West Event 2 Lake James Presented by BIG Adventures

Wow! April 22nd and we are 7 events in already! 2023 Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing has been a blast! Today was 2023 Queen City West- Event 2 Lake James NC Presented by BIG Adventures. We ventured to the mountains in a nasty storm this morning which led to beautiful skies but high winds late in the day. Plenty of fish were caught but with the big change in pressure the big bites were hard to come by. Most anglers sat tight in the car until about 7-730am. Once on the water the submissions started hitting TourneyX.com. Ronnie jumped out early with a quick limit but had trouble culling and finished out the day in 5th place. We ended up having 35 anglers today, which surpassed the goal of 30 for the Western Division. That means we are still on pace for a $15,000 TOC Purse! We had 113 fish submitted today. 17 limits and 6 skunks. Our big bass today was an 18 incher by Michael Cummins. He takes home $115 and a brand new YakAttack Black Pack pro! Ryan Washington had his best tournament finish yet. Seeing his excitement/disbelief was awesome. He finished 4th place with 64.5, takes home $100 and a brand new Plano Edge box! In 3rd place and running hot with back to back cashes, Chuck Farmer. Chuck took home a total of $507 which included his Aaron’s Baits 7.75incher for small bass! He also took home a Plano Edge box! Good work! In 2nd place and taking home the Elite side pot as well, for a total of $925, THE KID, Bennett Nall. Bennett had 67.75 inches and was in the lead up until the last 4 minutes. Good work kid! With a last minute Never Give Up moment, Adam Fillmore take home the Win! He had 68.75 and takes home $1092! Congrats Adam!

At the venue we had a blast. We hung out at BIG Adventures, shopped, ate 🍔 and hot 🌭. We even had 🍪 for dessert Tori M Breneman. 19 of the 35 anglers came back for a shot at a Falcon 11 and Mark Linden takes it home! Mark also actually a 19.75 that would have won big bass but he didn’t sign up for it. I will address this on a different post.

Queen City, I hope you are having a blast. 3 events in April has been crazy. Fun, busy, exciting, kind of crazy. We hit Santee, Hartwell and Lake James. All 3 divisions in play. We rest for two weeks and then we are back at Visit Anderson SC for the Main Series on Hartwell. 2023 Queen City Main- Event 4 Lake Hartwell Presented by Air One Heating and Air. This will be a fun event with a ton of fish caught and plenty of limits. Come join us for a chance at $2000 on May 6th.

Congrats to all the winners today and thank you Native Watercraft, Big Adventures and Gas House Custom Rods for presenting Lake James!

Main Trail Event 3 Santee Cooper Presented by Tourney X

2023 Queen City Main- Event 3 Santee Cooper Presented by Tourney X is in the books!!! It was an interesting weekend to say the least. Mother nature once again attacked us and threw some nasty storms and wind around the lake forcing us to move to a Sunday event. With the weather and the move we still had 161 anglers fishing on Sunday for our 3rd Main Trail event of the season. We knew Santee Cooper would give up the big fish and it showed out producing 45 fish 20 inches or longer!! 5 80 inch limits and 23 70+ limits. Not only does it show why this lake is ranked top 3 in the country, but also the caliber of angler that came through Clarendon County this weekend with QC and the BOS series. We had a great venue set up and working with Jesse Surette is a dream come true for this club. He is the best host you could ask for. Working alongside AJ Mcwhorter isnt bad either 😉. I enjoy the double dip opportunity we get with this club and this 4th edition was a fun one with BOS taking QC money, and QC taking BOS money. Come 5pm, we were ready to announce the big winners, and here is how it played out.


Fish Caught: 400

Fish over 20inches- 45

5- 80inch bags

23 -70inch bags

The Rock Outdoors Team Win goes home with Landon Smith and Tim Fitz – 78inches. That’s 3 team wins in a row!

Aaron’s Baits Small Bass was a two way tie with 9.5inches. Mike Self and Alex Van Dyke. Alex takes home the hardware with the higher finish. They will split the $275

Net Financial Consultants Big Bass winner was Bennett Nall with a slop at 24.25inches, setting the OFFICAL QC record for big bass and taking home $300 and an awesome Dakota Lithium Batteries powerbox!

The Elite Side Pot goes home with Chad Walden with 83.25inches, worth a bonus $878 and a Dakota Lithium battery.

Here are the overall standings which always can be found on TourneyX.com as well. I need to give a huge shoutout to Dwayne Walley for presenting this event two seasons in a row. Thank you brotha.

18th Jay Park 72.50 free entry into Lake Hartwell May 6th.

17th. Clinton Herbison 72.75. $100

16th. Alex Van Dyke 73.75. $166 plus $137 for small bass.

15th Ryan Hulsey 74.25 $171

14th. Brandon Brylinsky 75.75 $177

13th. Jason Broach 76.25 $187

12th. Garrett Wade 76.50 $192

11th. Don Cator Bustamante 77.25. $202

10th. Jordan Marshall 77.75. $222

9th. Austin Vang 78. $252

8th. Landon Smith 78.50. $308 plus $75 for the Team win

7th. Tim Sabella 79.25 $404

6th. Kristine Fischer 79.50 $505

5th. Jay Wallen Fishing 80.00 $632

4th. Guillermo González 80.50 $834

3rrd. Jim MoreSea 81,25. $1062

2nd. Chad Walden 83.25 $1315 plus $878 for Elite and $8900 for BOS!!!!! Chad I need a loan.

1st. Rus Snyders 83.25 22.25 kicker to take first and break the tie. $2124

Congrats to all of the winners. Our next event will be a massive event on Lake Hartwell with 4 or 5 clubs including the BASS Open. We will be in Visit Anderson SC on April 15th for the 2023 Queen City South- Event 2 Lake Hartwell Presented by Domestic Fence Company. Come hand out and do some fishing!

Southern Event 1 – Lake Murray

A few years ago I had a thought or a vision about expanding Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing across the Carolinas, or maybe into other states. Giving anglers at home the feel of the National scene. The bright lights, the stage, the big money, the podcasts, the hardware, the pro-staff opportunities, etc.

In 2023 with the help of some amazing sponsors I was able to bring that thought to life. I had many phone calls with Ryan Hulsey about my plan, and how we were going to track it and keep up with it all, and when we finally figured it all out, I started the process. I was able to find two amazing companies to sponsor the new division’s. BIG Adventures for the West, and Boonedox for the South. I was able to lock up an aspiring director in Blaine Upton who wanted to run and grow the South. I am able to work with amazing companies to keep boosting your payouts across all 3 series. Its all a great plan, on paper, but its not real until you hit the water. We set goals for each series before the season opener on Norman. 120 for the Main, 60 for the South and 30 for the West. Realistic? Maybe. I thought so anyway. We opened the main on Lake Norman with 131, followed on the Yolo with 120. We opened the west with a huge 55 on Keowee, and today was the season opener for the South. Would we hit the 60? Would we break 100? We had no idea. Blaine was getting thrown into the director life 100% today, that’s all we really knew. Well, at 10pm last night when we locked the event on TourneyX.com we were sitting at 64. I think Blaine took a sigh of relief, and honestly I did as well. I wasn’t exactly greeted with open arms right away as we announced the Southern division. Anglers were used to certain things, motors being the main one. Would they fish QC? Would they boycott these events? We really didn’t know. I think the questions were answered today and before I continue I want to thank every single angler who came and supported the Southern opener today on Lake Murray. I want to thank Southern Pride Softwash LLC and Todd Erickson not only for sponsoring this event, but for coming to the venue, and also coming to the expo, and joining us on the “this is not a podcast” show. I need to thank Matthew Rollins for having the faith in me and QC to pull this new division off. I need to thank Vickie with Lake Murray Country for working with us and treating us so amazing. The venue was awesome. I look forward to the next event already! Blaine did a great job directing his first QC event today. I haven’t heard of any issues with anything today. Smooth and efficient is what we were today.

So, the fishing. Yea, that’s what this really is what its all about isn’t it? Well, wow!! Lake Murray. March is your month clearly. We had an epic and record setting day on the water today. We had 13 anglers post limits of over 70 inches! We had 235 fish come across the board, and that’s with half the size field we are used to having. We had 17 fish over 20 inches come across the board today!! Over half the field limited, and only 10 anglers skunked. All around EPIC! But, who won it all!?

We paid out 7 cash spots today, plus 3 prize packages.

In 10th place with 71.25 Ryan Washington took home a A Squared baits prize pack and a framed certificate.

In 9th place with 71.50, Scott Simmons took home a prize pack and a framed certificate. Scott also won the Groovy T Bar from Boonedox!!

In 8th place with 71.75, Chad Walden went home with a prize pack and a framed certificate, and like 3 pies of pizza.

In 7th place, with 74 inches, Steven Stockinger takes home his best QC finish. Going home with the smooth $100 and a framed certificate.

In 6th place with 74.75, Alfredo Mendoza takes home $146 and a framed certificate.

In 5th place with 77.50, Nick Huddleston takes home $220 and a framed certificate.

In 4th place, Ryan Hulsey drops another solid limit of 78.25 and also takes home the The Realm Of Fear Custom Baits Elite victory. He took home a total of $1075.

In 3rd place, Jared Stanley drops 78.50 and but loses the tie breaker for $550 and a fancy piece of hardware.

In 2nd place, Pastor Mike MikeandNiki Hicks slaps 78.5 on the board, wins the tie breaker and takes home $918!!

Your big winner today is Mr. Tou Yang with 80.50 inches, including the @Big Bass Brand Big Bass at 22 inches, giving him a total of $1735!!! Not a bad day on the water!! Tou also goes home with a brand new Gas House Custom Rods!!!

Ian Oldham sneaks into the money today with his LC Angler’s Paddle Sports small bass of 9.75inches, earning him $145.

Today was amazing. This club is amazing. Only two weeks and we are back at it on Santee Cooper with the huge Hobie BOS – Bass Open Series. Jump in both events and lets have some fun! If you have any questions feel free to reach out! See you all on Jurassic Park!

Main Event 2 – Yakin Yolo Presented by Rock OutDoors

2023 Queen City Main- Event 2 Yadkin Yolo Presented by Rock Outdoors is in the books and it was a record breaker. 120 anglers took to the muddy and windy Yadkin system today. Anglers dropped some big bass on the board with 10 fish over 20inches coming across TourneyX.com. The bite was fast and furious for many anglers. Early on we had limits over 70 with one over 80! 4 fish limit for 80! That’s a fun morning. The overall weather was gorgeous. Not cold, no rain, sunshine all day.

Anglers launched at 6:30am today and started casting at 7am. Before you know it, it was 4:00pm and we were hanging out in Rock Outdoors with Shane Dublin and Jordan Stogner Lanham. The food was awesome and went perfect with the Pepsi products on hand. Lexington Visitor Center came and met Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing today. They are awesome to work with and we love visiting the Lexington NC area. Boonedox and Matthew Rollins came by and hung out also. It’s so awesome to have the people who are helping build this series come hang at the ceremony. We had about 50 anglers come back to Rock and each angler was rewarded with a nice Raffle prize from the table.

As far as fishing, we had 282 fish submitted today. Huge shout out to Mary Ferreri, Blaine Upton and Christopher Neil Cantwell for helping judge today. We had 36 limits and 35 skunks.

When it was all said and done, Kinley Martin dropped the 2023 Big Bag of the season on the board. 82.50 inches worth $2000! Congrats champ!

Just behind him with 77.5, Landon Smith takes home 2nd place and $1205. Landon and his parter also won the Team Division with 81 inches today. Back to back team wins with Tim Fitz!

🔨 Time Austin Vang stays hot and lands in 3rd place with 75 inches worth $933!

Tim Fitz adds to his team win with a 4th place finish. His 73 inches grabs $1189 from his Team, and Elite victory! Wow!

Ryan Hulsey aka Co Commish snags 5th and Net Financial Consultants Big Bass! He takes home a total of $769 with his 71.25

Yee Hang drops 71inches on the board for a 6th place $373.

Tim always cashin Sabella lands in 7th with 70 inches worth $300.

Graham Reay is back and he’s ready! 8th place with 69.25 worth $245.

Kyle Yonce takes home 9th, $202 with his 68.25

Andy Brode earns his best QC finish yet. 10th place with 68 inches taking home $175.

Jonathan Kislingbury finds himself in 11th with 66.75 and goes home with $149.

Chad Walden sneaks into the money in 12th with 66inches and takes home the smooth $100.

Shelly Efird lands in the Free entry event. He earned a free ticket into Santee with his 65.75 inches.

Will Lambert took home the Aaron’s Baits small bass award today with a 7.75 incher worth $210.

Wow! What a day! Congrats to all who cashed. Congrats to all who earned those Academy Sports + Outdoors AOY and TOC points they are looking for! Thank you all for fishing today. I hope you all had fun. We are back at it in 14 days as we open the Southern Division on Lake Murray!! Letsss gooooo.

Thank you all the sponsors who put over 50 prizes on the table today. Dakota Lithium Batteries, Laidbackrack, Bizz Baits, TKO Tungsten, @jawtech Baits, Indera Mills, YakAttack, Asquared custom baits, The Realm Of Fear Custom Baits, @windycity lures.