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Special Events

Lady’s Only Event
April 18th
Location: TBD

Congrats to Mary on the win.

3rd Annual Event
Presented by:

: ToruneyX
Last Date to Sign up: Aug. 8th
Out: Emerald School of Excellence
Entry fee:
Date: Aug 22nd
Time: 7am-3pm
Lake: Carolina Clash (Norman, MT Island, Wylie)

Lake Wylie:

Nivens, Allison, Buster Boyd, Copperhead island, South Point, Dales, Bobbys.


Hwy 16, Neck Road, Hwy 73, Latta Plantation, Killian Rd


Pinnacle, Queens, Stumpy, Hager, Beatties Ford, Little Creek, Long Island, Ramsey Creek, Blythe, state park

A chance to win your choice from a Lizard Lick Manta Ray XT, Lizard Lick Stingray, or an Ice Blue, not even released yet Falcon 11.