Event 9 Lake Wylie

I cant believe it. Season 5, regular season is over! We went out with a bang today. We ended our season on home water, Lake Wylie. With cold, rain, wind and clouds rolling in we had no idea what to expect. Overall, a lot of fish were caught today. A lot of small fish, but on the flip side of that, we also weighed in the largest limit of 2019 today! We had 53 anglers come out today. That means we finish 2019 with an average of 66 anglers a month! That is amazing!! 2020 will bring some changes, but with the core group we have here and the new guys looking to get in, I see plenty of room to grow.

On top of the normal winners today, we had year long prizes and awards to give away so weigh in was slightly longer than usual, but when you have sponsors like Luke Britz and David Winters, we have hot fresh BBQ waiting for us on site at Rusty Hooks Bait and Tackle. Thank you guys!!

Lets start with today on Wylie. We had a lot on the line. AOY, top 15 places, Team Division, and more. When the chips fell, Matt Hawj showed us who’s boss. Matt laid down 74 inches, including today’s Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass at 21 inches!! He brought home $1200 and a brand new Carolina Custom Rods, and a ton of QC hardware. Congrats.

2nd place….What can I say about this guy. A sponge. Learning and practicing every moment he can. An absolute beast on the water, and an even nicer guy on land. Chris Goodwin continued his not human run with 72.5 inches taking home $468.

3rd place today goes home with the mountain hammer himself Mark Wilkins! Mark takes home $312! 4th place goes home with Tyler Smith, worth $150. Rounding out the top 5, turning a free entry into $120, Jared Kimak. Andy Myers takes home $80 in 6th and Always cashin Sabella rounds out the money spots in 7th for $50. Congrats to all the winners.

The Yak Bass’n small bass pot was worth $220 and went home with Joe Parkulo today with his 6 incher.

The Matt HawjPC Hawj Team laid the smack down again on the Hand’s On InstallationLakeside Barbers team division winning not only today, but locking up first place for the 2019 season!! Congrats!

For the year……

Big Bass went to Ronnie Murphy with a 22,5 inch. He will be winning a replica mount from Big Iron Taxidermy.

Small Bass for the year also went to Ronnie with a 3.25 incher.

Largest limit went home with Matt Hawj at 74inches.

Most top 10s also went home with Matt, with 6 out of 9! Wow.

Angler of the Year !! Chris Goodwin. He wins $1000 cash sponsored by Dynamic Health. He also won prizes from YakAttackLine Out Custom Tackle LOCTTrueSouth Custom Lures.

So who made the TOC???

1st Chris Goodwin

2nd Matt Hawj Beast

3rd PC Hawj Beast

4th Ryan Hulsey Co commish

5th Commish Vinny Ferreri

6th Austin Vang aka Hammer time

7th Ronnie Murphy Big n Small

8th Tim always Cashin Jill Sabella

9th- Fat Larry Not so fat

10th Eric Carroll Fish off to TOC

11th Graham Reay Hambone

12th Lowell Brannan Silent Assassin

13th Joey Randall Auto Home Lake

14th Jay Park Your excitement made my day

15th Brad Cox CO Commish

We Fish for it all on the 9th of November and you get to watch on TourneyX.com.

Mike ConstableJohnny Barrett and Nick Huddleston get 1 more chance in the Fish off on Nov 2nd to make it in the TOC!! Good luck in the fish off.

Loser event aka open event and Rookie event are next !!

Ryan Hulsey will post up all standings later tonight.

Thank you all for an amazing year.

Event 8 Lake Norman

What a great event 8 today. We started out at Denver Tackle Co. At 4:45am. Troy Lehew was an awesome host today ! We packed the shop with 59 anglers.The weather was great. Cool in the morning with almost no wind. It warmed up and then the pleasure boaters came out, making Norman rough waters.The bite was good for most. We weighed in a ton of fish, over 50 limits I think. I heard of many anglers catching 20+ fish. The trick is capitalizing on those big bites when they happen. Chris Goodwin was able to prove today that he is not human. He has claimed another #QC1000. He wins the KFWC event on Norman with 67.25inches. Congrats bro!!Eric Carroll had a solid 67inch bag to take home $500 for 2nd place! Commish rounds out the top 3 with 66inches today worth $336. Rounding out the cash spots:

Austin Vang aka 🔨 time, with 4th place worth $200.Matt Hawj 5th place took home $140Treabhor Pierson, welcome to QC, takes home 6th worth $100.

Hook setz with Ryan Breneman took home 7th worth $70

Co commish Brad Cox takes home 8th and the Emerald School of Excellence big bass with a 19.75 worth a total of $250!!!Ronnie Murphy takes home 9th for a free entry and also the Yak Bass’n small bass pot worth $360. 4.75inches.

Lowell Brannanl and Vinny Ferreri were able to win the Lakeside Barbers And Hand’s On InstallationTeam division today worth $100. This makes the fight for 2nd very close!! Tie break will be in play. We as a club got an opportunity to hang with Brian Souza today in the Bizz Baitss shop. We got a 30 min tour and explanation of what makes Bizz great. Very cool experience. The next event is on Lake Wylie and is the regular season finale presented by Rusty Hooks Bait and Tackle. This event will have a lot on the line. Yearly standings, Dynamic Health AOY, TOC entry, fish off standings, wow!! Come be a part of the fun on Oct 19th. If you cashed today please post your fish. Ryan Hulsey will post standings ASAP. Thank you all for being a part of QCKBF.Commish

2nd Annual Kiddie Rod Event

Wow. What an amazing, epic, historic event happened here in the Queen City tonight. Yes the Kiddie rod event was a hit, but, the ribbon was cut on the first ever South East recovery high school. Here in our city. Emerald School of Excellence is open for buisness, and Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing LLC was holding the ribbon at the ceremony.

Lets start at 5am on MIL. Well….MIL again lol. 37 anglers showed up eager to cast 29inch push button, character rods. Read that again. 37!!!! Kiddie rods in hands. Smiles, jokes, all around happy and childish, in a good way, environment. We launch at 6am. Not sure what was to be expected. MIL, August, 88 degree water at 6am. If we have learned anything in 5 years its that someone will catch them! It was fun to sit back and watch the guys weigh in today. Brad Cox took over for me as I prepped the food and stuff. The excitement, the stories. All around fun.

Before we announced all top 6 cashing spots, we had a great meal on the grill Jacob Earnhardt cooked 40 hamburgers and 40 hotdogs for all. Along with chips, cold drinks and good company, the building was lit up.

When the smoke settled, Chris Goodwin continued his dominance. He had a solid limit of 60.5inches. Enough for 1st place. He also won the Yak Bass’nsmall bass pot with 6.5inches. He then got lucky in his raffle and won the Slayer XC from @Native Watercraft, and the paddle from @bending branches When its your day, its your day!!! Congrats man!!!!
2nd place went home to last year’s Kiddie rod champ. Jason Lowe. He had 60inches today and went home with a sweet prize pack. 3rd place, the current MIL champ Graham Reay. 56.5in. Congrats!!! 4th place Fat Larry back in the mix. Aka Jason West. 56.25. 5th place, a guy we all like to give a hard time, but hes now rocking back to back cashes. Nick Huddleston. 55.5in. Sneaking into the top 6 Hal Brawley with 50.75! 
Anglers went home with Custom Emeralds, baits from TrueSouth Custom LuresBizz Baits412 Bait CoLine Out Custom Tackle LOCTTRC CoversHoo-Rag. Items from Rusty Hooks Bait and TackleBending Branches, @libertyoutdoors, and of course @native. Our Big bass pot was split today. The Jason’s each had a 19inch and split the entry into the Sept event.

As a club we raised $1520 today for ESE. Joey Randall also raised another $60 via Corn hole event at the BBQ. Congrats Jacob on that win.

The ribbon cutting tonight, combined with the tour was phenomenal. It meant the world to me that Chris, Jacob, Ryan HulseyFat LarryMelissa SwitekLarry CriderVan Barkley, all stayed through the entire thing. It was hot, and late. But you supported who supports us. Thank you again.

I guess its a good time to drop some news….Emerald will be a Title Sponsor in 2020!

We have a full month to forget MIL, I mean recover. We are at Lake Norman next month presented by KFWC and Santiago. We will be being hosted by @denver Tackle co. See you all then !!

Event 7 Mountian Island Lake Presented by Installing The Holidays

Another great event today. The 7th installment of the 2019 season. This event was presented by Installing The Holidays and we fished on MIL aka Mountain Island Lake. Reports a few weeks back were amazing. Lake on fire, big fish coming out, eating all baits…..well…today proved all that wrong. Fish were tough to come by for most. Big fish were few and far between. We started the day at 430am and we had 68 anglers come to compete for the monthly #qc1000 today. The weather was nice, clear skies, no wind, but it got warm. The water was 5-6 ft vis in most areas of the lakes. Reports from anglers had fish being caught on a variety of topwater presentations and a variety of soft plastics.

When it all shook out at 3pm, we added another winner to the train win wall. Graham Reay snatched his FIRST SATURDAY WIN today. So awesome. Super happy for him. He puts the work in month after month and he has been cashing checks these days! He wins today with 66.25 which includes the Emerald School of Excellence big bass prize with a 19.75 inchers. He walks away with $1225. 
Chris Goodwin keeps hot this month. He lives on MIL, fished it hard in preparation for this event and it all paid off today with a 2nd place finish worth $561. Ronnie Murphy is impressing the club with his consistent fishing every month. He wraps up 3rd and takes home $374. Nick Huddlestonhasn’t seen or lost to many 30inchers this month ;). He stayed to himself and cashed a big 4th place check today bringing home $265. Tim always cashing Sabella takes the Rusty Hooks Bait and Tackle free entry and turns it into a top 5 finish worth $180. Matt Hawj and PC Hawj continue amazing fish and take home 6th and 7th. Jay Park didn’t win a raffle so he figured he take home 8th place today! an Ab Vang jumps into 9th place and Jason Lowe plays bubble boy rounding out the top 10 for a free entry into the KFWC event on Norman. Congrats guys!!!!! If you cashed please post pics.

Matt and PC take home the MIL team division win today. Earning another $100. Thank you Lakeside Barbers and Hands On Installations.

Andy Myers goes back to back Yak Bass’n small bass 🏆 He catches a 5.25 worth $390!

Things get interesting in Sept. 7 events are in, the drops start now. Will you sneak into the Dynamic Health AOY race? Will you sneak into the top 15 TOC. We will be fishing for $4000* .
Will you earn a fish off seat? Jump into the wildcard? Who knows what Norman and Wylie will do to the standings. Going to be fun to watch.

I want to give a huge thank you to Ryan HulseyBradMary Ferreri, and Ezzy Ferreri. Weigh-in was smooth as always. Quick and easy. Great food provided by ITH. Amazing.

We don’t have a trail event in Aug. We are fishing a charity event, benefiting Emerald School. Its a Kiddie rod event. Character push-button rods. Haha. Should be fun. Jason is the current kiddie rod champ. Will he be dethroned? Grand prize is a @nativewatercraft Slayer XC!!!! $40 entry fee. Takes place on MIL again (maybe changing) weigh-in, food, and ribbon cutting will be at Emerald school!!!

Anything you need just let me know. Ryan will be posting all results under files.

Event 6 Lake Hartwell Presented by Air One Heating and Air

Big day for the club. Over 2 hours away from home for most of us and we still pulled 62 anglers! It was awesome seeing a bunch of new guys, and some guys I only see once in a while. Between Grady’s Great Outdoors and AirOne Heating and Air everything was awesome. Lowell Brannanwelcomed us to his lake, and at the end of the day, I think most guys had fun. After getting off the water, fresh hot BBQ was waiting for the hungry anglers. Hit the spot. 
Weds-saturday about 20 QC guys were camping in town and I gotta say, it was a blast hanging with you all off the water.

When the fishing started the weather was nice. Cool, calm and a good morning bite for most. Wind picked up a little, and the sun got warm, but all in all, mother nature cooperated.

Before I get into the winners I need to thank everyone who helps me during the day. My hands on team of Brad Cox and Ryan Hulsey. Perfect teamwork for sign in and weigh in. Jason Lowe, always willing to lend a hand, or a TV to the club. KeriandRyan Ratliff for grilling at 11pm last night. Guys who set the banner up, take pictures, see who’s coming in late. Its all very important and I just want you to know it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you.

So who took home the #Qc1000? This guy is a sponge. Learning at every moment. Working so hard. Practicing a ton. He was a nervous wreck when he grabbed his plaque today and im super happy for him. Mr. Chris Goodwintakes it down with 65inches! He edged out the current Dynamic Health AOY leader PC Hawj. Third goes home with David Golding. Ryan Hulsey continues running hot and snatches 4th. Jamie Swaney rounds out the top 5! Congrats on the big money boys! The rest of the standings will be posted by Ryan.

The Yak Bass’n small bass pot was worth $480 today and was a battle. Two 6inch bass were weighed in, and then bam, two 4.25inchers hit the table haha. Ronnie Mr Big Bass and Andy Myers split it up! 
The Emerald School of Excellence big bass pot was also a nail biter. 3 anglers tied with 19.75. Joey RandallJohnny Barrett and Ryan Hulsey. Congrats guys. 
Chris and Joey took home the June Team event this month. Thank you Lakeside Barbers and Hands On Installations
Plenty of raffle prizes went home today as usual.

6 events down. 3 left before we crown an Angler of the Year and we all fight for the championship. Full daily and yearly standings will be posted later.

We are at Mountain Island Lake next month. I will make the event page at some point this week. I am on vacation and hopefully off the grid most of this upcoming week.

If you cashed please post your fish. Thx all! You are all awesome.