Event 5 Badin Lake Presented by Joe’s Bait & Tackle

Here we are…..
“Half way” kinda, through season 5. Its been a great year so far. We hit up Badin Lake today. Sign in and weigh in took place at the great Joes Bait Tackle and Guns. They are an amazing host and we are proud to call them a Title Sponsor. We closed up sign in at 5am with another solid showing of 63 anglers.

6am launch. Most guys knew the lake would be packed. A large charity event, a crappie event, and at least one other local club event. Well….Badin needed a boat limit today. The traffic was horrible. Glitter rockets, jet skis, more jet skis, wake boards, pontoons. Man o man. Tough day to be on the water. I felt like I was fishing off shore all day.

Regardless of the traffic, rumors were the lake was on 🔥. It proved to fish fairly well. A good amount of fish weighed in with plenty of big ones.

Austin Vang continues his hot streak today and claims the coveted #qc1000. Congrats dude! 
Matt Hawj never fails to find them and took home second place today, over $500. My boy Shelly Efird made a guest appearance and must have kidnapped Joey Sullivan, they go 3, 4, as expected from these hammers. Teng Yang rounds out the top 5 this month! 10 guys cashed today. Its always exciting to see new guys like Jeremy Hughes cashing! Congrats! The top 10 is in the pictures.

Ronnie Murphy is a big bass hunter!! He catches ANOTHER giant. 22.25, for the QCKBF big bass lead for the season. That tank propelled him into 6th place today. Thank you Emerald School of Excellence for the plaque. Big Iron Taxidermy, I have a feeling you will be making this guy a mount!

The Yak Bass’n small bass was 7.75 and went home with Arnie. Almost $500!!!! Hysterical.

The PC Hawj Matt Hawj combo lead to their first team victory. They took home $100 cash for that and have extended their lead on the Lakeside Barbers/ @hands on installation Team division. Congrats boys.

We gave away a ton of items today. Thank you to our club sponsors.

All standings have been posted. AOY/TOC is heating up. Top 15 gets to fish the championsip, and top 10 get to compete for another $1000 against the Navy.

We visit new water for QC next month on the beautiful Lake Hartwell. Grady’s Great Outdoors will be hosting us for pre regi on Friday night before, sign in morning of, and weigh in, along with….drumroll, FEEDING US some amazing BBQ. Be sure to be there. AirOne Heating and Air is presenting this event, lets show out. I will work on ramps and event page asap.

We raffled off a kayak today that was donated by Aaron Miller in an effort to raise money for Mike Little and his mother. We raised a lot of money and Tim Sabella was lucky enough to go home with a sweet Kaku 12.5 outfitted with LED lights!! Congrats Tim!!!

Anything you need, hit me up.

You all took amazing pictures today. Maybe 1 penalty. Great day to judge. Thank you.

2nd Annual Lady’s Only Event

Today was amazing Second annual Ladies event! We fished a small lake, Lake Monroe in Monroe NC. It fished tough. We only had 4 ladies join us today, which gave them plenty of water. I had the pleasure of helping and watching Mary Ferreri fish all day. She is the 2018 defending champ after winning last year with 4min to spare. Today she grinded hard and stuck some pigs. She landed a 19.5, 18.5, and a 14.5 for a total of 52.5. Second place was Alicia Huggins with 17.25, 3rd and 4th tied with 17inches, Ashley Monroe Hearn and Melissa. Mary took home Big Bass, and Melissa Switektook home small bass with a 5.5incher.

Our sponsors gave plenty of prizes. Thank you Line Out Custom Tackle LOCTTrueSouth Custom LuresSalt LifeHoo-RagJulie Cox and more!! Fun day!! You girls rock. Ash, thx for putting in work and getting the oil diffuser, massage, and leggings. Much appreciated.

Jeffrey Ludlow, you win the free small bass. Just remind me.

Event 4 Lake Wylie Presented by Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Charlotte

Great day on the ol Lake Wylie today. 66 of the greatest anglers around came out for the 4th event. Double April events this season, with an average of 76 anglers, cant complain about that. 
With the owner of Rusty Hooks Bait and Tackle fishing his CATT championship today we had to extend our hours, making it a 10 hour day. No complaints from the guys, and a ton of fish came to the table. I think it was the most fish ever weighed in at a QC event. Many guys caught over 20 each. The weather cooperated, got warm, but never real windy. Pleasure boaters came out, but that’s Wylie.

When it came down to weigh in Mr. PC Hawj got back to his winning ways, taking home the #qc1000 today. Mike Constable wrapped up 2nd place on his birthday. Awesome job boys. Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Charlottewas our title sponsor today. Luke Britz came out and cooked for all of the guys. The food, drinks, chips, and desserts were amazing. Thank you buddy. The Emerald School of Excellence big bass award was a three way tie today, with 20inchers. Commish, Corey Coffey and PC spilt up $225 and some hardware. Austin Vang took home the Yak Bass’n small bass award worth $410 with a 7.5incher. The Lakeside BarbersHands On Installations, and Daves home repair Team award went home with Joey Randall and Chris Goodwin today with 70inches. Congrats boys!

We gave away a ton of raffle prizes as usual. Thank you sponsors.

Next week is the 2nd annual Ladies Only 2019!! Event. Spread the word. Then we are back on May 18th at Joes on Badin Lake.

Ryan Hulsey will post up full standings, Dynamic Health AOY standings and the Aflac TOC standings.

Thank you all. I personally think the new system this year is amazing. The technology is working great, Brad Cox is a huge help and Mary Ferrerimakes it all smooth. QC has a great team! Thank you.

Event 3 Lake Wateree Presented by US Tree Climbers

Crazy day on Lake Wateree. We all questioned what she would give up in April since we always fish it mud summer. Well….What if I told you 68 inches didn’t win cash!! WOW. This was the first Queen City Kayak Bass FishingPlastic Navy Kayak Anglers joint event. It was flawless. We had 86 anglers come play in South Carolina. What a great crowd. Kids from HS fished, and their Coach/Teacher joined as well! We raised the payouts today and #qc1000 turned into #qc1300. In the main event today we also had the QC vs PNKA 10v10 showdown. I think Cam and I realized this showdown may have caused more harm than good in the fishing community and we both agree this would be the final round. QCKBF did get the Win by 148 inches. Ryan Hulsey anchored QC and won the $200 side pot. For the people who watch but have never joined us, we all talk trash, we all fish hard, we all want to win, but in the end we are all friends and shake hands, and hug. We don’t need a 10v10 ruining that.

The day started off with the worst fog we had ever seen. 30ft vis maybe. Without gps on your fish finder, almost impossible to launch. The weather stayed mostly cloudy, slight drizzle on and off, and then the sun poked out later. Fish were caught on a variety of baits today. Some bed fisherman did well, some avoided beds at all cost, some parts of the lake had no beds. Very interesting lay of the lake today. When it was all said and done we met at Gadgets of Lugoff for the award ceremony. Cameron Tetterton pulled it out!! Trash talking home lake boy walks up with the biggest smile weighing in 73.75inches!!! Huge victory for the Admiral, taking home the US Tree Climbers #1300. Ryan Hulsey snatched 2nd place with 73in, and side pot money, and Commish side pot money for a total of $995. Not bad!! Fat Larrytakes home 3rd place with 72 inches worth $480! 
Graham Reay 4th 70.75in $375
Matt Hawj 5th 70.75in $280
Aaron Miller 6th 70.25in $235
Joey Randall 7th 69.75 $175
Eric Carroll 8th 69.25 $125
Jeff Bell 9th 69in $110
Zach Clark 10th 68.5 $80
John Ladd 11th 68.25 $50
Wesley Faile 12th 68in Free Entry
Tim Sabella wins the Yak Bass’n small bass pot with a 4.5incher worth $510!!!!!!
Ronnie Murphy wins the Emerald School of Excellence big Bass award worth $300 with a 22 incher! 
The Lakeside BarbersHand’s On Installation/ Daves Team event goes home with Zach and John today, congrats!

We gave away so many prizes today. Queen City has amazing sponsors. Thank you TrueSouth Custom LuresLine Out Custom Tackle LOCT412 Bait CoYakAttack, Yak Bass’n, US Tree Climbers & Tree Service, Neals Tackle, Shane’s BaitsFly South ApparelDakota Lithium BatteriesTRC Covers, and more!!

The Dynamic Health Angler of the Year race is heating up!! Will you qualify for the Top 15 Aflac championship? Top 10 from each club, QC and PNKA also qualify for a Winner take all $1000 event.

If you cashed please post your winning fish. The next event is presented byAlloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Charlotte and will take place on Lake Wylie on April 27th. Sign in and weigh in will be at HOME, Rusty Hooks Bait and Tackle. I will get the event up ASAP with ramps, times, etc.

Event 2 Lake Hickory Presented by Southern Bell Realtors

#QC1000 2019 event 2 presented by Southern Bell “Selling the South” TM Charlotte Realtors was amazing. 71 anglers came out to fish a pre spawn Lake Hickory. Pre fishing reports were mixed, along with constantly changing weather patterns, who knew what to expect. The lake was almost full pool, which was a welcome site for fisherman. The weather didnt drop as predicted, and the lake cleared up big time. What did that mean for the fishing? Well…..22 of 71 anglers weighed in a limit, with two anglers over 70 inches, and a massive would be 22.5 inch big bass, penalized for 22inches. Also a 21.75, and multiple 21s weighed in. I would say the lake fished well for most. 
We launched at 730am, along side two LARGE boat events, one from Oxford, one from Wittenburg. Weigh in was 4pm, only 10 min from the lake so anglers had a few extra minutes to fish. When it was all said and done, Mark Wilkins weighed in a 71.25 bag and took home the $1000 first place! Congrats! Brad Cox continued his hot streak with ANOTHER second place finish, taking home over $500. Mike Little shows up with 3rd place, banking $352. 
4th- $300 Johnny Barrett 
5th – $230 Jacob Stafford
6th- $180 Eric Carroll
7th- $140 Tim Sabella
8th Commish $100
9th- Ryan Hulsey $80
10th- Matt Hawj $50
11th – PC Hawj free entry.

The @ yak bassin small bass was 7.25inches, and was worth $420. Johnny also won that for a total of $720!!!! The @emerald school of excellance Big bass was won by Kou Yang, with a 22inch beast worth $250.

Thank you to all of QCKBF sponsors for supporting us. We gave away a ton of prizes today, as usual.

Our next event is on a Sunday, April 7th on Wateree. We are combining with @plastic navy kayak anglers. It should be awesome fishing, and a large turnout.


If you cashed, please post your pictures

All standings, daily, yearly, and team have been posted. (Fb is having trouble showing files for some)