QCKBF Event 9: Presented by Southern Bell

What an amazing day. Season 4 regular season is over, and I must say, #qc1000 was a hit!
We wrapped up today on Mountain Island Lake. Weather was looking bad, rainy and windy, and many anglers didn’t have much to fight for, but we still had 53 guys come out! Wow. With only two ramps open, most anglers stayed at the sign in ramp. Launch at 7am and we are off! Tough day for some, myself included. MIL is known for numbers, not size, but we had a few nice fish caught today. Tim Sabella found his way back to the podium and ended 2018 with a $1000 win! He stuck 69 inches today. Congrats buddy! Young gunna Zach Clark ends his regular season on a high and takes home 2nd place worth $465! He had 65.75 inches. Chris Goodwin has been busting his tail this year. Learning, improving, winning off season events and today it all paid off. He snuck in 3rd place with 65.5 inches and won $310, but more importantly he earned a “fish off” spot against Eric Carroll for a chance at getting in the TOC. Tammy-Josh Neal was talking smack all month about him winning, well he was close! 4th place with 64.25 worth $160! PC Hawj rounds out the top 5 with 63.5 and takes home $120. Kevin Wilkinson followed up his 2017 Trail Win with a solid 6th place and brings home $100. Matt Hawj turned another free entry into cash, $60 for 7th place with 60.75. Rounding out the cash spots in 8th, with his first cash in a trail event, Josh Rose. He wins $50 with 59 inches. Great job winners.
Aaron Miller and his son Cam Miller fished together today. Well….Cam took home the Emerald School of Excellence big bass pot worth $260 with a 19.75 inch. Jason Lowe was lucky enough to hook and land a 4.75 inch bass today to take home $340 in the Yak Bass’n small bass pot! Haha. Wow. Andy Myers takes home the Scivation Recovery smallest limit award. Melvin Yang was the “beat Joey Randall” winner and he goes home with a sweet Berleypro Van Bro! Zach and Kevin won the Pro Image Sports team event today and Eric Carroll and Josh Neal took 2nd!

With it being the final regular season event, we and some more awards to give away.

Matt Hawj is our 2018 Angler of the year! Matt won $500, $500 Native Watercraft money, a custom rod from Adam Fillmore, a custom Jersey from PersonaForm Designs, a free red fish trip from Ncpierman Taramelli, $100 Line Out Custom Tackle LOCT gift card, YakAttack prize pack, 412 Bait Co by Donald Corbett baits, and a free haircut to Lakeside Barbers! Congrats on a killer season!!!!

Riley Mcdonald wins the yearly big bass with a 22.5inch from Badin Lake. He wins a free replica mount from Big Iron Taxidermy, and a sweet casting rod from Carolina Custom RodsSaturday Mel wins a spinning rod from Carolina customs with his 76.5inch largest limit award from Lake hickory. Congrats guys.

Buster Swisher and Vinny Ferreri win the Team Division Championship today. They each take home $550. John Ladd and Joey Randall take home 2nd, worth $330 each. Zack and Kevin take 3rd worth $120each. Great job guys! The team option will be back next season for sure!

Our “fish off” is scheduled for Nov 3rd. Chris Goodwin vs Eric Carroll. The winner gets a wildcard into the TOC. I will also host the losers event this day. The lake will be drawn on Nov 1st. No prefishing.

The TOC is Nov 17th! Who will take the title from Sinker!? The field is stacked!!

Thank you to our sponsors. What an amazing year this club has had, and we couldn’t do it without you all.

If you cashed please post fish.

1st Annual Lady’s Only Event

What a fun day! The first annual Ladies event happened on Mountain Island Lake today. We had 8 women join us, and their husbands, or boyfriends joined as well. Men were not allowed to fish, just help with intel, ideas, knots, lures etc. No casting, landing, measuring, etc.

We launched at 730am, with a slight breeze and overcast skies, I think all the men figured it was game on! Well……not so much. Very little if any morning bite was reported. In fact, very little or any bite was reported all day! Hahaha. Not one angler culled today. The 3 four fish limits, all caught only 4 fish each. Every angler did catch a fish though, no skunks.

In the end, when the yelling and divorce threats settled down, Mary Ferrericame out on top! She had 49.5 inches and won by .25 inches. Mary and I had a hell of a day. Started off with a few Line Out Custom Tackle LOCTcrank bait fish, one of which got measured and one Mary dropped back into the water while clipping it. Then she loses a fish at about 10am, and then not a bite for 4 hours. She sticks a shakey head fish at 1:58pm. It gets her refocused for the last hour and she says, you got any more spots?? I take her across some deep water fish and she sticks one at 2:44pm on a TrueSouth Custom Lures 4×4. I look at her and say, one more bite in 10 min, we win…..she throws it out, boom fish on at 2:54pm. Full sprint mode to the ramp, Chris Goodwin watching us, hoping we dont make it back, but we did! She won the event in the last 6 minutes. A true “never give up” moment. Congrats lady, very proud of you.

2nd place with 49.25 inches was Team Goodwin and Melissa Switek. Congrats on a great day! Chris had her go about 10 miles in the Native Watercraft Manta Ray today! Well worth some cash, a QC certificate, and some awesome prizes!

3rd place, Team Young Gunna and Sydnee Wilcher with 46.5in. Goes home with a certificate and some prizes! Congrats!

Ashley Monroe Hearn takes home the Small bass pot, andddddddd the big bass pot!!! Wow! Not a bad day for no limit! Big bass was 15.5, small bass was 7.5. Congrats girl!!!!

Thank you to all the sponsors who made this event fun.
PersonaForm Designs will be making Mary a sweet 1 of 1 Hoodie.
Adam Fillmore a sweet Emerald School of Excellence custom rod. Every angler left with a TS lure, or LOCT lure! So amazing. Yak Bass’n donated 3 items as well, and the top 3 anglers took them home!

Then we grabbed lunch together, well, because in the end building friendships is what this is allabout.
Thank you Joey Randall, for letting us use your lake, I mean coming to weigh in and supporting us. Thank you Richard May and Jesse Steven Sylarfor coming as well!

Swisher sweet, Buster Swisher, thx for running around and making the event today. Leah Swisher, great job in 3 hours!

See you all on the 20th at MIL again. Yikes.

QCKBF Event 8: Presented by US Tree Climbers

Well well well…. The #jacksonstrong event, combined with the U.S. Tree Climbers event set Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing history today! We were able to raise over $13,000 towards helping Jackson get the help he needs. Read that again, $13,000. I am proud of this group, and want to thank everyone who help and donated.

The fishing part of it was not so much fun lol. Lake Wateree had been tough for the past month or so. Not giving up fish in practice, anglers were worried about game day. We had 50 anglers sign up this morning, in the middle of nowhere in Lugoff Sc. 49 of the 50 entered the #jacksonstrong side pot which allowed us to pay the top 3 on the side event, and donate $2450 just from entries. We launched at 6:30am, along side at least 3 boat tournaments, and another kayak event. I dont think anyone was surprised to find silver stripe fish very active, and the old green heads lazy as can be. At the end of the day, only 10 anglers had limits. WOW! Lots of skunks and 1 fish submissions.
When the smoke cleared, PC Hawj came to the table with close to the magic number of 70inches, 69.5, and took home a nice $2000 cash!! PC also won an amazing trophy from US tree climbers, and an awesome plaque from AirOne Heating and Air. He also claimed a hair cut from Lakeside Barbers. Congrats man!!
Not far behind him was an impressive young man that goes by Andy Myers. Andy also won the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass Award. He walked away with almost $1000!!! For 2nd!!! Tim, always cashin Sabella takes home 3rd, and over $500 in cash!
Rounding out the cash spots:
John Ladd4th
Vinny Ferreri 5th
Saturday Mel 6th
Corey Davis 7th
Matt Hawj 8th for a free entry.

Tyler Smith takes home the Yak Bass’n small bass award with a monster 7.75incher worth $205. We also donated $205 to Jackson.
Michael Hearn steals the smallest limit award and gets a chance to recover with some BCAAs from Scivation.

The Pro Image Sports Team event goes home with Zach Clark and Kevin Wilkinson for the 3rd time this year!! Congrats 2nd place team event went home with Buster Swisher and the Commish. One event left and its anyone’s game!

I cannot begin to thank everyone who supports QCKBF, and who helped with the #jacksonstrong raffle. It was so awesome to be a part of such a great event. Thank you TrueSouth Custom Lures for coming out and filming and providing awesome prizes for our anglers. It was cool to have you around at weigh in.

Please post your cashing fish on the QCKBF page.

David Golding won the Hobie, and a rod.
Robby Sinker, Tina Sonatore-Sinker, won the Crescent Kayaks….but….HE DONATED IT ON THE SPOT TO JACKSON…..WOW!!! 13K AND A KAYAK!!!
Chris Goodwin won the reel.

I will attach photos here and on the page, I need to get them all on my phone.

Our next trail event is presented by Southern Bell “Selling the South” TM Charlotte Realtors on Mountain Island Lake. October 20th. I will post the event ASAP. Only two ramps will be open. Lets go out with a bang!!!

Question or comments, holla!

QCKBF Event 7: Presented by Kayak Fishing With Christ

Well well well. Lake Wylie round two, just turned in to Buster Swisher dominates round two. We had a great crowd of 50 anglers this morning on Wylie. 8 ramps open, people all over the lake, in two states. The general feel was, limits would be small. Well…. weather was different today than anyone practiced in. Windy, windy, windy, and cloudy. The lake fished hard but still gave up some good limits and some big fish. Only 14/50 people had a limit and we had 11 skunks. Kayak Bass Series and Kayak Fishing With Christ helped make this event amazing. It was a qualifier for the KBS championship, so Buster you are qualified if you pay your membership. After all the work of fishing and kayaking, Santiago Ortega Rivera cooked up some tasty hot dogs and hamburgers for ALL OF THE ANGLERS. Thank you so much for being an awesome title sponsor.
Buster keeps his lake Wylie winner title for the 2nd time this season. He had 71.25inches and went home with $1000 and 300 points.
PC Hawj, possibly the best kayak angler I know finished 2nd with 67inches and took home $468. He again fished for free this month .
3rd went home with Richard May, 64.5in worth $312. Tyler Smith snuck in the cash this month with 63.5 and walked away with $150. Young Gunna aka Zach Clark rounds out the top 5 with 63.25in and won $120.
6th- Ryan Hulsey 62inches, $80 and won two side bets with that.
7th, commish, 59.5in, $50 but also snuck a 5.75incher in for the $390 Yak Bass’n small bass pot! 8th went home with Robby Sinker, 59.25 and he wins a free entry next month.
Our Emerald School of Excellence big bass award goes home with Chris Grant, $245 for his 21.25inch(21.75pre penalty) beast! Congrats! Our Scivation smallest limit award goes home with Kevin Wilkinson with 50.75inches. Mike Constable earned himself a free entry into the Sept event by finishing one spot higher than loud mouth Joey Randall. It only took 33.5inches to beat joey 🙄. Team event presented by Pro Image Sportsgoes home with the Commish team. Kevin and Zach take home 2nd this month. That race is tight. I’m loving the team gig.

On the KBS side of things, Buster also won another $380, and Zack took home another $100+. Ryan and Vinny each won a Manley Fishing rod for 3rd and 4th.

I’d like to give a huge shout out to anyone who helped make today awesome. You know who you are.
As always, give thanks to our club sponsors for providing deals and prizes at every event. Any angler who came to weigh in today LEFT WITH A PRIZE!!!!!

All results, and standings are posted. Out next event is a dual event raising money for a teenager in need. $2000 cash* to be paid out for 1st place*. Sept 15th on Lake Wateree. Come join us! The event will be updated tomorrow with times and ramps etc.
Questions or comments holla!!!!
If you cashed please post your pics. Your ramp pic does not need to be posted.

QCKBF Event 6: Lake James presented by Installing the Holidays

The famous Lake James. The “hardest lake” in North Carolina. Known to the locals as The Dead Sea. Well……Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing took her on today!
Lemme start with the group of guys that camped! We had a crew camp Thursday night, and then that crew tripled in size Friday night. It was a blast. Minus extreme humidity, the weather was amazing for hanging around a campsite and sleeping under the stars. What a fun time.

Weather for the event was also nice, a little hot, but nice. Maybe a slight breeze but nothing crazy. Sign in started at 4:15am and a line formed fast. At 5am we had 54 anglers paid and ready to fish! That’s an impressive number for James, a lake that people prefish and dont return. 5 ramps were open, so guys spread out nicely. Guys were catching them in practice and you could feel the excitement.

3pm rolls around and the parking lot is packed at the country club. Guys walking around in santa hats provided by Installing The Holidays. We had a Christmas in July theme going.

When the smoke cleared, Euv Gnet had a big bag of 69.50inches, earning him $1000, a free haircut to Lakeside Barbers and an AWESOME trophy from ITH.
Second place went home with first time QC casher Cha Xiong. He had 65inches worth $501! Rounding out the top 3, Robby Sinker, the reigning QC Champ with 59.25 worth $334.
4th Lowell Brannan 58.50, $160
5th Michael Hearn 56.50, $120
6th Andy Myers 56, $100
7th Ryan Breneman 54.50, $60
8th Brett Tudor 54.50, $50
9th PC Hawj 54.25, Wylie free entry.

Yak Bass’n is the clubs small bass sponsor, and helped sponsor this #qc1000 event today. We usually donate 50% of the small bass entry to Heros on the Water, but today we paid out 100%. Chris Goodwin is running hot and smoked a 3.75incher, yep…..a 3.75incher worth $460!!!!!! He also got the plaque and some awesome Yak Bass’n gear. PersonaForm Designssponsored the largest smallie pot today, $100. Mike Constable crushed a North Carolina citation smallie, 19inches and took home the cash! The Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass award went home with Andy Myers and his massive 21incher. He took home another $270 for that! Tammy-Josh Neal and Eric Carroll took home the Pro Image Sports Team event today and Ryan Dills and Shaun Applegate took 2nd. Congrats guys.

Thank you as always to our amazing sponsors that make QC what it is. We give away so many awesome items! Tracy Stanford took home another smallest limit award and brought his wife another jar of Scivation recovery.

Things are going to get interesting now fellas. Round 6 is over and the drops begin next month. Those AOY standings are going to change a bunch! Keep fighting for those 15 spots in the championship! The next event is Lake Wylie on August 18th!

If you cashed today please post your pics.