Kiddie Rod Event

Wow!!! What a day! QCKBF had its 1st annual Kiddie Rod Event today! We we’re raising money for Emerald School of Excellence and Kayak Fishing With Christ. I gotta say……it could not have went any better!!!! What blast it was seeing everyone show up at 5am with 3 ft poles and push button reels. All the guys were in s good mood, laughing, talking, sh*t talking as always. The weather couldn’t have been better either, cool, clouds, light breeze. Set up under the lights we had 15 people show up to fish. We raised over $500 in the name of charity today.
Launch comes at 610am and everyone takes off as usual, kiddie rods in hands.

At the end of the day Jason Lowe kicked our…..well, you know. He brought in 73.75 inch bag on the Dock Demon!!!! His bag was anchored by a 20.75 big bass winner pig!!! He broke his personal best not once, but twice today!!! On the kiddie rod!!! Amazing. Congrats man, super happy for you . Jason wins a Ncpierman Taramelli red fish trip, a custom PersonaForm Designskiddie Jersey, a sweet photo shoot with Mike Constable and a ton of other prizes!!! He also wins a Blackjack Rod Co. For big bass!!! And he won $50 cash from the side pot!
2nd place went home with the commish today. 62.75 inches. Anchoring his prize pack was a trip with Neal Drakage to catch come huge smallmouth bass, and will look good doing it because he also won the Lakeside Barberscut and shave!
Rounding out the top 3, Tammy-Josh Neal with 60.5. He fishes for free next event at Badin Lake, and took home a ton of amazing lures and prize packs. David Golding was the highest hobie finisher in 4th place, and claimed the #regifted hobie buff. David and Tracy won the team side pot today. Our top 3 anglers today were all in Native Watercraft slayer propels Yak Bass’nSmall bass was a tie today between Tracy Stanford and Zach Clark, both with a 9 inch stud! Usually a tie results in a split, being we always fish for money….wellllllll….Manley Fishing rod was up for grabs, and tha would be tough to split. We settled it like an old school argument and flipped a coin! Haha. Zach takes the rod and Tracey the Hat!

I cant thank the companies who donated prizes enough. It’s the prizes that make this event fun!

So many bass were caught today it was insane. MIL showed out, and so did the amazing QC crew. Thank you all for being who you are. Let’s keep this QC train rollin. This event will now be a staple in the QC schedule going forward.

Post up some funny pics and vids from today !