Event 2 Lake Norman Presented by Denver Tackle Co.

2021 Event 2 on Lake Norman was something else. Denver Tackle Co. brought us back, and mother nature tried to kick us out. It was awesome being up in Mooresville NC. Visit Mooresville is awesome to work with and what a great city. It was cold, windy, and rainy all day today. It never got out of the 30s, and the rain only let up for an hour or two all day. Anglers mental toughness was tested, along with their rain gear. Most of the gear failed today. Numerous anglers reported getting butt naked at the parking lot and changing into warm clothes, myself included. The 2021 season weather needs to change, but numbers are again on the rise. We had another triple digit event today with 108 angers battling the nasty weather. The bite seemed to be feast or famine, with a few great bags coming in, but also 50 skunks being reported. 27 limits hit the board, which was more than many anticipated. We had 18 teams competing in the NeoGenix Team Division, and 9 anglers entered the Elite Side Pot. Once anglers found a dry spot to upload, this is what we had! Chris Goodwin continues his dominance and takes home $1560 for his 74.5 inches.His partner was right behind him, (maybe pun intended) in 2nd place with 71 inches worth $890. They also took home the team win this month.3rd place brings back Mr. Always Cashin Tim Sabella with 70.75inches worth $725.4th place sees Mr. PC Hawj jump back into the game with 69.75 in and takes home $565.Rounding out the top 5, and winning the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass, Teng Vue, with 68in anchored by a 20.25 worth a total of $760!!6th place and taking home the Elite Win, Fat Larry. Jason had 67.75 worth a total of $903!! Joseph Gman, you need a cut.7th place was a new QCKBF member, but long time pain in the…I mean Kayaker, Adam Fillmore. 66in takes home $280.8th place with 64.75, Trent Davis takes home $225.9th place and still running hot, Jeremy Heath with 64.75 worth $170. Tyler Smith lands in 10th with 64.5 and wins $130.Yee Hang proves lake James was not a mistake, and he is here to play. 11th place for $100 with 64in.CG aka Chris Gravely comes back to QC with a 12th place finish worth a free Santee Entry.Skip Lohmeyer takes home the Yak Bass’n Small Bass award worth $305 with his 8.25 incher.March 6th will be here before we know it. Get signed up for Event 3 Santee Cooper, aka Jurassic Park, presented by My Man Handy Man. We will have an optional weigh in for this event at Blacks Fish Camp. All info is posted in the event page! If you need anything, let me know!

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Event 1 Lake James Presented by Cornerstone Comfort

What an amazing day today. We kicked off the 2021 season on Lake James and we had 110 anglers come join Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing today. The season is off to a great start with over 130 paid members, and big money being paid out today. Full recap standings and fancy sheets will post at 10:30pm. For now, the quick recap:The Lake James Cornerstone Comfort standings:
1st- Yee Hang– 67.25- $1400
2nd- Jeremy Heath– 61.25- $800
3rd- Chris Goodwin– 61 – $690
4th- Matt Hawj– 59.75- $520
5th- Fat Larry– 57.25- $395
6th- Austin Vang– 57- $300
7th- Mark Wilkins– 47.25- $280
8th- Josh Toney– 45.75- $230
9th- Jay Park– 39.75- $170
10th- Kyle Yonce– 32.25- $130
11th- Frankie Wolfe– 31.25- $100
12th- Antwan Little– 31- Free Lake Norman Entery
Elite Side pot win- Commish. $405
Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass- Rick Zipp– 20- $360
Yak Bass’n Small Bass- Jeremy Heath– 11.5- $225
NeoGenix Team Win- Nick Huddleston and Jay Park– 57.25- $100
We had 6 limits. 69 skunks. 110 anglers with 99 fish submitted. Lake Norman on Feb 13th, lets go it again! I see 150 in the near future!!

Live recap video – https://www.facebook.com/100006342270114/videos/2911803212374393/