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Event 7 Lake Murray

2022 Event 7 Lake Murray Presented by Buddies Marine and River Runner is in the books! We had a blast on and off of the water today. A ton of work was done by Chad Walden, Jaimie Walden and Buddy Walden to get the tent set up and the food set up. We had some amazing BBQ and sides. The tent was perfect because it stormed really bad just as we were going live. Thank you Buddy’s Marine and River Runner Outdoor Center for bringing us back to the amazing Lake Murray. Thank you to the 50+ anglers who came back to weigh in. It was a smaller event today with ⛈️ predicted all day and 50+ of the 76 anglers came to eat and hang out afterwards. A true testament to the group of anglers we have here. Thank you Kelly, Vice president of Lew’s for coming and donating combos to the kids! Thank you to all the sponsors for having a raffle prize for every angler. Thank you to all the anglers who fished today. It was great seeing you all again after not having a trail event in August.

We had 181 fish come across today. The platform worked flawlessly and if you are comparing platforms across the sport, Dwayne Walley has the best product in my opinion. We had numerous fish over 20 inches today and 3 over 22 inches!

We went live with the full report but here are the standings for anyone who missed the Live feed.

Chris Goodwin claims another win with 74 inches worth $1500. He and Ronnie also won the Rock Outdoors team division today for another $150.
Jeremy Heath takes home the Lumina Sun Smart Home 2nd place $1000 plus the Academy Sports + Outdoors Elite side pot for another $540. He had 70.5 inches.
Chad Walden takes home 3rd place with 70.25 inches and takes home $667
Kyle Hancock had himself a day. He lands 69.25 inches, anchored by a 23.75 incher, earning him the Emerald School of Excellence Big Bass award, plus he takes the lead for the Bizz Baits Big Bass of the Year!! He took home $751! He also won the free Jordan entry with the Marshall bounty.
In 5th Jordan Marshall from TN. Jordan had 67.25 inches and takes home $259
In 6th Hammer Time Austin Vang with 66.50 inches. He took home $220.
In 7th Ronnie Murphy takes home $163 with 65.50 inches.
In 8th Pastor MikeandNiki Hicks takes home $100 with 63 inches.
In 9th, the Tudor Home Services bubble boy, Mark Glende takes home a free Event 8 entry!
Chuck Farmer lands his first top 10 at a QC event! Congrats on 10th.

Gustavo Benitez takes home the $145 Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters small Bass pot with a 7.75 incher on a Ned rig.

Great work all!!

Tonight we will find out who lands in the top 25 spots for the BASS State Championship next week!!! The NeoGenix AOY race is forming now after 7 events have been fished. Anglers are battling!!!

We venture to Raleigh next month on October 1st to visit Falls and Jordan Lake. This is our first visit out east. We are looking for a big turnout, see ya there!!

Here is the live link: