchD.J with a TrueSouth Custom lure prize package!

manley rod march Andy with a sweet Manley Rod

briansmarchGreg with a nice Brian’s Crank bait Package!

yakattack marchMatt with a YakAttack win!

big bass fish march Chris’s Big Bass.

bigbass marchChris was able to take home $230 for winning Big Bass with a solid 20.5incher.

hfpChris and Tim each winning $25 gift cards to Hunt Fish Paddle!

EVENT 1:Lookout Shoals.

QCKBF group feb 20th

Event one of season 2 was this weekend on a cold and very muddy Lookout Shoals.  Weather looked promising, calling for a mix of sun and clouds with highs around 65 degrees.  Pre-fishing had proved to be tough for many of the anglers, with most un able to catch a bass.  With it being a winter event, and the lake in such bad condition, I was not sure how many anglers would come out.  When I rolled in at 7:30am, and the parking lot had kayaks already lined up, waiting for check in and a 9am launch, I looked at my wife and said, wow, its going to be a big day.  About an hour later, when wrapping check in up, we had totaled 43 anglers!!! This was the highest turnout for a QCKBF event yet!! Fishing was as expected, very hard.  At the end of the day at 5pm, we checked in 40 skunks!! Only 3 people had caught fish, and they each only caught one bass!! Joel Thomas Blair was able to lock up a first place victory with a chunk 20.5incher, winning him 1st, big bass and little bass pot.  He was the only angler in the Hero’s on the Water side pot to catch a bass.  He earned a total of $1073!!!! joel feb 20th

Second place went to Saturday Mel, who landed a nice 17.25incher 5 min into the event.  He took home a total of $464.

sat mel feb 20th 

Third went to John Ladd who ended up catching a 16incher late in the day, which earned him $309.

john ladd 3rd feb 20th

Spirits at weigh in were high.  All the skunks and people were still laughing and joking with each other.  This is an amazing thing we have going and I cant wait until March 26th on Lake Wateree!!  We raised a total of $95 for Hero’s on the Water this month!   Id like to give a big shout out to all of our amazing sponsors!! Brians Crank Baits

Manley Rods

Bending Branches

412 Baits

True South

Lake Side Barbers, Chillybeat, and Hunt Fish Paddle.



2015 Stats

2015 Champion was John Ladd

2015 Angler of the Year was Vinny Ferreri

2015 Top 10 anglers:

1.Vinny Ferreri

2.Buster Swisher

3.TJ Worrell

4. Tim Sabella

5. Kevin Wilkinson

6. John Ladd

7. Luke Britz

8. Phil Thompson

9. Chris Gravley

10. Mike Yang

We had over 60 anglers come out and fish the trail.  We averaged 28 anglers per event.