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Monthly Mix-Up #2

This month is only open to paid AOY members.
All QCKBF rules apply. Any water is open as long as you are not trespassing. No live bait.

Largest 4 fish limit. 3 bass, largemouth, spotted, or smallmouth, and 1 bluegill/sunfish/bream etc.

Starts now. Ends March 30th @ midnight.

Your ID for the month is: BerleyPro Mate
Pictures must be PMed to Vinny Ferreri on Facebook or by Text me at 347-239-0645, ONCE YOU HAVE A LIMIT. PLEASE Don’t send me individual fish.

Have fun! Mix it up!
Questions or comments, lemme know.
#qc1000 #berleypro

Joseph Gman is our Berleypro Monthly Mix up winner for Feb! with 66in Congrats.

Special Events

Kiddie Rod Event

Why: Lets have some fun and raise some money for two amazing Non Profits that have helped QCKBF directly.
Emerald School of Excellence and Kayak Fishing With Christ

Time: May 5th 6a-1p
Lake: Mountain Island Lake
Ramp:16 bridge
Cost: $40
Prizes: TBD check the Facebook page

Kiddie Rods ONLY!!!