Event 2: Lake Murray Presented by River Runner

Event two was on Lake Murray today. River Runner was our event sponsor today. We had a great turnout for our first trip to Murray. 85 anglers came out for a chance at a piece of almost $4000. Mother nature has been insane for 2020. Rain, wind, floods, tornadoes. Comical at this point. Murray has anything you want. Main lake points, creeks, rocks, docks, grass, bluff walls, ledges. You name it, you can find it. That usually leads to big limits and big bass. We saw big bass come up today, but not really many limits.

The lake level rose after all of the rain on Thursday. The levels were good. The upper lake was chocolate milk, the mid-lake a nice stain and the lower lake was very clear. Anglers spread out all over the lake today. The weather today wasn’t great. It started out nice, sunny, no wind. That turned into rain, wind, waves and very cold by the end of the day. Some anglers were around boats all day, with over 300 boats on the lake today. We launched at 7:30am, first cast was at 8am, and last cast was 4pm.

Of the 85 anglers today, we had 42 skunks and only 3 limits!!!! 85 anglers….3 limits… wow!

As always, someone always finds them. This month it was David Golding going home with $1140 with 69inches anchored by a 21.25 giant. Congrats D.G.

Right on his tail was PC Hawj with 68.25inches. He took home $715!

3rd place was the reigning AOY Chris Goodwin with 63.25 worth $570.

Fourth was Jared Kimak with 58.75 inches anchored by the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass at 22.5inches. That fish earned him $290, and a free Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series entry fee. Another $235 value. With 4th and big bass, Jared won $730.

Rounding out the top 5 was Shane Mackey, with his first-ever QC cash!! 53 inches paid $305.

Lowell Brannan took 6th with 51.25 for $205

Chase Helms aka Honey Boy took 7th with his first-ever cash. He had 50.5 for $175.

Larry Wood won 8th with 50.25 and the Yak Bass’n small bass award with a 12incher, for a total of $345.

Nick Huddleston aka lost a 20, rounded out the cash spots with a 9th place finish worth $100 with 46.25in. Ryan Hulsey gets the free entry into the next event with 10th!

Congrats to all those who cashed and took home some huge The Angler Magazine Charlotte NC AOY points!

A huge thank you to our sponsors for always filling the table for giveaways.

Our next event is huge. We are co-hosting the Hobie event on the great Lake Norman. Denver Tackle Co. is pumped to be sponsoring this event!! I am expecting the QCKBF side to break 100 anglers, and the Hobie side to max out at 200. Let’s make it happen!!! Both events are open on TourneyX.com.

Questions or comments let me know!! Thank you all for a great start to 2020.

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