Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing LLC Rules

  1. Participation and Membership
    • You must sign a liability waiver. This will be completed as you sign up on the Tourney
    X Pro app.
    • You will need the Tourney X pro app, and PayPal. All payments, in and out, will be
    done via PayPal at qckayakbassfishing@gmail.com
    • Under 18 years of age need a parent’s signature at each event to compete.
    • The tournament director has final say if an angler can or cannot fish the event.
    • You must launch at the appropriate ramps during a tournament and must use an eventlisted ramp to take out. Failure to do so will result in DQ. We would like you to CHECK
    IN on the Tourney X app prior to launching, to verify launching location, and for safety
    reasons. Check in will help clear up any potential questions about your location.
    • If you launch at one ramp, take out, and re launch at a new ramp, please communicate
    with the judges.
    • Membership is a one-time optional $45 fee. This membership is only required if you are
    interested in qualifying for the Angler of the Year race, The Championship qualification,
    yearly awards, team events, Elite Series, divisional events, or the monthly Online Events.
    Membership lasts from Jan 1st
  • Dec 31st each year. No points or finishes count prior to
    • Paying for an event does not mean you fished the event. We expect angler responsibility
    and integrity. If you pay, but did not fish the event, please let us know so it does not
    count as one of your AOY events.
    • We will offer refunds until launch time of the event. You must contact the director prior
    to launch time to get a refund.

2. State Laws
• All state laws and any regulations specific to the body of water that we are fishing must
be followed, whistle rules, and light rules. Fishing in areas deemed off limits or not
having a valid fishing license will result in disqualification. SC AND NC WATERS
• You must have a valid fishing license for the body of water we are fishing. North and
South Carolina licenses are not reciprocal.
• PFD must be a class III and must be worn and fastened at all times while on the water.
Inflatable vests are legal, but are not considered class III unless they are being worn.
No Belts pfds will be allowed.

3. Picture taking and submissions.
• Unhinged, Metal Ketch Boards are the only legal measuring device. The Ketch X is the
preferred ruler.
You can purchase at https://ketchproducts.com/. Use Code QCKBF10 for a discount.
• Each digital photo must be a first-generation image (not a photo or screenshot of another
photo/video). Violation will result in picture disqualification.
• You must use a QCKBF ID Card. This is available for print under the files tab on the
Facebook page. The ID card can be color or Black and White. Incorrect ID card will
result in the fish being disqualified.
• Tin ID cards are legal as well.
• Your QCKBF identifier must be present in the picture. No identifier, No fish. Full ID
CODE must be visible. Partial ID code will result in the picture not being accepted.
• The fish’s mouth must be closed completely, with fish facing left. The left side of the fish
must be facing up. Tail can be pinched or in a natural position. A deduction of .5” will be
taken for an open mouth. ANY AMOUNT OF OPEN WILL BE A PENALTY. WE
WILL NOT HAVE A PARTIAL RULE. Deformed fish will be judged the same way.
• 4 fish limits. 12 inch minimum. (Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass and Small mouth
bass. Fish must be caught during tournament times, and in the lake, we are fishing,
which will be stated prior to the event. If found you caught fish prior to the event, and
turned them in for scoring, you will be Disqualified and banned from QCKBF.
• If a penalty brings the total length below 12 inches, the fish will not count.
• Fish caught within ½” of each other will need to have distinct characteristics that prove
they are not the same fish. TD will make the final decision.
• Measurement is to the nearest ¼ inch, last touched line. If the fish in laying in-between
lines, judge’s discretion will be used, but extra length should not be expected. To
eliminate any issues, make sure the tail is touching a line.
• ENTIRE fish must be visible in the picture. If the head or tail is cut off, in the picture,
the fish will not be scored.
• Please avoid having your finger or hand under the hard bone of the gill plate. If we judge
your hand or finger under the gill plate with intent to push the fish to the bump, or close
the mouth, this fish will be disqualified.
• Panfish clips (metal clip) are the only allowed restraining device allowed in a picture. It
may not run under the gill plate. Anything under the gill plate will result in the picture
being disqualified. A hook in the mouth is not legal and considered a restraining device.
• The left eye of the fish must be in the photograph, or the fish will not be scored. 100% of
the eye must be visible. If your finger is covering the eye or some of the eye, no score
will be given. If your fish has no left eye, a video must be taken of the fish
moving/swimming away, showing the fish alive. If a video is not provided, the fish will
not count.
• If the fish is not touching the bump on the board, a minimum of a 1inch penalty will be
given, and any further penalty is at the judge’s discretion.
• If the tail is flipped up in the picture, not touching on the ruler, the TD will make the
ruling on the last touched line on the board.
• All bass are to be released before the tournament end time.
• If the directors or judges feel, you are trying to gain any advantage by manipulating a
scoring device, with bend, cut, breaks, etc. Any manipulation of the board to help
increase length, or the fish, you will be disqualified and not be welcome back in the club.
• Pictures must be submitted to Tourney X by the last submission time. It is angler
responsibility to find service withing the provided extra hour.
• You must release your previous catch before casting again. If you are holding fish before
casting again, you will be disqualified.
• Small bass submissions are sent to the director prior to LAST CAST time.
(Picture angle is very important. We are looking for overhead, centered pictures. Belly up angle
is no good, and pictures facing down towards the bump/left, are no good. If a judge cannot see
the tips of both lips touching closed due to an angle issue, you can/will be penalized for open

4. Legal Watercraft
• This is a man powered fishing club. Only paddle or pedal powered kayak, canoe, or SUP
are legal. No electric motors or sails permitted. If any motor or sail is used, you will be
disqualified. No exceptions.
• No Towing, unless injury, handicap, or loss of paddle/drive system. Towing without
these reasons will result in a disqualification of all anglers involved. If you are involved
in a towing incident, please inform the judges ASAP.

5. Fishing methods
• You are only permitted to fish with rod and reel. Fly fishing is permitted.
• No intentional foul hooking will be permitted. If you are bed/sight fishing, the hook must
be in the fish’s mouth to be submitted.
• It is expected that you fish at least 50 yards away from another angler unless you have
spoken to that angler. Please make your best effort to not cut anyone off. This is a curtesy
rule. If you are not first to a spot, it is no longer your spot.
• Each angler must catch and land their fish inside their kayak without assistance. No
wade or bank fishing. If caught wade fishing, or receiving assistance, you will be
disqualified. You must be in your kayak when taking your picture and your kayak must
be in the picture. No portaging over or around objects.
• Only artificial lures and biodegradable artificial lures may be used. No live bait,
preserved bait, or prepared bait will be permitted during competition, with the exception
of pork strips or rinds. Violation will result in disqualification from the Event.
• Only ONE casting, spin-casting, spinning, or fly rod and reel may be in use at any one
time. A hung lure (one snagged in an overhanging tree or any object) is considered in use
and the attached rod and reel may not be set aside while another is in use.
• Trolling is permitted up to one rod. More than one line in the water will result in a
• No portaging or dragging around objects. You must be able to PADDLE or PEDAL to
your spot. You may not leave the kayak to move around an object.

6. Tiebreakers and Terminology
• Ties of the 4-fish limit will be settled with the angler with largest bass finishing ahead. In
the case of an exact tie of all four fish, the time submitted will break the tie. First angler
to submit all four bass in question wins. The large bass competition will follow the same
rules, next biggest fish will earn the Big Bass. The small bass pot will split the pot in the
event of a tie. The highest finishing angler will win the plaque. An open mouth will add
½ inch in the small bass competition. Small bass will be judged on the directors device,
not on Tourney X. This fish will not be counted towards your limit. You will submit this
bass via FB messenger or text to the director.
• Season Long awards tie breakers: (You must be a member for season long awards)
Big Bass tie is broken by the next big bass
Small bass is broken by the highest finishing angler in the yearly standings
Most Top 10s tie is broken by the highest finishing angler in the yearly standings
Biggest limit tie is broken by the next biggest limit submitted.
Most improved angler- Must have been a 2022 paid member and fished 7 trail events in

Winner is determined by largest gain in AOY standings with the tiebreaker being
point differential from 2022-2023.
• TOC – Tournament of Champions
• AOY – Angler of the Year
• Fish Off- a wildcard event to qualify for the TOC. Must qualify for this.
• Launch- When you can pedal/paddle away from the ramp. If you pedal/paddle away prior
to launch time, anglers have been informed to get a picture of you and your kayak, you
will be disqualified.
• Lines in- The time you can make your first cast. If you cast prior to first cast, anglers
have been informed to get a picture of you and your kayak, you will be disqualified.
• Lines out/ Last picture taken by- the time the picture must be taken before. Once the hour
changes, no pictures will count. For example: By 3:00 pm means last picture must be
taken by 2:59:59.
• Last Submission time- all pictures must be submitted in the app prior to this time. For
example, Last submission by 4:00pm, means nothing after 3:59:59 will be accepted.

7. Payouts and Entry Fee’s
• The Entry fee is $65.
• Small bass is optional and is $5.
• Elite side pot is optional and is $75.
• Membership is $45 and is optional, but needed for TOC, AOY, Fish Off, Yearly awards,
Elite Events, team events, divisional events, and online events.
• All fees are paid on PayPal as you register through the Tourney X Pro App.
• Payouts are done via PayPal within 24 hours of the events ending.
• If you earn over $599 you will need to fill out a W9 before payment.
• If you earn $599 you will be sent a 1099 at the end of the season.
• You must be present at CHECK OUT/WEIGH IN to be eligible for raffle prizes.
• No weigh in location will be required if we do a “virtual” weigh in.

8. Tournament of Champions Qualification (TOC) and Fish Off
• Must be a paid member
• The top 25* (+) anglers will qualify for a TOC. This will be a point system format.
First Place = 300 points
2nd-5th- Minus 5 points (295,290,285,280)
6th-10th- Minus 4 points (276, 272, 268, 264,260)
11th-15th Minus 3points (257,254,251,248,245
16th and lower, Minus 2 points
• You must submit a fish to earn points. No bonus points for participation, big bass, small
bass, etc.
• Only your best 7 finishes will be scored toward the TOC. Those 7 scores will be added
together for your total points score. In the event of a tie, the total inches caught during the
seven events scored will determine the TOC standings.
• The top point earner is crowned the AOY. Top 7 events.
• The top 25-point earners will fish in the TOC. The top 3 in that event will cash
(60%/30%/10%) You will auto qualify if you win an event, and fish 7 qualifying events.
• Anglers finishing in places 26-30 in TOC standings will qualify for the fish off.
(Membership required)
• If you fish seven events, and finish top five at least once you will qualify for the Fish Off,
regardless of final standings. (Membership required)
• 2 anglers from the Southern and Western Divisions will also qualify for the Fish Off.
• Top 2 anglers of the fish off will earn an entry into the TOC!!!
• The TOC Lake will be a 2-day event with a multi launch format.
• The TOC Lake will be OFF LIMITS starting October 1
st, 2023.
• The Fish Off Lake is closed the 5 days before the event. If you are caught on the lake,
you will be DQ from the Fish off.
• If only one or two anglers attend the event, you will have 8 hours on the drawn lake to
catch a limit. If you catch a limit, you will qualify for TOC. No limit, no qualification.

9. Online Events
• All rules above must be followed.
• Must be a paid member. $45.
• NO point system or championship qualification.
• We will run two events per month. One for all North Carolina public waters and public
access points, and one for all South Carolina public waters and public access points.
• Only North Carolina and South Carolina public waters are legal. Lakes that split state
borders will be allowed.
• You must legally launch at the appropriate water during a tournament. Failure to do so
will result in DQ. Your ramp/launch and water must be PUBLIC.
• Entry fee is $45 per tournament and includes big bass.
2-10 angler, Winner takes all.
11-20 anglers top 2 paid out 70% 30%
21-30 anglers top 3 paid out. 50% 30% 20%
31-40 anglers, top 4 paid out. 50% 30% 20% $100
41-50 anglers, top 5 paid out 50% 30% 20% $150 $100
51-60 anglers, top 6 paid out. 50% 30% 20% $225 $150 $100
Big bass wins a free entry into the next online event.

10. Team Division
• The Team Division is back for 2023
• You must be a paid member.
• You must be entered into the trail event before you can enter the team side.
• Entry is $300 per team for the full season.
• One partner for the season and both partners must fish to earn points.
• Each angler will submit two bass per event.
• Each event will pay the winning team.
• TOC point system is the same. 7/10 events will count.
• TOC event will bring the top teams and they will fight for the running 2023
team purse.
2-10 Teams, we will take Two teams to the TOC
11-15 Teams, we will take Three Teams.
16-20 Teams, we will take Four Teams.
21-25 Teams we will take Five Teams.

SPORTSMANSHIP • All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship,
courtesy and conservation and to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to
themselves, sponsors, QCKBF, QCKBF sponsors, and the sport of fishing as well as QCKBF’s
efforts to promote the sport. Conduct not complying with these standards includes, but is not
limited to, the following: o Any words, conduct or actions reflecting unfavorably upon efforts to
promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition and compliance with tournament rules. Anglers
agree to a lie detector test by fishing any QCKBF event.

^^^^Cheating will result in a permanent ban from all future QCKBF events. ^^^^
I started this club because I love to fish tournaments. The tournament directors will compete
alongside all the anglers for money, prizes and AOY, etc. Our identifier numbers will be given at
random from the other anglers, or the Tourney X app the morning of the tournament. We will not
score our own fish. Our pictures will be available for all anglers to see. Tournament director
(Vincent Ferreri) will have final say in judging pictures. Any concerns should be brought up
prior to payout that day. This is a live document and will be updated as needed.