QCKBF Event 2 Presented by Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

Boom!!!! Season 4 aka #qc1000, event 2 in the books! Let’s start off with a huge thank you to Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Charlotte and Luke Britzfor sponsoring the event and making the payouts the best around.

Lake Hickory…..where do we start. She’s a crazy lady. She was cold, muddy, colder, warmer, cold, clear, muddy, high, then normal, then on game day…..She goes stain, clear, mud, and……ultra low. They pulled the plug last night and dropped the lake about 2ft, OVERNIGHT!! It made it interesting and evened the playing field for sure.

We had 62 anglers join us at 5:45 this morning. The weather was perfect all day. Sunny, breezy, and 70+ degrees. Not sure you could ask for any better. We had a lot of fish weighed in, and we had a lot of FAT fish weighed in. Hickory showed out today, giving up not one, but two 21.5 inchers, and a few more over 20 as well! Only 13 limits came in, and we had 16 skunks. Lots a 2 and 3 fish guys. Crank baits seemed to be the ticket today for most. With 62 people we paid out the top 10. The winners are listed below. If you cashed, please post up your limit ASAP.

We gave away so many prizes during our raffles. Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors that help make QCKBF great.

The Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass Pot was split again this month. Michael Hearn and Jacob Earnhardt each had 21.5in, taking home $155 each! The Yak Bass’n small bass pot was also split, two 8 inch bass between Tyler Smith and Jake Penegar, each taking home $92, and we donated $95 to Heros on the Water. Tracy Stanford takes home the Scivation smallest limit award with 53.5in.

1st place Saturday Mel with 76.5. $1000
2nd place Joey Randall with 73. $501
3rd place Jeremy Heath with 69.25. $334
4th place David Golding with 69. $250.
5th place PC Hawj with 68.5. $170.
6th place Buster Swisher with 64.5. $125
7th place Matt Hawj with 62. $100
8th place Shaun Applegate with 61.75. $75
9th place Cameron Tetterton with 59.75. $50
10th place Zach Clark with 57.25. Free entry.

Joey and John Ladd win today’s team division. $50 each to Pro Image Sports.
Buster and Vinny take 2nd, again, $20 each to Pro image.

Next up is the Native Watercraft demo day on Lake Wylie, copperhead access, on April 7th.

The next event is on Lake Wylie, presented by Hunt Fish Paddle, April 21st! That bite is lining up to be amazing.