—You must sign a liability waiver.

— You must use a QCKBF ID Card. This is available for print under the files tab on the Facebook page. The ID card can be color or Black and White. Incorrect ID card will result in the fish being disqualified.

— W9’s must be filled out in order to receive award money totaling over $599 for the season.

— Under 18 years of age need a parent’s signature each event in order to compete.

—You must be present at CHECK OUT/WEIGH IN to be eligible for points, prizes, or payment, unless an emergency comes up, or stated prior to the event. (This will be determined by the Director.) Ryan will require you to verbally check in with him at weigh in.

—The tournament director has final say if an angler can or cannot fish the event.

—You must launch at the appropriate ramps during a tournament. Failure to do so will result in DQ. You must CHECK IN on the Tourney X app to verify launching location. Failure to check in will result in a DQ.

— If you launch at 1 ramp, take out, and re launch at a new ramp, you must CHECK OUT and re CHECK IN on the Tourney X app.

—All state laws and any regulations specific to the body of water we are fishing must be followed, including PFD rules, whistle rules, and light rules.

Fishing in areas deemed off limits
or not having a valid fishing license will result in disqualification. SC AND NC WATERS WILL BE FISHED

North Carolina:
North Carolina requires anyone younger than 13 to wear an appropriate life vest when on a recreational vessel that is underway. Anyone riding a personal watercraft or being towed by one must also wear an appropriate life vest.
Both state and federal regulations require that a Type I, II or III personal flotation device in good condition and of appropriate size be accessible for each person onboard a recreational vessel, including canoes, kayaks, rowboats and other non-motorized craft. (Sailboards, racing shells, rowing sculls, racing canoes and racing kayaks are exempt from this requirement.)
“Accidents can happen quickly and without warning,” said Major Chris Huebner of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and the state’s boating safety coordinator. “In those situations, there often isn’t time to grab a life
vest and put it on properly before you are in the water. The best reparation is to wear it whenever you are underway. A life vest can be a life saver when it’s worn. It also gives you the ability to assist others who may be in

South Carolina:
All boats must have a US Coast Guard approved wearable type PFD for each person on board or being towed. Each PFD must be in good condition, readily available and the proper size for the intended wearer. In addition, boats 16 feet in length or longer must carry a Type IV throwable device. In South Carolina, any person under twelve years of age must wear a US Coast Guard approved Type I, II, III, or V PFD when on board a class “A” (less than 16 ft. long) boat
— I encourage you to wear your PFD at all times.
— 4 fish limit. 12 inch minimum. (Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass and Small mouth bass.
Fish must be caught during tournament times, and in the lake we are fishing, which will be stated
prior to the event. If found you caught fish prior to the event, and turned them in for scoring, you will be Disqualified and banned from QCKBF.
—Only paddle or pedal powered kayak or canoe allowed. Blue Sky is legal, Bi yak is legal. No electric motors or sails permitted. If any motor or sail is used, you will be disqualified. No exceptions.
—No Towing, unless injury, handicap, or loss of paddle/drive system. Towing without these reasons will result in a disqualification of all anglers involved.
—No live bait, or prepared bait permitted, artificial only. If live bait is used, you will be disqualified.
—No more than two lines in the water at one time. Trolling is permitted. More than 2 lines in the water will result in a disqualification.
—Each angler must catch and land their fish inside their kayak without assistance. No wade or bank fishing. If caught wade fishing, or receiving assistance, you will be disqualified. You must be in your kayak when taking your picture and your kayak must be in the picture.
—Fish caught within ½” of each other will need to have distinct characteristics that prove they are not the same fish, to be scored. TD will make the final decision.
—Fish will be measured to the nearest ¼ inch, last touched line. If the fish in laying in-between lines, judge’s discretion will be used, but extra length should not be expected. To eliminate any issues, make sure the tail is touching a line.
— ENTIRE fish must be visible in the picture. If the head or tail is cut off, fish will not be scored.
—Your QCKBF identifier must be present in the picture. No identifier, No fish. Full ID CODE must be visible.
—Any picture of a fish with anything under the gill plate will not be scored.
— The only restraining device allowed is a clip, or hook/lure used to catch the fish. No bands, tie downs, tape, etc. Any use of other tie downs will result in the fish being Dq’ed.
— The left eye of the fish must be in the photograph or the fish will not be scored. 100% of the eye must be visible. If your finger is covering the eye or some of the eye, no score will be given. If your fish has no left eye, a video must be taken of the fish moving/swimming away, showing the eye.
—Ruler Rules:
Starting March 1st 2020 we will be allowing both the Hawg Trough and the Metal Ketch board, 26 and 32inch boards. In 2021 we will be banning the Hawg and only allowing the Ketch metal.
— HAWG trough must have a standard YELLOW or WHITE bump, along with yellow or white first 3 inches of the board. If you use a custom color after that white or yellow portion, you understand the risk that comes with it. I judge PICTURES, not fish.
—Your Hawg Trough MUST have a black line at the bump. No line will be a .25” penalty per fish.
—If the fish is not touching the bump on the board, a minimum of 1 inch penalty will be given, and any further penalty is at the judge’s discretion.
—If the tail is flipped up in the picture, the TD will make the ruling on the last touched line on the board.
—-All bass are to be released before tournament’s ending time. If you are found keeping black bass species after tournament times, you will receive a disqualification.
—Pictures must be submitted to Tourney X by the last submission time. If you have service or upload issues you must be present in person at the weigh in desk BY THE LAST SUBMISSION TIME. No adjustments will be made after the last submission time unless needed by the director.
— Tournaments start and end times will vary, and will be announced prior to the event.
—Mouth must be closed, with fish facing left. The left side of the fish must be facing up. Tail can be pinched or in a natural position. A deduction of .5” will be taken for an open mouth.
ANY AMOUNT OF OPEN WILL BE A PENALTY. WE WILL NOT HAVE A PARTIAL RULE. OPEN is defined as being able to see the board/line through the lips. CLOSED is defined as the tip of the upper lip in contact (no gap) with the lower lip. Deformed fish will be judged the same way.
Picture angle is very important. We are looking for overhead, centered pictures. Belly up angle is no good, and pictures facing down towards the bump/left, are no good. If a judge cannot see the tips of both lips touching closed due to an angle issue, you can/will be penalized for open mouth. .5”. Centered—Camera lens positioned directly over the center of the fish’s body, which contributes to accurate measurement by judges. Photos taken at a low angle in order obscure an open mouth may be penalized at the Tournament Director’s discretion. If the directors or judges feel, you are trying to gain any advantage by manipulating a scoring device, with bend, cut, breaks, etc. Any manipulation, you will be disqualified and not be welcome back in the club.


• All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship,
courtesy and conservation and to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, sponsors, QCKBF, QCKBF sponsors, and the sport of fishing as well as QCKBF’s efforts to promote the sport. Conduct not complying with these standards includes, but is not limited to, the following: o Any words, conduct or actions reflecting unfavorably upon efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition and compliance with tournament rules. Perfect Measurement. Mouth closed, overhead, center, tail seen on line, ID.
Open Mouth. ½ inch penalty, no line at bump, another ¼ inch.
Belly Up angle. No good. Penalty could be given.
Belly up and angle facing left.
Belly up and angle facing left.
— We will use Tourney X in 2020. Please have the app downloaded. You must register for the event on the app. Payment for the app is included in your entry fee. You must “check in” on the app at your ramp to verify you are launching from a legal location.
—Ties of the 4-fish limit, will be settled with the angler with largest bass finishing ahead. In the case of an exact tie of all fish, the time submitted will break the tie. First to submit all bass in question wins. The large bass competition will follow the same rules, next biggest fish. The small bass pot will split the pot in the event of a tie. The highest finishing angler will win the plaque. Small bass may begin measurement at the 8 inch line on the Hawg Trough. The Ketch board can measure as normal. An open mouth will add ½ inch in the small bass competition. Small bass will be judged on site. Not on Tourney X.
—It is expected that you fish at least 100 yards away from another angler unless you have
spoken to that angler. Please make your best effort to not cut anyone off. This is a curtesy rule.
—Regular season events have no pre-fishing laws. You may pre-fish from any watercraft, up until 12:00am of the date of the event.
— The TOC lake/ramp, will be assigned for 2020. Pre fishing will not be allowed starting in OCT 2020.
—The 2020 TOC will be a two-day event. 1 lake. 4 fish per day.
— The Fish Off lake/ramp will be drawn the Thursday evening prior to the event. The Lake is closed on the Friday before the event. If you are caught on the lake you will be DQ from the Fish off.
— If you are the only qualified Fish Off angler, you will have 8 hours on the drawn lake to catch a limit. If you catch a limit, you will qualify for TOC. No limit, no qualification.
—Anglers may share info prior, during, and after any event.
—TermsLaunch- Pedal or paddle away from the ramp.
Lines in- first cast time
Lines out- No more fishing
Last Submission- all pictures must be submitted in the app or live in person at the table.
—Entry fee is $58 per tournament. This includes the $3 Pay Pal fee and the $5 Tourney X fee.
—Big bass is optional and will be $5 per tournament.
—Small bass is optional and will be $5 per tournament.
AOY/TOC Entry fee will be $40. This is optional but you cannot qualify for angler of the year,
or the championship without being a member. In 2020, you must be a member to win year-long
prizes as well. This can be paid at any time, but events fished prior to paying will not count towards your yearly score. You must also be a paid member to fish in the online monthly events we host.
—If you cash in 2020, you will need to fill out a W9. If you refuse to fill out a W9 you will forfeit the cash. If you earn over $600 in 2020, you will be issued a 1099 at the end of the season.
Tournament of Champions Qualification (TOC)
Must be a paid member. $40, one-time fee.
The top 20* (+) anglers will qualify for a TOC in October 2020. This will be a point system format.

Tournament of Champions Points System
First Place = 300 points
2nd-5th- Minus 5 points (295,290,285,280
6th-10th- Minus 4 points (276, 272, 268, 264, 260)
11th-15th Minus 3points (257,254,251,248,245)
16th and lower, Minus 2 points.
No points for people who do not catch a fish, or weigh in.
No Big Bass Points
No bonus Points.
Only your best 7 finishes will be scored toward the TOC. Those 7 scores will be added together for your total points score. In the event of a tie, the total inches caught during the seven events scored will determine the TOC standings.
The top point earners will fish in the TOC in Oct 2020. The top 3 will cash (60/30/10) and the winner will take home the TOC QCKBF trophy.
You will auto qualify if you win an event, and fish 7 qualifying events.
Anglers fishing 7 events, and finishing in places 21-25 in TOC standings will qualify for the fish off.
If you fish 7 events, and finish top 4 at least once you will qualify for the fish off, regardless of final standings.
Top 2 anglers of the fish off will earn an entry into the TOC!!!

All rules above apply, plus:
—No need to “check in”
— Must be a paid member. $40.
—NO point system or championship qualification.
—Only North Carolina and South Carolina public waters are legal.
—You must legally launch at the appropriate water during a tournament. Failure to do so will result in DQ. Your ramp/launch and water must be PUBLIC.
—Entry fee is $53 per tournament, and includes big bass.
2-10 angler, Winner take all.
11-20 anglers top 2 paid out 70% 30%
21-30 anglers top 3 paid out. 50% 30% 20%
31-40 anglers, top 4 paid out. 50% 30% 20% $100
41-50 anglers, top 5 paid out 50% 30% 20% $150 $100
51-60 anglers, top 6 paid out. 50% 30% 20% $225 $150 $100
Big bass wins a free entry into the next online event.

^^^^Cheating will result in a permanent ban from all future QCKBF events.^^^^
I started this club because I love to fish tournaments. The tournament directors will compete alongside all the anglers for money, prizes and AOY, etc. Our identifier numbers will be given at random from the other anglers, or the Tourney X app the morning of the tournament. We will not score our own fish. Our pictures will be available for all anglers to see. Tournament director (Vincent Ferreri) will have final say in judging pictures. Any concerns should be brought up prior to payout that day. This is a live document and can be updated as needed.

Last updated 3/5/2020