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Monthly Mix-Up #5 – Ok members. July is starting late but here it is. The monthly mix up presented by Berleypro. I only have 1 universal item left, a Stow Bro. The rest are visors for specific fish finders. Soooooooo. If the universal item gets chosen, things will change next month.

This month. Biggest 4 fish limit, largemouth, spots, and smallmouth buuuuuuttttttt……must contain 2 smallmouth. We are going to lake james so get yourself ready for some bronze backs.
All QC rules apply, except, YOU MAY WADE FISH.

Starts now, ends July 30th at midnight. Have fun.

ID: BP Smallies

Pictures must be PMed to Vinny Ferreri on Facebook or by Text me at 347-239-0645, ONCE YOU HAVE A LIMIT. PLEASE Don’t send me individual fish.

Have fun! Mix it up!
Questions or comments, lemme know.
#qc1000 #berleypro

Ryan Breneman wins the June Berleypro Monthly Mix Up.

Congrats Zach Clark on winning the March monthly mix-up.

Joseph Gman is our Berleypro Monthly Mix up winner for Feb! with 66in Congrats.

Ryan Hulsey ends it in 6 days! 220.5inches. Berleypro Monthly Mix Up for May is over. Congrats! He is going home with a nice side bro!

Special Events

Lady’s Only

Saturday Oct 6th
Lake: Mt Island
In and Out: 16 bridge
Time: 7:30a-3p
Fee: $50
Small Bass: $5

Sunday Shootouts

Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Time: TBD
Cost: $25

2-11 anglers winner take all
12-17 70% 30%
18-23 50% 30% 20%
24-29 50%30%20% $20

We are going to give the new ruler a chance on the Sunday events. So if you have one, you can use it. Ketch board