Event 4: Lake Hickory

The full recap starts at 7min mark.
We had 100 anglers on Lake Hickory today for the 4th trail event of season 6. The bite was tough. We only had 20 limits, and 44 skunks out of 100 anglers. We only weighed in 136 fish today.

Nick Huddleston takes it home with 71.5 worth $1250
Chris Goodwin 2nd with 71in worth $765
Ronnie Murphy 3rd with 69.5in worth $645
Matt Hawj 4th with 68.5in worth $485
Saturday Mel 5th with 66.25in worth $355
Greg Donlin 6th with 64.25in worth $265
Tim Sabella 7th with 64.25in worth $220
PC Hawj 8th with 64in worth$190
Ryan Breneman 9th with 63.75in worth $140
Tyler Smith 10th with 63in worth $100
Jason Haggins 11th with 62.75 worth Event 5 Free Entry.

Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass award goes home with Ab Vang with a 20.25 inch monster, and a tiebreak worth $355

The Yak Bass’n Small Bass goes home with Joe Parkulo with a 6.75in worth $235.

Congrats to all of the winners!!!

Event 5 is scheduled for Mountain Island Lake on May 2nd. We will plan on fishing and keep an eye on the situation with Corona.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, and thank you to you all for making QCKBF what it is. I miss you all!