MT. ISLAND Sunday Shootout

Mountain Island Lake woke up from its dream and sucked again hahaha.
They pulled the lake down over night and most people struggled today. We did have 13 come out today which was awesome for a Sunday on memorial day weekend with little notice.

We ended up trying out MLF “style”, in other words we did a 10 fish limit with a 12 inch min.
Being a Sunday we dont weigh everyone in, only people close or in the money so I only know who finished top 4. 
Tim Sabella had the only 10 fish bag for 156 inches, with a Big Bass tie of 18inches. He took home a total of $210.
Adam Fillmore aka Hunt Fish Paddle took home 2nd with 94 inches and won $80 .
Commish landed in 3rd and Josh Rose in 4th. Josh also split big bass with Tim.

Congrats guys!

Had fun. More Sunday’s coming soon.
Wasnt a huge fan on MLF. Maybe simply because we are used to looking for big bites. I dont know. Not sure I’ll wanna do that style again.