Event 3: Lake Norman

Its been in the works for almost a year. A huge event with the National Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series partnered up with Queen City Kayak Bass FishingAJ Mcwhorter and myself planned, talked, planned, talked more. Guessed at numbers. Guessed at winning limits. Etc Etc. All the things it takes to make these things run smoothly. Its a lot of prep work behind the scenes, a lot of give and take, a lot of understanding, patience, friendships, conversations, explaining things, but when you are working with the Gold Standard in directors, it all comes easy.

This weekend was simply amazing. It was huge for our city, our club, YOU the angler and I would like to think it was great for Hobie and Hobie anglers as well. We had the QCKBF Event 3 on Lake Norman this weekend. Denver Tackle Co. was amazing, staying open late, and helping guys with all their tackle needs. I had no idea what to expect as far as number of anglers in either side. The big goal was 200 each, but in the real world I just wanted to beat the first #QC1000 event of 96 anglers. Well, the final payment came in at 9:59pm Friday night and it put us at 132 anglers!!! I couldn’t believe it. Having big events is great, but it requires that much more to make things go perfectly. Mary Ferreri judged this weekend all by herself. I have no idea how she did it. We had 597 fish submitted on the QCKBF side. Let me type that again. 597! She did amazing and you should all thank her for what she does for us. With this club getting as large as we have, we are currently averaging 102 anglers a month (I know its double dip skewed), I have come to a decision. I am going to step away from fishing QC at this time. It may not be a forever thing, hell I may wake up and regret it, but, at this time, I have a more important job as director. I cant be the best fisherman, and the best director at the same time. My head is not in it as a fisherman. My phone never stops. I got 5 messages by 7:30 am yesterday, and I was on the water. Literally no way I can fish to the level I am used to fishing at when I have so much on my TD plate. I am going to be your director for the remainder of the season. I will be judging, available for phone calls, or texts, and anything else that may come up on game-day. I hope to have my full team of Mary and Brad Cox with me, along with Ryan Hulsey handling the computer stuff. Give Ryan a day or two to get the standings updated and posted.

With that out of the way lets talk about the event. The weather this weekend ended up being nice. Warm, not windy at all and no rain on Saturday. With public access allowed, anglers were spread out all over the huge Lake Norman. I know of anglers who fished to the northern boundary, and some at the southern most ramp. Lake Norman had it all this weekend. Mud, stain, crystal clear, along with Pre spawn and full on bed fishing. Whatever you like to do, you could have found it.

We were lucky enough to have our weigh in at the GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, North Carolina. When I sat down to verify standings, I couldn’t believe how many fish were caught, and how many limits we had, and how many 70+ inch bags we had. We always call 70 the magic number, but Norman said NO NO NO. we had 77 limits…..wow!!! We also had 6 bags over 70 inches, including a tie at the top with 72.75.

At the end of the day, we had record payouts, and Marcus Smith was the man!! He went home with $2000 which included his Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass Prize for his 21.5in giant. Congrats!!!! 2k!! WOW.

Melvin Yang smoked the bass all weekend. He tied for first in QC and lost due to a tie break. He took home second place in QC and in Hobie!!! He won $870 from QC. Chris Grant rounded out the top 3 with a 72 inch bag worth $750. His best friend Tyler Smith right there with him with 71.5 in 4th for $590. Landing in 5th was a new guy, Cameron Saxon with a 70.5inch limit, going home with $460.

6th- Mark Wilkins $375

7th- Matt Hawj $325

8th- Trent Davis $300

9th- PC Hawj $215

10th- Joey Randall $200

11th- John Ladd$170

12th- Cody Harris$130

13th- Kristine Fischer$100

14th- Nick Huddleston Free entry into Hickory.

Chase Helms took home $345 for his Yak Bass’n small bass prize with a 7.5 incher. Congrats kid!

I would like to give a huge shout out to all of the anglers who double dipped this weekend. On my quick count we had almost 50 anglers in the Hobie side. We also had our guys take home some money!! Joey RandallNick HuddlestonMark Wilkins all took home Hobie checks!!

Our next event, assuming we have no gathering shut downs from the government is April 5th, on Lake Hickory. ITS A SUNDAY.

Go give all of the QC sponsor pages some likes.

Line Out Custom Tackle LOCTTrueSouth Custom LuresYakAttackRobohawkHelms ApiaryBizz Baits412 Bait CoScared Fishless Tackle CompanySalt LifeShane’s BaitsDenver Tackle Co.. That raffle table was loaded!!

Thank you all.


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Event 2: Lake Murray Presented by River Runner

Event two was on Lake Murray today. River Runner was our event sponsor today. We had a great turnout for our first trip to Murray. 85 anglers came out for a chance at a piece of almost $4000. Mother nature has been insane for 2020. Rain, wind, floods, tornadoes. Comical at this point. Murray has anything you want. Main lake points, creeks, rocks, docks, grass, bluff walls, ledges. You name it, you can find it. That usually leads to big limits and big bass. We saw big bass come up today, but not really many limits.

The lake level rose after all of the rain on Thursday. The levels were good. The upper lake was chocolate milk, the mid-lake a nice stain and the lower lake was very clear. Anglers spread out all over the lake today. The weather today wasn’t great. It started out nice, sunny, no wind. That turned into rain, wind, waves and very cold by the end of the day. Some anglers were around boats all day, with over 300 boats on the lake today. We launched at 7:30am, first cast was at 8am, and last cast was 4pm.

Of the 85 anglers today, we had 42 skunks and only 3 limits!!!! 85 anglers….3 limits… wow!

As always, someone always finds them. This month it was David Golding going home with $1140 with 69inches anchored by a 21.25 giant. Congrats D.G.

Right on his tail was PC Hawj with 68.25inches. He took home $715!

3rd place was the reigning AOY Chris Goodwin with 63.25 worth $570.

Fourth was Jared Kimak with 58.75 inches anchored by the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass at 22.5inches. That fish earned him $290, and a free Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series entry fee. Another $235 value. With 4th and big bass, Jared won $730.

Rounding out the top 5 was Shane Mackey, with his first-ever QC cash!! 53 inches paid $305.

Lowell Brannan took 6th with 51.25 for $205

Chase Helms aka Honey Boy took 7th with his first-ever cash. He had 50.5 for $175.

Larry Wood won 8th with 50.25 and the Yak Bass’n small bass award with a 12incher, for a total of $345.

Nick Huddleston aka lost a 20, rounded out the cash spots with a 9th place finish worth $100 with 46.25in. Ryan Hulsey gets the free entry into the next event with 10th!

Congrats to all those who cashed and took home some huge The Angler Magazine Charlotte NC AOY points!

A huge thank you to our sponsors for always filling the table for giveaways.

Our next event is huge. We are co-hosting the Hobie event on the great Lake Norman. Denver Tackle Co. is pumped to be sponsoring this event!! I am expecting the QCKBF side to break 100 anglers, and the Hobie side to max out at 200. Let’s make it happen!!! Both events are open on TourneyX.com.

Questions or comments let me know!! Thank you all for a great start to 2020.

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Event 1: Lake Wylie Presented by Rusty Hooks Bait and Tackle

What a kickoff event for season 6. The 2020 season started today on Lake Wylie. Rusty Hooks Bait and Tackle was our sponsor for the event and out host. David Winters provided some amazing food at the weigh-in and of course a roof for us during the incoming storm.
The start of 2020 has been amazing. We have shown tremendous growth again this season. We have almost 100 paid members, and we had 89 anglers come fish event 1 today. That is an outstanding number. It was great getting back into it with the same old veterans and it was an awesome experience getting to meet so many new guys.
Overall the fishing was tough today. The lake changed colors like 50x this week. Went from high, too low, to lower to high and then low haha. Fish were scattered and even the anglers who took home checks today didn’t catch many fish. Of the 89 angler field, we only had 15 limits, and we had 28 skunks with another 21 only catching 1 fish. Despite a rough day on the water for most, some fried chicken at the shop had most anglers in a good mood. The Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation came out and showed some love for QCKBF today as well!
We had some big limits up top, and some huge payouts as well. Greg Donlin was the big dog today. He took first with 75 inches and also won the Emerald School of Excellence big bass with a 20.25. He took home $1445!!!! Wow
Second place also broke 70 inches! Chris Goodwin took home $750 for his 70.25inches.
Third place, landed on 70 and Tim Sabella Took home $600.
Fourth Place went to Mr. 2x Champ Matt Hawj with 65.25 worth $470.
Fifth place worth $330 went home with Tracy Stanford with his 65in.
Sixth was a new guy, who took some convincing to come out and I think he is glad he did. Kyle Hancock had 64.25 and took home $225.
Tj Worrell came out of the wood work and snatched seventh with 63in worth $195.
Tyler Smith always a threat on Wylie took eighth with 59in for $150.
Home Lake Joey Randall aka Paddle Boy 2020 took 9th with 57.75 and earned $100.
HamBone aka Graham Reay landed in 10th with 57in earning a free spot into the Lake Murray event.
Joe Parkulo was able to cash another check by winning the Yak Bass’n Small Bass award with a 7.75in worth $230!!
Ryan Hulsey will post the amazing standings in the files tab once he has them done.
Congrats on the cashing, and the top point spots!!
Round two is presented by River Runner on Lake Murray on Feb 8th. Registration is open on TourneyX.com and on the app.
Huge shout out to our amazing sponsors. The table was jam packed with goodies and a ton of anglers left with a prize. YakAttack, Bizz Baits, TrueSouth Custom Lures, TRC Covers, Salt Life, Shane’s Baits, 412 Bait Co, Scared Fishless Tackle Company, Helms Apiary, Line Out Custom Tackle LOCT, Robohawk,
Full standings: