Event 6 Lake Hartwell Presented by Air One Heating and Air

Big day for the club. Over 2 hours away from home for most of us and we still pulled 62 anglers! It was awesome seeing a bunch of new guys, and some guys I only see once in a while. Between Grady’s Great Outdoors and AirOne Heating and Air everything was awesome. Lowell Brannanwelcomed us to his lake, and at the end of the day, I think most guys had fun. After getting off the water, fresh hot BBQ was waiting for the hungry anglers. Hit the spot. 
Weds-saturday about 20 QC guys were camping in town and I gotta say, it was a blast hanging with you all off the water.

When the fishing started the weather was nice. Cool, calm and a good morning bite for most. Wind picked up a little, and the sun got warm, but all in all, mother nature cooperated.

Before I get into the winners I need to thank everyone who helps me during the day. My hands on team of Brad Cox and Ryan Hulsey. Perfect teamwork for sign in and weigh in. Jason Lowe, always willing to lend a hand, or a TV to the club. KeriandRyan Ratliff for grilling at 11pm last night. Guys who set the banner up, take pictures, see who’s coming in late. Its all very important and I just want you to know it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you.

So who took home the #Qc1000? This guy is a sponge. Learning at every moment. Working so hard. Practicing a ton. He was a nervous wreck when he grabbed his plaque today and im super happy for him. Mr. Chris Goodwintakes it down with 65inches! He edged out the current Dynamic Health AOY leader PC Hawj. Third goes home with David Golding. Ryan Hulsey continues running hot and snatches 4th. Jamie Swaney rounds out the top 5! Congrats on the big money boys! The rest of the standings will be posted by Ryan.

The Yak Bass’n small bass pot was worth $480 today and was a battle. Two 6inch bass were weighed in, and then bam, two 4.25inchers hit the table haha. Ronnie Mr Big Bass and Andy Myers split it up! 
The Emerald School of Excellence big bass pot was also a nail biter. 3 anglers tied with 19.75. Joey RandallJohnny Barrett and Ryan Hulsey. Congrats guys. 
Chris and Joey took home the June Team event this month. Thank you Lakeside Barbers and Hands On Installations
Plenty of raffle prizes went home today as usual.

6 events down. 3 left before we crown an Angler of the Year and we all fight for the championship. Full daily and yearly standings will be posted later.

We are at Mountain Island Lake next month. I will make the event page at some point this week. I am on vacation and hopefully off the grid most of this upcoming week.

If you cashed please post your fish. Thx all! You are all awesome.