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Graham Reay
Graham Reay2 days ago
Alright, just got word that Scivation will be hopping on in support of the trail this year. They will be donating a 30/serv container to each event this year of their product Xtend which is a hydration and recovery product that you never knew you needed.

Anyone who gets off the water with a bad headache and feeling overheated needs this product. If you get cramps in your arms, hands, or legs while fishing you need this product. Water isnt enough when you are in the sun all day.

They also have about every flavor imaginable, I'm excited to have them in board, its made a big difference for me especially when I'm paddling several miles over the course of a day.
Michael Hearn
Michael Hearn3 days ago
Need net recommendations/suggestions.
Josh Swaney
Josh Swaney2 days ago
Email Logos to Personaform@gmail.com and Include your name in the subject line!!!

PLEASE.... READ Carefully!
Got a Lot to write out here, so I'm gonna stay on point as much as possible.
The 2018 Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing "Team" Jerseys. This Year is all about Options!
First set of Options: Everyone will be able to choose from 4 Different Accent Colors, Blue, Green, Purple, and Pink. This Choice will be the Main Colors associated with your Jersey.
Second set of Options: You each will be able to Pick up to 5 of your own Personal Logos (the Numbered Spots) for your own businesses, affiliated Companies, Or other clubs.
Third Option: Adam of Hunt Fish Paddle has offered up $25 to anyone that wins with His logo on Your Jersey... the Required Spot is Circled in Red in the promo Graphic below.
And the Forth Option: The Premire Sponsors that have Helped us Gaurantee $1000 for First Place in our Regular Season Events this year will be Featured on the Back of the Jersey in the upper Right Hand side, The option each of you have is to Have these Logos Either Highlighted or Subdued as they appear in the Promo Graphic.

TO Order.............
I will need each Person to Send payment thru PayPal, Friends and Family ONLY!If you don't know what that is... Please ask!
And along with payment, I will need Your Size, Color, and a List of the logos you need added in This format.....
Spot 1) "LOGO Name"
SPot 2) "LOGO Name"
SPot 3) "LOGO Name"
Spot 4) "LOGO Name"
Spot 5) "LOGO Name"
Being able to get these Done in a Reasonable amount of time depends Heavily on YOU..... These logos are the hardest part of the Whole Deal. In years past I have Redrawn more than Half of all Logos that have went on to QC jerseys, This year I'm gonna require you guys to get High Res images (vectors) sent to me to put on your Jerseys... This may require some leg work on your part, But as normal.. I'm here if you need Help, But timeframe can't be promised if I have to start Redrawing Logos.

If you Want Mulitiple Colors, Or More than One Jersey (i.e.... One long sleeve, one Short) then all of this should be listed in the "Notes" section of the Paypal Payment info.

Jerseys are availible In SHORT Sleeve, LONG Sleeve, and HOODED Long Sleeve.

PRICES.... Better this Year!
Short Sleeve - $60
Long Sleeve - $65
Hooded Long Sleeve - $70

Just like Last Year, Combo Prices do get a little break.....
Short Sleeve + Long Sleeve - $100
Short Sleeve + Hooded - $105
Long Sleeve + Hooded - $110

Multiple Colors Will be Discounted also...
Please Send me a Message, and I'll figure up your price... to many combonations to list it all here.

We are running short on time this Year.... I've been extremely backed up, Thanks to you guys.. LOL. But, I feel like we can get this done before the January 20th warm up.......
So, we are going to run Two Deadlines... the First Deadline will be December 26th!! I will do Everything I possiblly can to Have them In hand At the Warm Up, But only if Your Order, Including Personal Logos, is Completed and Paid For.
The Second Deadline will be January 22nd.... If Completed By Jan 22nd, I will have yours in Hand at the February Lake Norman Event on the 14th!

Send payment and Order info to my address on Paypal...

Ask Questions Here if they pertain to The Jerseys.... Do not Make orders on the Post!!

The Prices Listed Here are for these Jerseys Only, and People in this Club... This Background is For Queen City KBF and can't be used for any other Personal Jersey Design with the Exception of the Personal Logo Placement as Shown in the Promo.

There May be somethings I have to Edit here.. If so, I will make Notes of it, so there is no Confusion.

Work with me Guys, And I'll make sure these all Come out Perfect for you!

Again, Thank you to Everyone that Has Supported me for 4 Years Now.... Yep, That's right, 4 Years... and I thing 2018 will be the Best Yet!!
Mike Constable
Mike Constable uploaded a file in the group: Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing.2 days ago
Good afternoon all, I have added all the events to a file that can be imported in your own calendars (Google Cal, Outlook etc.)

****Please note these are meant to be place holders, all the times are generic 5a-3p (keep a lookout for official start/stop times) with a reminder 1 week prior to the event. In the notes are the available ramps with Google map links, the location of the event is the IN and OUT location.

At this time this is a one time upload, it is up to you to update times as needed and adjust the reminders. Let me know if you have any questions.
Caleb Hemphill
Caleb Hemphill2 days ago
Does anyone on here have the Anchor Wizard from yak attack?? What do you think of it??
Josh Swaney
Josh Swaney2 days ago
10 Minutes Boys.... Gonna Be a Lot to Read....... Please Read it all! 🙂