Special Events

Big Bass No Limit

June 3rd it goes down!! We will have another Big Bass event, with a twist!! This will be a High Dollar event, with a $125 entry fee. 100% payback after fees are taken care of. We will have an Hourly payback for Big Bass per hour of the event. That’s 8 hours worth of Big Bass Money going out. We will also have an overall standings for the event. We will make this a true QCKBF Culminating 2021 event. Any lake that we fished in the trail series, is OPEN!! That is 16 lakes from Lake James, all the way down to Santee!! I will add the full list to another post. My goal for this event is 125 anglers. No guarantee money this event, all money will come from entry fees. This payout is based on 125 paying anglers** Hourly Big Bass will win $1000. You have 8 chances at this. 1st place overall- $1000 2nd place overall- $750 3rd place overall- $600 4th place overall- $250 5th place overall- $200 6th place overall- $175 7th place overall- $150 8th place overall- $125 The TourneyX.com leaderboard will remain off for this event. We want to eliminate any reason for an angler to sand bag a big fish. Fish will be judged on the time the picture is TAKEN. Hour 1 8-8:59am $1000 Hour 2 9-9:59am $1000 Hour 3 10-10:50am $1000 Hour 4 11-11:59am $1000 Hour 5 12-12:59pm $1000 Hour 6 1-1:59pm $1000 Hour 7 2-2:59pm $1000 Hour 8 3-3:59pm $1000 Last submission by 5:00pm. Tie for BIG FISH Hourly is broken by first fish submitted.

Monthy Events

Jan 2021- December 2021 we will offer an online monthly event. Must fish in public waters, and ramps in NC or SC. You must be a paid member of QCKBF($40) and the monthly entry fee is $53. All hosted on TourneyX. 

2nd Annual Co-Ed Event

Date: TBD

Location: TBD

Time: TBD

Ramps: TBD

6th Annual Event
Presented by

: ToruneyX
Last Date to Sign up: TBD
Out: TBD
Entry fee:
Date: Aug. 19th
Time: TBD
Lake: Carolina Clash (Norman, MT Island, Wylie)

Lake Wylie:

Nivens, Allison, Buster Boyd, Copperhead island, South Point, Dales, Bobbys.


Hwy 16, Neck Road, Hwy 73, Latta Plantation, Killian Rd


Pinnacle, Queens, Stumpy, Hager, Beatties Ford, Little Creek, Long Island, Ramsey Creek, Blythe, state park