Event 6 Catawba Clash

Here is the Zoom recap from the 2nd annual Catawba Clash! We had 96 anglers across 9 lakes, spanning both Carolina’s today! It was an awesome event with 263 fish coming through TourneyX.com today, and anglers reporting catching 10-15 fish each. We had 31 anglers fill limits today and only 19 anglers skunk. I want to give a huge shoutout to Native Watercraft for being our premier sponsor and always making sure the hometown club is taken care of.

Jim Jay was able to top the charts today with 74.25 inches on Lake Norman, including the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass Award with his 21.75 inch kicker. Jim takes home $1800.

Right behind with with 73.75 inches of Lake Norman bass, Mike Constable going home with $1000.

In 3rd, with 70.5 inches of Lake Norman Bass, Teng Vue takes home $1351 including another Academy Sports + Outdoors Elite win!!

In 4th, fishing his first Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing event, and just showing up to Lake Norman, Sammy Wilson goes home with $548 for his 68.25inches.

Rounding out the top 5, Ronnie Murphy with 67.75 worth $428!

In 6th, Mountain Boy Jeremy Heath takes home $329 with his 66.25 inches.

In 7th with 65.5 inches, Tim Fitz goes home with $263. Tim also earned another $75 with his Rock Outdoors Team Win with his partner Landon.

In 8th Tim Sabella takes home $219 with 64.25 inches.

In 9th Matt Hawj- takes home $175 with 64 inches.

In 10th, Landon Smith takes home a total of $175 including his team win!

In 11th, taking home the Tudor Home Services Bubble Boy, Jacob Davis with 63.5 inches.

Corey Racer wins the Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters Small Bass award with his monster 5.5 incher, and that was worth $175.

This was a great event and I cant wait to see you all in August for our annual Charity event!! Big news coming soon for that one!! If you need anything, just holla!!!!

July 17th we have the 2nd annual Multi Brand Demo day. Check the event tab for more info.

Zoom Recap Video

Event 5 Lake Wateree Presented by Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Charlotte

2022 Event 5 Lake Wateree Presented by Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Charlotte Weigh in!

Congrats Chris Goodwin on taking home the title and $1500 today!
Congrats Larry Wood on the Lumina Sun Smart Home 2nd place and $1000.
Congrats Kyle Hancock on 3rd place and $846.
Congrats Kinley Martin on 4th and $529. Kinley was also the highest finisher in a Native Watercraft, earning another $50!
Congrats Nick Huddleston on 5th, the Academy Sports + Outdoors Elite win, and the Rock Outdoors Team win for a total of $1095!
Congrats Chris Gravely on 6th and $317.
Congrats Buddy’s Marine on 7th, beating Chad Walden and earning $253, + one signed dollar.
Congrats Teng Vue aka, Flippin, on 8th and $211.
Congrats Jeremy Heath on 9th and $169.
Congrats Yee Hang on a top 10 and $100.
Congrats Jay Park on your Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass, and Team win, plus the Tudor Home Services bubble boy for a total of $375 and a free July event.

Congrats Skip Lohmeyer on the Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters small bass with an 8 incher worth $165.

The NeoGenix Angler of the Year race is taking form after 5 events. Don’t forget, we drop your lowest three events so right now, nothing is even close to in stone! Keep fishing hard and I will see you all next month for our Catawba Clash! 9 Lakes open across the Carolina’s. If you need anything from me let me know!

Event 4 Lake Hartwell Presented by AirOne Heating & Air

We had a great day today down in Visit Anderson SC!! AirOne Heating and Air brought us back for another round on Lake Hartwell, and we brought the Peach State Kayak Anglers with us! We had 148 anglers fish in some amazing weather today. We had a great venue at the Hilton Garden Inn of Anderson and Neil Paul made sure us kayak guys and gals, were very well taken care of! I love coming down here not only as an angler, but also a director. We are already planning 2023!

I had a feeling that the fishing should be on fire today, and for once, I was right. We had 531 fish come through TourneyX.com, and anglers reporting catching between 20-40 fish all day long. Report of large wolfpacks up shallow containing 5 pounders, and huge spots out deep over points and ledge’s made for anglers catching big bags today! Before we get into the full recap I want to thank every person who is involved with Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing. The amazing sponsors for keeping us the best paid club around. The sponsors for filling the table. About 60 anglers went home with a prize today. My team, both on site, and behind the curtains. You all for fishing. EVERYONE!

We had a battle at the top today, and a few different lead changes for Big and Small bass. It was fun to judge and keep my thumb on the pulse of the lake as the standings shifted. When it all wrapped up, we had 82 limits, only 18 skunks. Mr. Ste JJ Heu from GA takes home the crown and $2015! He had 78.25 inches today. Only 1 inch behind him, Jay Park takes home the Lumina Sun Smart Home second place spot worth $1255! Taking home the Academy Sports + Outdoors Elite Side Pot, and 3rd place, Chris Goodwin with 74.25, worth a total of $2167. Mark Glende has a solid day and lands in 4th place with 73.25 worth $837, plus $50 for being the highest finisher in a Native Watercraft! Travis Dockins signs up late last night and rounds out the top 5 with 72.75 inches, earning him $565. Landon Smith sticks a tank and finishes in 6th with 72.50inches, worth $460, plus takes home the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass with a 22.75 monster! Congrats! Bryce Beyer, part of BRYCE and WES Fishing has a killer day, landing in 7th with 70.50, taking home $366! Silent favorite, Joseph Gayton lands in 8th with 70.25, and walks away with $303. Matt Hawj lands in 9th with 69.25, earning $256.
Rounding out the top 10, Terry Mcclure in his first kayak event, with 69inches for $219.
11th- Andy Middleton- 68.25- $188
12th- Tim Sabella- 67.75- $177
13th- Ryan Breneman- 67.75- $167
14th- Jeremy Heath- 67.25- $162
15th- Jeremy Meadows- 67- $100
16th- Michael Copeland- 66.25- Free Lake Wateree Entry
Shane Mackey takes home $310 with a 7 incher earning him the Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters Small Bass title this month!
Chris Goodwin and Ronnie Murphy take home the Rock Outdoors Team Division, earning another 300 points and $150!

Another huge thank you to all the anglers who came and fished from both clubs. I loved bringing two clubs, and two states together for some fun today! Lets do it again in 2023!! 🙂

We have our 5th event of 2022, June 11th on Lake Wateree. This event will have a virtual weigh in. We will consider making it a longer fishing day since we wont have a venue, food, weigh in. Come hang out!

Event 2 Santee Cooper Presented by TourneyX

What a great event today on Santee! We fished along side the BOS event and had 200 anglers on the QC side! Thank you TourneyX.com for sponsoring this event, and thank you to all the anglers for supporting the club. I want thank Jesse and Justin from Clarendon County Chamber of Commerce for supporting both clubs and making sure we had a great weekend.
Mother nature messed with the lake bad over the past week and capped it off with 30-40mph winds today. Horrible conditions across both lakes made for some tough fishing. We had 337 fish submitted today, with 41 limits and 82 skunks.

Eric Siddiqi continues his hot streak in South Carolina. He only landed 4 fish today, but it was enough to take home first place and the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass for a total of $2722!! Eric had 82in.
Not far behind him, Terrik Joe Walker with 79.5 taking home the Lumina Sun Smart Home 2nd place of $1514.
Rus Snyders takes 3rd place with 79.25 and wins $1211.
Tyler Smith takes 4th and the Rock Outdoors Team Win for a total of $1043. His partner Adam Fillmore won the Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters small bass with a 7.25incher worth $285.
Rounding out the top 5, Joel Thomas Blair with 77in and going home with $716.
6th- Jason Stoddard $565
7th- Matt Hawj $439
8th- Cher Tou Thao $363
9th- Nolan Minor $282
10th- Alex Fiolka $257
11th- Teng Vue and the Academy Sports + Outdoors Elite pot $972
12th- Russell Johnson $227
13th- Chris Gravely $217
14th- Matthew Vann $211
15th- Matt Millard $206
16th- Joseph Scarlett $201
17th- Shane Williams $196
18th- William Queen $191
19th- Jim Jay $186
20th- Nick Huddleston $181
21st- MikeandNiki Hicks $100
22nd- Matthew Tyler Hulsey Free Yadkin Yolo.

Thank you Native Watercraft for bringing us QCKBF 2022! It has been an amazing start! We are rolling into the Yadkin Yolo in a few weeks! Come see us at Rock Outdoors! A huge shoutout to the 80+ prizes on the table today! Huge shoutout to Aaron’s Baits for coming to hang out and make sure everyone went home with some bonus baits!

Thank you team! Thank you judges!

Event 1 Lake Norman Presented by Todd Sides Realty

Season 8 started off with a bang on February 19th 2022. We opened the season on Lake Norman with the support of Visit Mooresville and The Pit Indoor Kart Racing. 146 anglers signed up for the event which was our season opener record and also the Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing stand alone event record. We have had higher, but it included a double dip event. Native Watercraft was excited to make this the largest season ever and we are off to a good start! Todd Sides Real Estate Agent NC was our presenting sponsor for Event 1 and he has been super excited for that opportunity for a long time. The weather yesterday was a mixed bag, as was the fishing. The morning started off cool and calm with bright sun. Anglers were choosing where to fish from the 11 Lake Norman ramps. Most were anticipating high winds in the afternoon, and we taking that into consideration. The weather changed for the worse around noon. The wind kicked up, creating some tough conditions, but also led to the fish turning on and the actual fishing improving for most of the field. We fished from 8:00-4:00pm yesterday and then over 100 anglers met at The Pit for a weigh in ceremony with food, drinks and snacks. I was lucky enough to be on a media boat captained by Wes Cloninger. I hired a professional photographer and we drove all over the lake take amazing shots of the anglers. Those pictures will be released tomorrow. Mary Ferreri and William Benini were judging fish all day, start to finish. We ended the day with 146 anglers, 334 fish, 39 limits and 40 skunks. I was on the Carolina Kayak Lunker Hunters Podcast last week and I said on the show we would see some big bags this weekend on Norman, and I think I was right.

In first place with 76.25, Mark Wilkins goes home with $2000! Mark was also fishing from his Native Watercraft so he takes home another $50 bonus cash! Congrats on qualifying* for the 2022 TOC as well!
Not far behind in the Lumina Sun Smart Home second place, with 72.50, Ronnie Murphy is going home with $1150, $675 for the Academy Sports + Outdoors Elite Win, and another $75 for the Rock Outdoors Team Win. A total of $1900!
Rounding out the top 3, Chris Goodwin with 71.50. He takes home a total of $1030 which includes his Rock Outdoors Team Win.
Making the top 5, in 4th, Mr. Hammer Time AKA Austin Vang with 70 inches worth $725. Right behind him in 5th, Keng Vang with 68.50 for $630!
In 6th place, Nick Huddleston takes home $496, plus $300 for his Emerald School of Excellence and Academy Sports + Outdoors Big Bass award! His 20.50 inch earned him a total of $796!
In 7th, and making a huge comeback after a tough start, Joey Randall with 68.25 worth $440.
In 8th with 67.75 Tyler Smith goes home with $360.
In 9th with 67.75 Logan Talbert goes home with $305.
In 10th with 67.25 Tracy Stanford goes home with $240.
In 11th with 66.75 Chris Grant goes home with $200.
In 12th with 66.50 Jared Branch goes home with $170.
In 13th with 63.25 Yee Hang starts strong again with $150.
In 14th with 63, Co Commish Ryan Hulsey goes home with $125.
In the final cash spot Adam Fillmore with 62.50 takes home $100.
In the Tudor Home Services Bubble Boy spot, Larry Wood earns a free entry into Event 2 at Santee with 61.25.
Jeremiah Whitlow takes home the Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters Small bass pot for $230 with a 9.5 incher! TANK!!

Risen Son Custom Lures donated a free entry for the Santee Event and Trent Davis won it but is unable to use it. We re-ran it, Jeff Travis is our new winner. Congrats!!

We paid out a total of $9,451 yesterday!
We also put $858 into the TOC pot!

Thank you so much to all the anglers who call QC Home!! We are blessed to have a group of people around us as awesome as you. Thank you to all the sponsors who support us. The table was so packed again that EVERY ANGLER in the room, which was over 100, went home with a prize!! Thank you judges, captains, photographer’s, website creator, YT creator, IG creator, everyone who has a hand in this QC thing! I couldn’t do this without you all!

Lets keep this train rolling into Jurassic Park. We will be on Santee on March 26th with the Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series crew. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to double dip with AJ Mcwhorter and them Hobie boys. I know about 80 of us got into the BOS event, and I anticipate many of them coming to the QC side. I am seeing 250 anglers for this one!!

Have a great weekend!!