Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing 2017 Schedule


Native Watercraft has joined forces with QCKBF for the 2017 season! The 2017 Angler Of The Year will win their choice of a 2017 Native Slayer Propel 10 or 13!!! Wow!!!

TIM SABELLA is our 2017 Champion!!


***Sunday shootout!!***

I have met with the boss, aka, Mary Ferreri. We gutted the calendar and put together 5 dates for the Sunday Shootout Series. If people are enjoying fishing on Sundays and we have people coming then we can continue it past the 5 months. We will cross that bridge when it comes. These dates do not interfere with any QCKBF weekend or any Plastic Pirate shootoutweekend. I also have to avoid the first weekend each month due to Mary’s prior commitments to our church.

We will not have any AOY points, trophies etc etc. This will just be fishing, and taking each others lunch money, and bragging rights. 
All QCKBF rules apply. $25 buy ins. $5 rolls over into the biggest bass pot which will be won by the first 21inch or bigger bass. We will launch at 6am, and weigh in at 11am.

Dates and locations listed below:
May 14th- Lake Wylie, Nivens Creek Access
June 11th- Lake Norman, Little Creek Access
July 30th- Mountain Island, HWY 16 Access
Aug 27th- Lake Wylie, Buster Boyd Bridge
Sept 17th- Lake Norman, Stumpy Creek Access





2017 schedule!

-August 19th. Stumpy Pond SC 6am-3pm. 5am sign in.

-September 30th. Random draw from all lakes we have fished in 2017. Ramps used will be same as in series. Top 15 will qualify if we have 40+ sign up again.


2017 Point System


Just a post to make it all clear what QCKBF has going on for the next
4-5 months. I will add all of this to the pinned post for easy access. Questions or comments always welcome.

-Aug 19th is the final regular season event. Stumpy Pond SC. 5am-3pm.

-Aug 27th. Dunamis Rodsis Sunday Shootout. Buster Boyd Bridge, Lake Wylie. 6am-11am

-Sept 1st. QCKBF Fantasy Football Draft. 8pm online.

-Sept 9th NON TOC qualifiers event. Allison Creek Access Lake Wylie. 7am-3pm. (6am sign in)

-Sept 17th Dunamis Rods Sunday Shootout. Stumpy Creek Access Lake Norman. 7am-Noon.

-Sept 30th. QCKBF Championship. Top 15 anglers only. Random Draw on Aug 20th. 630am-3pm

-October 8th. We start Round 2 of the Sunday Series. Another 5 events. Times will change as needed with sunrise. Big Bass roll over pot will move down to 20 inches. I will have a one time fee of $20 for a SUNDAY AOY side pot. Total inches over 4 of the 5 events wins it all. Locations TBD, but all local again.

-Oct 21st. QCKBF Team Event. Bring your own partner. $50 per angler. 4 fish limit, 2 fish per angler. Little Creek access Lake Norman. 7am-2pm.

-Nov 5th. Sunday Shootout.

-November 18th! QCKBF 2 day event. $100 entry. In and out at Hunt Fish Paddle. Lake Wylie. 8 public ramps open. Half the field cut after day one. Day 1 7am-3pm. Day 2, 7am-1pm.

-Dec 3rd Sunday Shootout.

-Jan 7th Sunday Shootout

-Jan 20th QCKBF Season 4 Warm-Up.

-Feb 3rd Sunday Shootout.

I will release season 4 schedule in December.