1st Annual Lady’s Only Event

What a fun day! The first annual Ladies event happened on Mountain Island Lake today. We had 8 women join us, and their husbands, or boyfriends joined as well. Men were not allowed to fish, just help with intel, ideas, knots, lures etc. No casting, landing, measuring, etc.

We launched at 730am, with a slight breeze and overcast skies, I think all the men figured it was game on! Well……not so much. Very little if any morning bite was reported. In fact, very little or any bite was reported all day! Hahaha. Not one angler culled today. The 3 four fish limits, all caught only 4 fish each. Every angler did catch a fish though, no skunks.

In the end, when the yelling and divorce threats settled down, Mary Ferrericame out on top! She had 49.5 inches and won by .25 inches. Mary and I had a hell of a day. Started off with a few Line Out Custom Tackle LOCTcrank bait fish, one of which got measured and one Mary dropped back into the water while clipping it. Then she loses a fish at about 10am, and then not a bite for 4 hours. She sticks a shakey head fish at 1:58pm. It gets her refocused for the last hour and she says, you got any more spots?? I take her across some deep water fish and she sticks one at 2:44pm on a TrueSouth Custom Lures 4×4. I look at her and say, one more bite in 10 min, we win…..she throws it out, boom fish on at 2:54pm. Full sprint mode to the ramp, Chris Goodwin watching us, hoping we dont make it back, but we did! She won the event in the last 6 minutes. A true “never give up” moment. Congrats lady, very proud of you.

2nd place with 49.25 inches was Team Goodwin and Melissa Switek. Congrats on a great day! Chris had her go about 10 miles in the Native Watercraft Manta Ray today! Well worth some cash, a QC certificate, and some awesome prizes!

3rd place, Team Young Gunna and Sydnee Wilcher with 46.5in. Goes home with a certificate and some prizes! Congrats!

Ashley Monroe Hearn takes home the Small bass pot, andddddddd the big bass pot!!! Wow! Not a bad day for no limit! Big bass was 15.5, small bass was 7.5. Congrats girl!!!!

Thank you to all the sponsors who made this event fun.
PersonaForm Designs will be making Mary a sweet 1 of 1 Hoodie.
Adam Fillmore a sweet Emerald School of Excellence custom rod. Every angler left with a TS lure, or LOCT lure! So amazing. Yak Bass’n donated 3 items as well, and the top 3 anglers took them home!

Then we grabbed lunch together, well, because in the end building friendships is what this is allabout.
Thank you Joey Randall, for letting us use your lake, I mean coming to weigh in and supporting us. Thank you Richard May and Jesse Steven Sylarfor coming as well!

Swisher sweet, Buster Swisher, thx for running around and making the event today. Leah Swisher, great job in 3 hours!

See you all on the 20th at MIL again. Yikes.