QCKBF Event 7: Presented by Kayak Fishing With Christ

Well well well. Lake Wylie round two, just turned in to Buster Swisher dominates round two. We had a great crowd of 50 anglers this morning on Wylie. 8 ramps open, people all over the lake, in two states. The general feel was, limits would be small. Well…. weather was different today than anyone practiced in. Windy, windy, windy, and cloudy. The lake fished hard but still gave up some good limits and some big fish. Only 14/50 people had a limit and we had 11 skunks. Kayak Bass Series and Kayak Fishing With Christ helped make this event amazing. It was a qualifier for the KBS championship, so Buster you are qualified if you pay your membership. After all the work of fishing and kayaking, Santiago Ortega Rivera cooked up some tasty hot dogs and hamburgers for ALL OF THE ANGLERS. Thank you so much for being an awesome title sponsor.
Buster keeps his lake Wylie winner title for the 2nd time this season. He had 71.25inches and went home with $1000 and 300 points.
PC Hawj, possibly the best kayak angler I know finished 2nd with 67inches and took home $468. He again fished for free this month .
3rd went home with Richard May, 64.5in worth $312. Tyler Smith snuck in the cash this month with 63.5 and walked away with $150. Young Gunna aka Zach Clark rounds out the top 5 with 63.25in and won $120.
6th- Ryan Hulsey 62inches, $80 and won two side bets with that.
7th, commish, 59.5in, $50 but also snuck a 5.75incher in for the $390 Yak Bass’n small bass pot! 8th went home with Robby Sinker, 59.25 and he wins a free entry next month.
Our Emerald School of Excellence big bass award goes home with Chris Grant, $245 for his 21.25inch(21.75pre penalty) beast! Congrats! Our Scivation smallest limit award goes home with Kevin Wilkinson with 50.75inches. Mike Constable earned himself a free entry into the Sept event by finishing one spot higher than loud mouth Joey Randall. It only took 33.5inches to beat joey 🙄. Team event presented by Pro Image Sportsgoes home with the Commish team. Kevin and Zach take home 2nd this month. That race is tight. I’m loving the team gig.

On the KBS side of things, Buster also won another $380, and Zack took home another $100+. Ryan and Vinny each won a Manley Fishing rod for 3rd and 4th.

I’d like to give a huge shout out to anyone who helped make today awesome. You know who you are.
As always, give thanks to our club sponsors for providing deals and prizes at every event. Any angler who came to weigh in today LEFT WITH A PRIZE!!!!!

All results, and standings are posted. Out next event is a dual event raising money for a teenager in need. $2000 cash* to be paid out for 1st place*. Sept 15th on Lake Wateree. Come join us! The event will be updated tomorrow with times and ramps etc.
Questions or comments holla!!!!
If you cashed please post your pics. Your ramp pic does not need to be posted.