Event 8: Santee Cooper Presented by US Tree Climbers/ Hey Man Handy Man

Santee Cooper. Aka, Jurassic Park. Event 8 results. Congrats. The drops have begun. 1 more regular season event to go!!!!

Congrats Matt Hawj for smacking the QC record today. Matt Hawj takes home $1150 for first place with 82.75 inches!!

Nick Huddleston continues to silence the haters with another solid finish. 2nd place with 75.75 for $730.

Tracy Stanford got himself a fat check today in 3rd place with 73 inches, worth $580!

Tim always cashin stays hot and lands in 4th with 72inches and adds another $450 to his earnings.

Larry Wood defends his water well, landing in 5th with 71.75 worth $320.

Ronnie comes back mad after MIL and lands in 6th with 70.25 and wins $215.

New to the game, Frankie Wolfe takes 7th, after a costly mistake but still wins $185. He had 70.25 (really 77.75)

TonNy ThAo in drums up an 8th place finish and wins $150 with 69 inches.

William Queen was running hot and takes home $100 in 9th with 67.75.

Chris Goodwin sneaks into 10th and wins a free entry in the Cornerstone Comfort lake James event.

Dustin Hugg goes back to back Yak Bass’n small bass win with a 6.5in worth $210!!

Jim MoreSea snatches two huge bass today and wins the Emerald School of Excellence Big bass award with a giant 23.5incher worth $355!!!

Congrats to all of the winners!!!

Its time to focus on the charity events as we pause from trail events in August. It will be a great event on the 22nd. Something new. You can only fish with what’s provided. Keep an eye on the page and jump in.