2018 Results

QCKBF Event 1 Presented by Personaform Designs
2018 Results

QCKBF Event 1 Presented by Personaform Designs

Wow….this really is all I can say about today. Wow. The Personaform Designs #qc1000 event 1 was today, and let me tell you, people were excited. The weather was the best you could ask for. 60deg, sunny, slight breeze. Amazing.
I pulled up to little creek at 7am, only to see other cars and yaks already in the lot, hanging out, getting pumped. Set up the table, boards etc etc and started sign in at about 715am. I had prepared for a large turnout, Josh Swaney and I were thinking 60-70… I had 80 IDs, and a payout made up to 80 people…..well…..then I heard this from Mary Ferreri…”we are out of IDs” haha. Wow! 96 people showed up this morning. 96!!!!! QCKBF never had more than 52 anglers. I guess you can say the hype is real!

It was a crazy week for lake norman. 80 deg temps, mud, rain, 250 boat events, winds….crazy. Then a 40 deg cold front, followed by blue bird skies and NE winds…..a fisherman’s nightmare. Reports from prefishing were good….then bad… Reports today were so mixed it was crazy. It all depends on where you launched today. Mud had fish caught 1 way, stain another and clear water another. We weighed in A LOT of fish. I gotta say thank you to so many people who help me during an event. From judging fish, to taking my yak down to the water for me. I cant list everyone, no doubt ill forget someone, but if you helped out, I really do appreciate it guys!

Our sponsors are amazing. So many people left with something today. From a Bending Branches paddle, a Manley Fishing rod, all the way down to TrueSouth Custom Lures jigs, 412 Bait Co by Donald CorbettBizz BaitsShane’s Baits and so on. You are all awesome.

I will post up the complete AOY list, complete Team list, and complete standings tomorrow during my lunch break. Here are the cashing spots and limits, bottom to top.

Our Scivation smallest limit winner was Johnny Barrett. 48 inches.

Our 12th place bubble boy free entry was Saturday Mel with 59.5.
11th place, $50 Jimmy Trail, 60.25
10th place, $75 Melvin Yang, 60.75
9th place, $100 Mike Yang, 60.75
8th place, $150, Zach Clark, 61
7th place, $200, Joey Randall, 61.25
6th place, $225, Commish, 63
5th place, $300, Lowell Brannan, 66
4th place, $400, Matt Hawj, 68
3rd place, $500, Eric Carroll, 68
2nd place, $700, Michael Hearn, 70.25 and the Emerald School of Excellence big bass tie with 19.25 for another $240. ($940)
1st place, $1100, John Ladd, 72.25, and the Emerald School of Excellence big bass tie, $240. ($1340)

Yak Bass’n Small bass Steven Fretz, 9.75in, worth $260!

Our TEAM event winners Kevin Wilkinson and Zach Clark took home $100 Pro Image Sports gift card. Vinny and Buster took 2nd in team, worth $40 ProImageSports.

If you cashed please post your pics!

Questions or comments lemme know!

Get together March 3rd on Adger. Must pre pay, $20.

2018 Results

Feb. 4 Sunday Shootout

The Sunday Shootout series 2 is over. We wrapped up our 10th Sunday event today. Very cold, very wet. Only 8 of us showed up, but hey, someones gotta win.

Commish was able to get the victory today. 63inchs took it down. I was also able to wrap up Sunday AOY, and small bass with a 12 incher, worth a total of $282.
2nd place goes home with David Golding with 61in worth $48.

With a few fish over 18 weighed in today, Graham Reay was nervous. His 19.25in held up and he took home $310!!!!

Thank you all for coming. Season 4, Event 1 is next!!!!!!!!

Warm Up Event
2018 Results

Warm Up Event

QCKBF had it’s 4th annual warm up event today. We had 29 guys come out and fish with us.
Weather was cold until about 11am, then it was amazing out. Slight breeze, warm and sunny. Water temps were between 41 and 45. With the inconsistent weather we have had as of late, the tough fishing continued for most. It was a multi launch event, so we were spread out, and the cashing anglers came from all over the lake, most North ramp, to south ramps.

First place worth $555 goes home with the commish this month. I got on a few schools of fish and was able to catch 11 bass with my biggest 4 going foe 67.25inches. 2nd place and big bass was Luke Britz. He took home $478! 3rd place and Yak Bass’n small bass winner Chris G. Took home $312, and an awesome hat! Josh Rose finished the cash spots in 4th taking home $50. Luke Breakfield snuck in and earned a free entry into the February $1000 event. Congrats to all who cashed, please post all winning fish.
Thank you Adam Fillmore and Hunt Fish Paddle for having us.

Our final Sunday shootout for now is in two weeks, on the 4th, a nivens creek. Come join us! The real season kicks off February 18th(sunday) at lake norman!

2018 Results

Jan 14 Sunday Shoot Out

The first tourney of 2018 is done, thank you Lord lol. It was terrible today. Freezing cold, horrible wind, fish with lock jaw. Everything that got wet froze. Rods, reels, line, fish finder, everything.
16 of us showed up at 8am, bundled up. We launched at 9am. Long story short, at 2pm, only 4 fish were caught all day.
Graham Reay takes home his first ever win with a 16.25 incher! $160 
Shane takes 2nd with a 16 worth $96.
The commish steals 3rd with a 13.25 for $64.
Tj Worrell gets $65 and a BLACKRAPID strap for small bass with a 11.25.

We finish this round of Sundays next month on Feb 4th at nivens creek.
Vinny is leading Sunday AOY with 155.5inches.
David Golding only angler in contention with 113.75.

Graham is leading the big bass pot with 19.25, and its sitting at $270!!! Not sure we had much fun. Glad its over!

See you all next week at Hunt Fish Paddle at 7am for the annual Warm Up Event. $50 entry fee. 8 open ramps.

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