Event 8 Yakin YOLO present by Rock Outdoors

Well well well. Event 8, the Yadkin Yolo presented by Rock Outdoors is in the books! It was a hot summer day on the Yadkin chain, and for most the fishing was tough today. We had a fun outing at the shop on Friday, talked fishing and kayaks, and then we all went home and prepped for battle. We had 87 anglers join us this month, which for summer isn’t bad at all!! We had 14 limits, 31 skunks, and 139 fish were submitted. 4 lakes were in play, High Rock, Badin, Tuckertown and Tillery, along with many access points. Anglers spread out well today. Mary Ferreri and Brad Cox said the pictures were on point, and did the usual amazing job judging and working behind the scenes on TourneyX.com. Ryan Hulsey has all of the yearly standings calculated and will post here shortly. The season is winding down with only two regular season events left. Drops hit this month and shook things up a little. When it was all said and done we were back at the shop eating pizza, drinking waters and soda, and flat out enjoying each others company. Aaron Trexler was the big dog today. He dropped a massive 76.75 inches on the Ketch Products Inc. board and walks away with $1250.Cher Tou Thao also had a great day weighing in 67in and winning $710! Having his best QC day to date, William Queen drops 65.75in and takes 3rd place, and the Elite Side Pot for a total of $1163!!! Joey Randall not on home water shows his true hammer status and grinds for a 4th place finish with 65.75in worth $435.Showing that practice and hard work pay off, Chad Walden with a huge, season changing 5th place with 64.50 worth $300. I got to watch Tony Grissom smoke fish today and finish in 6th with 63.25 worth $200.Another big finish and new casher in QC, with his first EVER QC LIMIT, Peter M. Eley lands in 7th with 62.25in and takes home $170.Shelly Efird gets back into the action, landing in 8th with 62in, taking home $140.Yee Hang cashing again, in 9th with 59.50in, worth $100. Joshua Myers will be dropping some 10th place YouTube content with 58.75in and a free Lake Murray Entry! Vinny the Commish takes home the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass award with a 21incher worth $340.Jeremy Heath takes home more QC money with the Yak Bass’n small bass award with a 2.75incher worth $195. Ryan Hulsey and the Commish take home the $100 NeoGenix Team Division today, making the yearly standings very tight!! Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors. Every angler who attended weigh in this afternoon left with a door prize! Laidbackrack, donated a bunch of racks as well!! Fun stuff!! Our next event is the Emerald Charity Event!! Bizz Baits is pumping out baits for us and wants a huge turnout! Lets hit the 150 mark and raise a bunch of money! September 11th we are back with the trail events on Lake Murray presented by River Runner, LC Angler’s Paddle Sports and Buddy’s Marine!! If you have any questions let me know!! Thank you all for being a part of QCKBF.